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Problem solved

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Who generates the generators?

Hey /tg/
I'm looking to make a fantasy equivalent of this d20 space opera plot generator, I've got the first two columns figured but some ideas from you to help round it out would be greatly appreciated.
>>additional requirements

Like an idiot I'm going to sleep shortly after posting this so if it dies with little input not to worry, I'll be back in 8 or so hours to post the first two rows I already have in Hope's that it prompts more responses than this does

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I'm looking for a very specific generator table I've been scouring the internet for for years that I came across originally on /tg/. It's a d20 generator table meant for creating a planet and it's easily the best one I've ever seen of its kind. It was very comprehensive and I believe included rolls for the population and its culture as well as physical features like the type of atmosphere. Each section was a different colour.

Pic is of a different generator table in case someone doesn't know what I mean. Thank you for reading this.

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Here's a table for space opera plot hooks.

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Sounds like you want to start a sandbox game. Stars Without Number has a pretty good toolkit for generating star sectors, a few plot ideas per system and letting you run around in it. Easy to port to other games, has a free download version and a bunch of splats. I liked Diaspora's method too on the other end of the spectrum but its for smaller scale.

Probably a good idea to talk to your players about what sort of game they're going to be playing and how it requires a bit more input/initiative from them. Ask what sort of scifi stuff they like and put it on planets but make it different.

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