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One of my favorite magic systems is the sort of mystical hermetic bullshit magic where you just have weird spells that do weird things. Like boil a talisman of ash over a fire for four days and thread some silver through it and you can now make somebody forget their own name or some shit.

Is there any good explanation of where or how these powers come from? Why does ritualized or enigmatic magic "exist"?

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This is a silly line of questioning. You've already stated outright that certain types of magic are more powerful or would need more "regulation" then others.

Settings may or may not have magical regulation and restriction. Many already do, in the nature of things like "forbidden spells", witch hunters, magical councils, or are self regulating in more dark settings where magic IS evil and people who use it fuck themselves over with it all the time.

If you want magic to feel more personal and mystical, then of course it isn't going to be as regulated or categorized. If you want your setting to have magic police, why don't you?

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What's your favorite spellbook?

I personally love the old school medieval manuscript style, especially if it is all hand written and decorated like an old bible. Gives the magic user that personal touch; plus you can add magic runes and illustrations and shit.

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