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Hey gang, heading to PAX in Philly for the first time
Any tips? Favorite panels? Want me to say hey to Puffin Forest from you guys?

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And sometimes calling a retard a retard is just that, and not you harboring some deep-seated fear that perhaps it is you who is the retard.

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/pol/, /a/, and /d/ all need to go. They're just different colors on the cancer rainbow.

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This thread reminds me of a thread on /v/ a couple days back where one anon made a joke about fapping to some furry vidya character and then the entire thread devolved into 200+ replies of shitflinging.

It's good to know as shit as /tg/ can be most days, they're still more mature than /v/ ever will be.

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Am I wrong for disliking narrative focused games because I like my roleplaying games to be equal parts game and roleplaying? Like basically if you can't make a board or video game out of the system, it doesn't interest me.

I don't think narratives games are inherently bad nor people who play them inherently bad, they're just not my cup of tea.

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Exemplary Qualifications
Healing Factor, I took the blood transfustion >>46965220 and am now paralyzed.
So I'm going to need the enhanced Communication Device if I'm ever going to feel anything again.

>tfw no more points for futa option

I'll miss my dick

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