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Selling people to Fairfolk doesn't destroy their souls, it just sucks out their personality (which keep in mind is destroyed every reincarnation anyways) and leaves them as a husk devoid of personal will. When they do die they'll reincarnate and go back to being a normal human.

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Welcome to the Radon and Raiders thread!
Setting-building thread for a post-apocalypse British Isles where things went to shit in the 1950s. The land is littered with Zones of strange, reality-warping energy, and society has reverted to near-medieval levels as people fight off radioactive mutants and strange creatures.

Last thread: Unknown
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?

Thread prompt: Gun, germs and steel. We need to hammer out common place weapons, firearms, armor types and diseases. The more original and makeshift the weapons the better; a dirty m16 isn’t going to cut it, get creative.

Armors made from smelted Razor Vine, and mined ore. Styles and prices.

As for Diseases, let’s get brutal, magic plagues and parasites that rot flesh are a must.

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