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God, I don't even know if I'll get a response in time. Still... Even if it's time just answer.

Ok, so to get this out of the way foremost, yes I fucked up. This is just me explaining what has to happen now and what I should do for the game or for games in the future as GM ignoring the questions of logistics because I get that already. .

I have a D&D campaign in about in 2 hours or maybe much longer depending on if they even read the time on the flyer, with random players I don't know and have never met and don't know how many of them there will be. Could be 0 to 10, but I'm guessing low and most likely none or just... one.

I'm prepared for no one, I want to focus on if they even show.

I can't cancel the session, I'm new to DMing/GMing and will be using a Mines of Phandelver cuz I didn't realize it was old.
I was going to set up my own thing, but I procrastinated because I thought if I can't modify the LMoP module enough or come up with my own campaign, I'll just run it.
...Now I'm just straight up only prepared to run Phandelver.

So several questions:

1) Possibly most important right now, how common do you think it is for players to know about this campaign or know about modules in general? If nothing else, just answer this because I feel like this is what I really don't know. I said "beginners welcome", but that doesn't guarantee beginners and ones that have only played a little might have played this.

2) How long can it take to setup a good-enough campaign? Like the actual sitting down oand thinking about it part before the game. Answer for with module, without module, or both; all appreciated.

2.5) How much can you improvise and how much do you prepare?

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The satirical interpretation of the Imperium, in which it is a hilariously backwards shitshow that pokes fun at authoritarianism and nonsensical bullshit, turning our anticipations of mankind in the future on their head?


The grimdark interpretation of the Imperium, which, for as disgusting and repressive as it appears at first glance, is in actuality the best mankind could hope for in the cold, cruel galaxy we find ourselves in, which makes it all the more depressing?

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ouch, that hit me more harder

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I want to play a forest/garden gnome SOOOO BADLY, but I fear the darkside of my mind that will make me into an insane disruptio the clown the second I do so.

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The absolute madman!

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>'Ray guns and kung fu against the Men in Black on Jupiter's Moons'
>on Jupiter's Moons
Haahaha, White Wolf says 'fuck you!' and rams a nice big thick Avatar Storm up your tight ass, anon. You're nostalgic over pre-Revised Ascension, back when White Wolf wasn't so fucking anal about 'reee, everything must be street level, reee, muh immersion, reee-'. That's perfectly normal, anon, you'd be completely out of your knockers not to be.

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I'm. Going. To bed. Now.

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>trolling people is now autism
Has 4chan really fallen this low?

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>allies gain Tides of Death battletrait.

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D-do the snek girls fuck the warlocks?

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>The Oracle ignores PCs and starts speaking to OTHER PCs the players have played in different games

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File: 2MiB, 228x170, Hey GM! I rolled three crits in a row. Is that enough to convince the bad guy to stand down and totally change the plo.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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>vaguely wonder at how Dragon Ball would even work modeled in GURPS
>nose immediately starts to bleed and hands clench up

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