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Ah yes, exactly what we need, another elf thread.
First warhammer elves are actually pretty superior to standard humans 1vs1. They just didn't downgrade them for balance reason. Second some balance is supposed to be achieved by the lack of fate and resilience points. Though that rarely comes into play. Third: you are supposed to roll for your race, and elves are a very rare thing to roll. The problem is with 4e that barely anyone does it, and the extra exp for rolling races and careers is not really worth it.
You are right that elves let you powergame pretty well, but I wouldn't say the devs were elfaboos. Especially since the warhammer rpg was always more aimed towards humans and dwarves.

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Dual-wielding one big weapon and one smaller one is much more realistic than what fantasy usually does: two large weapons at once. Also artist often don't draw the string, for reasons that I don't know. Pic semi-related.

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