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>Magic as a whole
You have to learn it and be "inducted" into the mysteries.

>Magic spells
Magical spells or incantations are the most potent and famous type of magic; these DO require you to be able to speak.

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Clearly, you would use this machine to power the process through an area that was very dangerous or inaccessible; or setting up the spring-cart on a long downward slope as to maximize it's useful energy (or the opposite; use it on a special railway that goes up stairs or something since it's easier to just wind and release then push it up the stairs)

Of course, in a fantasy world a Wizard may well design it with fantastic materials or use spells to enhance it's abilities; magical spells that let the train travel hundreds of miles on one charge by opening a mini-wormhole each second in front of the cart but being too dangerous or exhausting to create a teleportation spell that a human can pass through. While in real life it would be impractical or impossible to do so; in a fantasy world it may well be possible to retrofit the design into a massive train- many carts of this type put together and pulled and cranked by many powerful ogres and troll-like creatures that can make a semi-continuous traincar that keeps going as long as the brute slaves are kept in line. I could easily see something like that for a not!Eastern India Trading company, or something similar.

Still pretty cool, oft-forgotten mechanical things like that are fun inspiration. 7/10, thanks OP, nice thread.

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