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>itt: your last battle, describe the high point of the fight using your words for sounds.

>be me
>a warrior
>fighting a dark knight
>TANG TANG parry his sword PING PRRRRRRRING flick it out of his hands
>shickPLUCK he stab me with secret knife
>realze my hitp oints are down to 8
>DEDOOM DEDOOM DEDOOM alarms going off in head
>SCHPLURK SHICKWHCK "AAAAAAAUUUUGGGHHH" i took the knife outta my leg and put it in his face >:D
>fwuCLATHUNK he hits the ground
>OOOooooOooo.... he died

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Oh yeah!
It's real Marvel Comics hours!

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>player stacks technique power
>doesnt invest in accuracy
>doesnt invest in precision
>doesnt invest in penetration
>gets mad when he misses 45% of the time
>gets mad when he rolls minimum damage dice
>gets mad when he gets blocked or deflected or glancing blow due to armor
>gets mad when he blows his tiny ass waza pool and doesnt do anything and cant contribute in any meaningful way in combat
>gets mad when he gets downed in a single blow he cant dodge because he has no evasion or tenacity or vigor or stamina or fortitude or vitality or life
>gets mad when he constantly dies every session at least six times
>gets mad when i tell him that the enemies aren't even getting experience points from killing him because he has either died too much that they can no longer farm him or he has lost so much EXP that he literally can not lose any more for the xp difference
>proceeds to tell me that his character is good and im just singling him out
Why the fuck is this allowed

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Is there a tabletop with a Brave/Default system?

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Pic related arrives in your setting and snaps his fingers. How fucked are you?

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>go to public university d&d game night
>GM is female with blue and pink hair
>Orc Fighter is a black guy
>Elven Wizard is 400lb fat guy (?) with red streak in black hair and a critical role tee shirt
>Kobold Cleric is a parallelogram chick with shark teeth
>Asabi Rogue is a 5'4" asian manlet who came to the table with a cup of goddamn cup noodle
>be me
>playing a human bard
>party is out on a heroic quest to overthrow the tyrranical king who is imposing his beliefs and will upon everyone else
>overtaxation, forced marriages, religious persecution, and public execution of monstrous races
>party is disguised by wizard magic to look like normal people
>party doing le random drinking xD bar crawl
>orc gets into a fist fight with another patron
>other patron drinks a potion and gets strong as fuck
>"No cheating."
>I cast dispel magic.
>mfw dm turns out to be a total bro and doesn't handwave it away "for the sake of the story" like someone wanted
>mfw dispel the illusions in the area and freakshits get incarcerated and executed

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This is the last thing your character hears before a bright flash of light fills the room.
You awaken in the interdimensional garage, a component harbinged space of interstellar nonsense and gibralterated anacronyms. You begin to recollect the visage of what transpired and you ask yourself if that was the reality ,or if the reality of your fleeting mementos was just the phantasm of a spectral innoculation through paradoxical liberations.
The flow of time here is like a cascaded ebb and reverb. None of it makes sense.
You get a feel for your surroundings after an indescribable insurmounting volume of spatial differentials, grounding yourself into one fragment in the mirror of shattered consciousness you're currently stranded in and find that you in fact are your character.
A doorway appears, with no handles or windows, but only the omnipresent overture of a liberated visceral chorus of angelic voices.
You take the moment to seize and transgress through the doorway, seeking egress from the calamity that befalls you right now, only to find that you are no closer to home than you were before you began.

A voice bargins with you: You can choose to return to whence you came, unaware of the things that transpired, and continue your life as a fraud in a dm-fiat'd reality where you didn't die and everything becomes isekai and meaningless, or you could continue to press further into the understanding of the rhythmic laws of reality that are so sorely broken in this place, this choice leading to the eventual unravelling and peeking through the seams to discover a truth unlike anything you could have imagined.

Two capsules appear, one of a bluish fluid in a clear sleeve, the other red. Which do you pick? Post ending in 71 decides how I kill myself tonight, respond or you will never know the true meaning of love.

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>This post is absolutely mindless. It is, perhaps, the most retarded post imaginable, because it makes so many stupid assumptions that you might be clinically braindead. I'd tell you to see a doctor, but you're better off heading straight to the mortician.

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Could I dual wield kobolds who ready an action to strike with dual wielded daggers whenever I swing to create a quad-strike character?

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>"it's what my character would do..."
>"oh, s-sorry anon, thinking out loud haha"
>he picks up the dice and kills the party's healer
>he gets roleplaying xp for being berserk
Why are barbarians allowed

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>your adventuring party comes across thanos from fortnite

how fucked are you

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