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Do we have any jumps with potions or other items good for curing pretty much anything? The only thing that comes to mind is that Fountain of Youth in Warhammer Fantasy Amazons. I'm only looking for external aid, no powers please.

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Reposting IGAnon any chance of getting Vulcans perpetual thing or Ferrus' Necrodermis hands in the Primarch jump?

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Elder Scrolls maybe? Fate Noble Phantasms. Overwatch gives you the technical knowledge to build items that can heal and revive the dead, if you don't count that as a power.

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A bullet tends to cure most things.

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There is a pretty strong healing potion in Narnia that can cure most wounds with just a single drop on the wound. It can't regenerate lost limbs, however.
There are elixirs in Final Fantasy I and Kingdom Hearts
Technically a power, you can permanently summon a spring with healing properties in Age of Mythology. It isn't that different from getting the spring as an item.
There's a bottle of SCP-500 in the SCP jump. I don't fully remember how strong they are, but they could cure normally incurable diseases like a zombie virus
There's also Dandachi from Hero BBS, who's curative power depends on how hard you hit the patient with it.

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>Hellboy - Dark Power
>Shaman King - The Accent Out Of Hell (pssst, Blade, it's 'Ascent')
>Lucha Underground - Man Of A Thousand Deaths

What are some other perks or powers which enable me to grow stronger from dying?

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Saber, Lancer or Mordred?

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Chronicles of Narnia, SCP, and Moana have cure alls as buyable items. Also technically so does Pathfinder, as you can buy Philosipher stones with the magic gold purchase

You can find cure alls in a bunch of places. DC Amazons have healing lazers, Lone Wolf has a really good plant, Cave Story has a cure all pill powerful enough to fix broken robots, Codex Alera has a neat mushroom that can heal injuries diseases and infertility, Percy Jackson has the Golden Fleece, and there's apples that cure any disease in Chronicles of Narnia

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Where can I get some good mind control/warping powers? I want to be able to take someone's psyche apart and put it together again backwards.

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All of them

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I know he’s said you can get wings like Sanguinius and cosmetic changes like Vulkans eyes and skin. I’d assume necrodermis hands will be with that, cosmetic change with maybe some minor functional use like the wings. Perpetual I’d think would be a 400+ perk depending on how far he takes it & how it works as far as one ups go.

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I don't remember the name, but there's a perk in one of the Gungrave jumps that makes you more powerful when you resurrect, with the type of boost depending on how you died

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>Vulcans perpetual thing
Finally jumper can be a Hourai Immortal, Code Immortal, and Perpetual for three kinds of nearly total immortality.

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The chad bro Lancer.

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God Hand from Empires of Antiquity, maybe?
And not quite that but somewhat related I remember a perk in the Fabled perkline of Duel Monsters that made you stronger the closer to death you were.

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Okay so I have a picture of a dickgirl centaur Arturia. Her penis is Rho-howeveritsspelled.

So, I'm gonna say Arturia Lancer. Because there's no cock like horsecock

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Perpetual isn’t all that great compared to the others, or even chain wide. Doesn’t do shit for healing the soul or mind, it’s purely physical regen, even if it’s a pretty good one.

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>I want to be able to take someone's psyche apart and put it together again backwards.
Can you explain that to me? I'm having a hard time comprehending how something immaterial like a psyche could be rendered backwards.

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Lancer big tit arturia needs to be fucked

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As an aside there’s a lot of fanart & doujins about LArturia fucking her horse.

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Mage the Awakening.
>Adept: You are now a medium between your own internal self and the otherness that composes all minds. You may traverse this distance, entering into another’s memories, dreams or conscious thoughts, all of which are as tangible to you as solid matter..and just as easily manipulated. You may confound the senses of others and even turn the mind against the body, destroying it from the inside out
>Master: You may wander out, through your mind, into the Realms Invisible. You may forge a psyche out of nothingness and alter any aspect of consciousness you desire. If you wish you could walk for a time in the flesh of another, possessing their body and acting in their stead. You may manipulate the substance of the immaterial world and compel obedience from any mind you are capable of ensnaring.

Saiki K. might also be a good option if you focus on that.

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An (apparently failed) attempt at evocative language. The idea was that I'd like to be able to look into someone's mind and change it in whatever ways I could want.

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I mean it's not really a one up thing it's more a psyker style regeneration from your soul or something. Considering the Cabal can grant it to humans it should probably be viewed as something more akin to Wolverine regneration through spiritual means.


Just look out for getting stabbed in the heart by glass tubes created through big E's lightning.

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>Just look out for getting stabbed in the heart by glass tubes created through big E's lightning.
You still have the other two kinds of immortality then.

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Whoops, guess I took it too literally. I should probably sleep.

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>Hourai Elixir (Touhou Rinnosuke/Forbidden Hermit)
>Code Immortal (Code Geass)
>Myriad Self (Murasakiiro no Qualia)
>True Immortality (Dragon Ball Super)
What other super-immortality do we have in the chain that require you at least to be erased by a multiversal being to be killed?

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I was completely unaware of that.

Sadly my interest in horses in doujins is rather limited to centaurs and those doujins with the sapient horses having sex with shotas.

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Under what strange series of events would that even be possible? Or are you just planning on using Charisma EX or something like that?

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Too much monster musume?

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You get a chain, but with a catch. Your first jump is Wheel of Time. You will gain agelessness and start the jump when the Dark One is freed in the Second Age. You must survive through the War of Power, The Breaking, and all else over the next 4-5 thousand years until the Dark One is sealed away at the end of the last book.
Because I know you will accept, what will you do? And what sort of build will you use?

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There's one in Dies Irae.

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You ever seen literally any Type-Moon protagonist ever?

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>Servant Mordred admires Lancer Artoria
>Saber admires Lancer Artoria's body
>All of them can be conquered by food
You just need to conquer's Lancer's stomach and the rest will follow. Cooking perks win again.

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>Too much monster musume?
No? I'm just not much of a fan of actual male horses in porn.

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>Code Immortal (Code Geass)
Does this one really protect from mind/soul damage?

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Leave the plot to resolve itself and wander time learning cool shit and being all sage and shit.

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>Score to Settle
Oh fuck that's just great. Thanks anon.

>God Hand
Also good.

>Fabled perkline of Duel Monsters
Took a look at that. Not quite what I'm looking for, but thanks anyway Anon.

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What happens if we go to Gensokyo from the normal world with the Sleeping Sickness drawback that has us in the normal world but visit Gensokyo in our dreams?

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Question for Regalus, is Arkadimon a valid Digimon to be? Or is he too unique like the other virus-like Digimons

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Mind damage kind of, soul damage no.

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Excalibur or Rhongomyniad? Is there a way to get either of them at full strength other than Garden of Avalon?

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We failed boys. Reddit beat us to making a Kampfer jump. Not a great one, but still jumpable.

>> No.69297177

I'm kinda amused that it's by someone whose stories I follow.

They're not the best author, but their stuff is still enjoyable

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How good are Digimon at hacking? How do they fare against programs, normal AIs, etc? Or do they have no ability in that field despite being digital lifeforms?

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>Reddit and Spacebattles are better than /tg/ at JumpChain
Is anyone surprised?
Anyone at all?

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Is Adventure the only Digimon jump where you can get twin partners?

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Not really, they're certainty better than most of the people here.

>> No.69297254

Sadly, SB just makes jumps for short movies that they can wank as much as they want, or remakes of already existing jumps for TV shows. I haven't seen them make any interesting jump in quite a while.

>> No.69297255
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Nice samefag.

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Ideally all, but Mordred is a wonderful daughter with many uses.

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Guy's opinion matches.

>> No.69297302

Most of the Digimon World games allow multiple partners. Digimon World 3 gives you 1-3 partners for free, with the amount of CP they get decreasing with each partner you take

If you specifically want two partners, Re:Digitize has a drawback that'd let you take two partners

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Oop, upon checking it appears to be a discord jump actually, not reddit, that they uploaded to reddit instead of posting here to avoid dealing with the thread.

>> No.69297329

Smart choice.

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SB & reddit put out more jumps but they’re shit. It’s the same guy every single time a reddit/sb release gets mentioned shitposting about how they’re better, trying to start shit.

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You can't fuck your daughters

>> No.69297342

Damn that's an old type

And Morgan too!

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Anyone got that new touhou jump?

>> No.69297353

Do you even know where you are?

>> No.69297368

Eh, i wasn't talking about jumps. I never bothered comparing them. I'm talking about the community.
Cuz, Reddit and Sb don't have the kind of shitposting like we have here. Instantly, better.

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Is it not in uploads?

>> No.69297381
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Why do so many Japanese artists have armpit fetishes?

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Anyone know how difficult it would be to upgrade D3U5.EXE from Cyberpunk into a true singularity AI? Also AI loyalty perks please, kinda needing them so that when they end up forming a singularity they still keep their loyalty to their creator race/individual or friends.

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Nope. The only Touhou jump in uploads is the Luna Nights one.

>> No.69297409

Because they're chads

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SB has Cliff and a shitty moderation. In the end, it has become Cliff's echochamber where he parades his house rules and nothing else.

>> No.69297430

Zombies Ate My Neighbors has a perk that'd make all your creations loyal to you

>> No.69297433
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Reddit has no community, bar Nerx who basically just posts the jump and then every single option as his build, and SB has Cliff/Record/Blackshadow/Alex etc etc etc

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Was it this one?

>> No.69297455
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That's the one, Thanks!

I couldn't remember the name

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I'm not sure I'd consider the likes of Cliff and Blackshadow "better" than our cunts, though I will concede that the option to filter their posts might be nice

Just make sure you have the means to improve your hardware and you'll already be a "Singularity" AI, as you can edit your own programming.

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I don't accept. Couldn't make myself care enough to even get halfway through book 1. Dealing with people as bad or worse than them for a time long enough to need agelessness isn't worth the rewards from it. If you're so insistent on sending me to a xianxia then let me go to one of the interesting ones that make it worth putting up with the world full of assholes and idiots.

>> No.69297494
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That’s an old version, newest has a picture page 1.

>> No.69297514
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Would it be possible to visit a sort of modern cultivation world like A World Worth Protecting or CCG with the Generic Xianxia jump?

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I just keep adding perks, but i'm not sure how good they are.Too strong, not strong enough, too similar? First and probably last time making a jump honestly speaking.
I've been trying to not add many fighting related perks since I was planing to have a section dedicated to fighting,with a separate cp pool and everything.
Should I more perks for the origins and general purpose, or should I move on?
Either way i'm taking a break from it for a little bit.

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>> No.69297569

>modern cultivation world
Why not use Cultivation Chat Group as the baseline for your generic Xianxia setting? Drop youself into the past of Earth or something or just have that as another realm you accidently fall into.

>> No.69297571

>Is it possible to build a xianxia with the build a xianxia jump
You could just as easily ignore the starting location flavor text, or rule the next higher realm is a modern one with cultivation behind the scenes.

>> No.69297578

Thank you

>> No.69297740
Quoted By: >>69297795 >>69298913

How best to accomplish this? Lancer timeline plus BLUMU? Giving Arturia the purchasable non-mindbreak Lance? Giving that lance to an OC relative of Arturia?

>> No.69297795

Go ask Merlin for another one and frame it in a way that makes it seem like a fun prank, he'll go find a way to fuck with timelines and pull another one out from behind his back at the next meeting of the round table.

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I don't really know much about the alchemy there.

Those could work.

>if you don't count that as a power.
Nah, I don't consider just having knowledge a power.

>FF1 and Kingdom Hearts
Ah, the potions there are quite potent.

Those should work well.

>Summon a spring
From the description I'm not sure if it would heal anything but wounds.

>Cave Story has a cure all pill powerful enough to fix broken robots
>a pill that works on robots
That sounds crazy good.

>Philosipher stones
Well, I guess death is the greatest disease of all.

The rest sound equally as good.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

>> No.69297928

Overlord has a few

>> No.69297995

Normally they don't exist within the same space to do such things or interact in such ways. The actual internet might as well be another dimension compared to the Digital World despite the connotations of the name "Digital World." When they do get into the human internet though, they have been shown the capacity to rapidly dominate much the same a giant, living pencil would dominate a two dimensional paper world. Even Digimon as low as Kuramon can rapidly consume date to fuel out of control digivolution, eventually take over military installations, and fire off nukes between countries. Likewise, the hopes of dreams of children contained in messages and mail can form catalysts which allow Digimon to multiply their strength to fuck off levels through special new forms.

I'm never going back to watch it since I heard it was terrible, but the Digimon Movie was the shit when I was a kid.

>> No.69298008
Quoted By: >>69298031 >>69298131

I never saw those guys before. So, I can't really make a clear judgement on them. So, they're basically the better community (in a way) since they got less people so less shitposting and you can get banned for shitty behavior.

>> No.69298031
Quoted By: >>69298055

Every post in SB is shitposting.

>> No.69298055

Then, the same concept would apply here.

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>you can get banned for shitty behavior
Citation needed.

>> No.69298146
Quoted By: >>69298287

What do you mean?

>> No.69298161
Quoted By: >>69298189 >>69298361

If you aren't friends with a mod anyway.

I forget, is it SB or SV that considers 'trap' a slur?

>> No.69298189
Quoted By: >>69298206 >>69298252


>> No.69298206
Quoted By: >>69298255 >>69298330

What's that?

>> No.69298252
Quoted By: >>69298283 >>69298298

No its both now. You cant say trap or shota

>> No.69298255
Quoted By: >>69298298

Sufficient Velocity. It's SB, but if the mods had even smaller cocks

>> No.69298283
Quoted By: >>69298310

I mean, on the one hand I can see it if you take things literally but on the other hand half the time that's not how anyone uses it. It's just a no-win situation, really.

>> No.69298287
Quoted By: >>69298357

He means how cliffc can still shit up the sb threads with his toxic bullshit and yet nothing ever happens to him. Honestly though I suspect it's because most people don't bother using the report button except for cliffc himself.

>> No.69298298
Quoted By: >>69298310 >>69298353

So, it pretty clear all of it's just shit. 4chan, reddit, sb, sv are basically all just trash and on the same level.

>> No.69298310
Quoted By: >>69298357

SV is much worse than SB mods but they both get the blood boiling.

At least here I can vent waifuposting and shitposting.

>> No.69298330
Quoted By: >>69298357 >>69298375

a splinter group from SB branched off to make their own forum after some bullshit went down on SB regarding mod behavior I think? But the irony is that the mods on SV are like ten times worse and are almost meme-tier level SJW's, to the point they banned probably their most prolific writer on their forum for 'misgendering' someone. The 'someone' in question being a fictional character from his own story, which in context was a dude that briefly got turned into a woman thanks to a Hero Dial device from DC, and so *in story* he had another character refer to that person as a guy and not a woman. This triggered the mods on SV so fucking hard they literally banned him.

>> No.69298353

I would say we're all different flavors of shit at least.

>> No.69298357

I mean I guess it depends on your shitposting level. Cuz, some of the shitposting we just don't want to see.

That's fucked.

Yeah, probably.

>> No.69298361

It's such a weird thing to take offense over considering this isn't a type of person you see in real life unless they're actively trying to be one. Do you know how difficult it is to convincingly look like a woman with no surgery? Drag Queens take the easy way out by exaggerating things to such a degree. The group may as well not exist outside of art, and these people are still trying to champion a term they don't care about in the first place like it's the new pet cause.

>> No.69298375

SV happened because the server SB was on got full and the guy who owned the server hadn't been seen for awhile.

People started jumping ship like rats

>> No.69298412
File: 91KiB, 834x871, 1571967221494.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Just to give you an idea.

>> No.69298433

Wait, that mods honestly saying genociding the Orks is a bad thing?

>> No.69298448
Quoted By: >>69298532

>Be kind to one another
>Orks are literally a biologically engineered weapon
>They are incapable of not waging war on all other lifeforms, including other groups of themselves

>> No.69298450


>> No.69298462
Quoted By: >>69298477 >>69298495

Why doesn't the Jobless in Another World jump offer a donkey? It has perks based on those two idiots with the donkey

>> No.69298477
Quoted By: >>69298507

Why cant you just buy a donkey from a farmer?

>> No.69298481
File: 177KiB, 850x779, 404 1da7r3rnu___reiuji_utsuho_touhou_drawn_by_guuchama__sample-d0689786e1f34d6a656690bdccea6884.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Oh god, it's retarded. This makes me glad I never post on those sites.

>> No.69298486

Yes then you have more orks to deal with. Genocide is not ok when orks get more numerous after said genocide

>> No.69298495
Quoted By: >>69298523

Go to Brettonia if you want your fiat donkey, you coward. You donkey coward.

>> No.69298507

Donkeys bought from a farmer don't have the immortality pets get, and I can't remember any jump that'd let you import pets off the top of my head.

Well, other than BEES!! from Metal Gear Solid, but I'm grabbing my chicken commando squad with that

>> No.69298516
Quoted By: >>69298529

Yeah SV is fucked. I use it to follow Fate/Sunny Order and Incompatible System and that’s it. Though the last one is pointless since the author only writes once every few months and usually updates his 1.8m words OP!Taylor Worm fanfic instead, when his around.

>> No.69298522
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Quoted By: >>69298556

Is this real?

>> No.69298523


>> No.69298529

I stopped going there entirely when a QM I followed got banned without warning

>> No.69298532
Quoted By: >>69298558 >>69298572

Obviously, genocide is a bad thing.
Also, wouldn't that depend on what kind of ork it is?

Considering, it's fiction, then kinda whatever.
I mean, if they were planning to do this in real life, then yeah, they should be banned and probably arrested.

>> No.69298556
Quoted By: >>69298598 >>69298626


>> No.69298558
Quoted By: >>69298600

>Also, wouldn't that depend on what kind of ork it is?
It's Warhammer Orks. An ancient biological superweapon gone rogue that wars against everything that exists and spreads via spores.

>> No.69298572
Quoted By: >>69298600

They’re talking about 40k Orks who’s entire purpose is making war and combat and killing things, and the absence of things to kill leads them to killing each other. If they're not an acceptable genocide target I don’t know what is.

>> No.69298574 [DELETED]

They're responding as if Orks are being used as a stand-in for some existing race, as if the mere possibility of entertaining such thoughts even concerning fictional villains makes one an unreasonable bloodthirsting daemon. Or that's the impression I get. Better safe than sorry is one thing, but this seems like an overreaction.

Also who knows if mod even knows 40K lore. An easy mistake for beginners. There are better reasons to disagree with genocide of sapients, anyway - it makes too many enemies when everyone else wonders if they're next, it costs far too much in the way of time and resources for whatever returns you're getting, you have to spend so much time making sure nobody slips your grasp that you can't focus on much else, and let's be real, you're not going to get them all and the survivors will come back for revenge and then you're screwed by narrative fiat.

It's easier and cheaper to make them someone else's problem, especially if you can convince them to go after someone who doesn't actually exist or (in the case of things like the Orks) an equally virulent bioweapon.

>> No.69298598

I am terrified by the fact that absolutely no one seemed phased by the mod claiming disarming a rogue superweapon is a bad thing

>> No.69298600

Ah, now that makes sense. Cuz, if it was just genocide for no reason, then that's just wrong.

>> No.69298609

You know, this reminds me of the time someone who was raped as a child got a two day ban for not handling the subject of rape in their quest in a mature way.

>> No.69298626
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Quoted By: >>69298683

It gets even better

>> No.69298638

Have you considered using the King Arthur jump to go to nasuverse Camelot? Two of the drawbacks there net you Excalibur.

>> No.69298671
File: 179KiB, 850x835, __shiranui_mai_the_king_of_fighters_and_2_more_drawn_by_dejaguar__sample-23fea634830ab080dfd15c1453f53e8b.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

So how many of you good boys and girls follow Smash?

>> No.69298683

There's just no winning with those people.

>> No.69298684

That's quitter talk, anon.

>> No.69298697
File: 9KiB, 225x225, Not a good boy.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69298732


>> No.69298713
Quoted By: >>69298874

Smash "community" is actually genuinely retarded.

>> No.69298715
File: 27KiB, 500x364, D9B3C2BF-CECB-49D6-88FC-4FF7D04CE8F8.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69298732

I’m a very good boy.

>> No.69298732

Clearly not a good boy.

>> No.69298797

Imagine if any of these people ever where to get a chain.
Such a horrible world that would be.

>> No.69298816
Quoted By: >>69298836 >>69298874

I'm really glad their jumpchain thread died almost immediately after it was made

>> No.69298836
Quoted By: >>69298874 >>69298920

Some of you guys are just as bad in a different way.

>> No.69298862
File: 447KiB, 1200x1550, Phazons of the Moons.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Zero Suit Samus probably shipped more copies of Smash than Metroid
>Bayo makes it into main roster despite being all sorts of fetish fuel
>Mai is somehow 3lewd5Smash
>inb4 some hypocrisy revolving around that one intro sequence she has against Andy threatening him with a supposed lovechild
Just let them play SvC in the Smash engine already.

>> No.69298874
Quoted By: >>69298918 >>69298934

Last I heard about the Smash Community was Hungrybox trying to kill the melee scene with his puff play and signs reminding everyone to shower.

I think they'd just go Hadou Law and retroactively warp reality to fit those designs and we'd never know any different.

Some. Mostly Bancho. Anyone notable I'm missing from that list?

>> No.69298899
File: 52KiB, 550x550, 002fc5333fb4a0ca6607ce4722398c09.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69298921

>tfw both Code Vein and God Eater 1+2 were claimed
Happy days. I can't help but wonder if the GE Jumpmaker is going to pull from the anime too.

>> No.69298913

Just defeat her and have one sided consensual sex

>> No.69298918
Quoted By: >>69298970

Anons. We don't know how many are the bad ones.

>> No.69298920
File: 344KiB, 1115x1600, And ideal future.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69299176 >>69299324

I would introduce horny monster girls to the world, I can't be a bad person.

>> No.69298921
Quoted By: >>69299010

>I can't help but wonder if the GE Jumpmaker is going to pull from the anime too.
I really fucking hope not. The changes they made were dumb as shit.

>> No.69298934
Quoted By: >>69298970

>Implying they would have the guts to get to Hadou
>Implying that they wouldn't just refuse to jump that because it has nazis in it

>> No.69298970
Quoted By: >>69299031 >>69299176

Outside of Hero Box, I can't think of any who's deeds are notably terrible enough, but I'm probably not digging deep enough.

True, but they might also just jump DYN or something. It's not really the point. You'd think they'd be all over killing Nazis though.

>> No.69299010
Quoted By: >>69299090

Is it really that bad? I haven't got to watch it myself yet. The only thing I know is the MC became a golden boy.

Besides, they could just put in a drawback for letting us choose our continuity.

>> No.69299022
File: 837KiB, 960x540, Screenshot_2019-11-07-23-20-21.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69299060 >>69299264

Come to think about it, I also got a temp ban there.

They hated me because i said the truth. Traps are gay.

>> No.69299031
Quoted By: >>69299077

Whose hero box?

>> No.69299060

Only gay if they have sex with men.

>> No.69299077

It's not a person, but some guy had an idea of creating heroes by putting them into a box where it subjects them to some mind-breaking torments until they wanted to kill demons or something. I'm not quite sure, but I know it was a stupid and pointlessly cruel idea.

>> No.69299090
Quoted By: >>69299377

>Is it really that bad?
It is.
>I haven't got to watch it myself yet.
Ah, understandable why you wouldn't know then.
>The only thing I know is the MC became a golden boy.
It's... really quite worse than that. I suggest you just watch it and judge for yourself.

>> No.69299124
File: 231KiB, 2048x1536, mt92u4evp3x31.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>creating heroes by putting them into a box where it subjects them to some mind-breaking torments until they wanted to kill demons

>> No.69299136

Take normal Artoria Lancer, give her Excalibur. boom, everything went better than expected.

I thought you could do this in just FGO, but I can't actually find reference to the method I usually think of in the jump. I may have fucked my memory a little.

>> No.69299156
Quoted By: >>69299170

When you say it like that, I'm glad that we don't have a Shen Yin Wang Zuo jump. The characters there are so one-dimensional that Herobox could just tell them to kill demons and they would. Actually, maybe putting them in the box would give them character development and have them end up with a desire to kill demons, therefore proving his theory.

>> No.69299160
Quoted By: >>69299231

You ready to go down this golden rabbit hole?

>> No.69299165

It was a concept so stupid from the outset I didn't bother to fully understand it, but that's the short version as I understand it. I'm sure you can find it in the archives, but I don't give this any more attention than I have to.

It's definitely one of those things you can do, but not one where he asked if he should.

>> No.69299170
Quoted By: >>69299236

Plenty of Xianxia and Chinese Isekai are like that, it's just the way that character writing is done there.

>> No.69299176
Quoted By: >>69299324

That's doesn't mean your

Yeah, that's pretty bad.

It's hard to keep track of Anons. But, majority(or the vocal minority) of them are pretty bad since they shitpost, throw insults for no reason, and tons of other disgusting and annoying things. Some are also racist, sexist, and other shit, and openly type that shit here.

>> No.69299178
File: 3MiB, 354x200, THE MIGHT OF BEL SHALL BLOW YOU AWAY INTERLOPER.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69299206

Ump 1
Devil Survivor
Drop-in - 0
Peaceful Days are over - 0
Conquer your demon - 100
I won’t run! - 100
The Dreaded - 100
Break your barricade - 200
Let’s Survive - 300
Bels and Whistles - 800
COMP - 0
Headphones - 0
Battery Charger - 50
Devil’s Fuge- 150
And on the eighth day… + 0
Bel on Earth + 0
Morning Star + 800
King of Demons

>> No.69299188
Quoted By: >>69299231

Yeah. It time loops infinitely too, and would end up making them hyper paranoid psychotics instead of heroes. The worst part is that even with the whole thread explaining the problems to him he just didn’t get it, only changing some of it because he thought it would be inefficient, still keeping the horrible parts.

>> No.69299206

No that is not the right song this one is.

>> No.69299231 [SPOILER]
File: 2MiB, 2125x2125, __yamashiro_and_fusou_azur_lane_drawn_by_nekoshoko__660c5f67fd80530cea67c88072e57782.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


Jesus christ, what's wrong with this psycho?

>> No.69299236
Quoted By: >>69299325

I wish it was on the same level of those. The characters in those can atleast pretend to be people, I wouldn't say the same for the ones in SYWZ though.

>> No.69299243

10/10 waifus. Now if only they didn’t suck gameplay-wise.

>> No.69299251

Misplaced priorities and excessive misunderstandings.

>> No.69299264


>> No.69299273

>Jesus christ, what's wrong with this psycho?
There's also his replies to the replies in that thread if you didn't read that far.

>> No.69299324
Quoted By: >>69299422 >>69299443

Oops. Didn't finish typing this. My bad.
We don't all the other shit you did so it'll be hard to tell whether your a bad or good person.
By introducing monster girls, you are making it harder for normal human woman to get together with men. Not only that, you did not introduce monster boys, thus, not giving woman much options. If you purposely make the monster girls horny, that's not giving them much freedom, so just make them normal in terms of lust.

>> No.69299325

You just haven't read the really terrible ones where the characters show up to just say one or two lines, then either fall on a dick, fall on a sword, or never show up again. With xianxia flooding the market in China and the market being as cutthroat as it is, a lot of the untranslated shit are beyond garbage tier.

>> No.69299326
Quoted By: >>69299388 >>69299405

Not much, just the average Jumper. Every time he comes up with an idea and presents it to us, SweetieAnon comes in and eases him away from the idea.

I still remember that one time where he developed a method to creating the perfect waifu by taking existing waifus, shoving them in a machine and breaking them all down to extract their positive traits, and placing all said traits into a single being. It's a very stupid and roundabout way to make a homunculus, in my opinion.

>> No.69299366
File: 1MiB, 1400x1861, 1b5a8e795a7bd548229394726930ca36.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I hope someone can happen with that but do we have any system in a setting that would let us create a being that scales with how many people we sacrificed in order to create them. For example if I kill a family and create from the sacrifices a person that will only be a little bit stronger than a normal human but if you Slaughter an entire city you'll get a super human that's has access to many supernatural abilities like super strength to lift a house and the ability to teleport around the world for example. Basically want to have an Empire that gets its superhuman forces by killing people. Would be nice if the powers would be diverse that's not always the same each time.

>> No.69299377

Well I guess I know what I'll be doing in my spare time then.

>> No.69299388
Quoted By: >>69299436

>tfw most of your waifus appeal comes from their negative traits that synergizes with their positive ones or even just completely from the negative traits

>> No.69299405
File: 1MiB, 1184x1403, __long_island_azur_lane_drawn_by_kamishiro_rsg10679__45eac5b9316f9179b47e54fc68105f73.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>creating the perfect waifu by taking existing waifus, shoving them in a machine and breaking them all down to extract their positive traits, and placing all said traits into a single being

Please, someone keep that monster away from my jumps. Waifus are not to be treated like that...

>> No.69299410

>Basically want to have an Empire that gets its superhuman forces by killing people.
There was a really edgy isekai with that premise, the dude had to kill his friends in order to get a power boost that would let him kill monsters that were normally really hard to kill

>> No.69299413

just make it retard

>> No.69299422
Quoted By: >>69299492

>you are making it harder for normal human woman to get together with men
Women are ruined by the introduction of sexbots anyway. Even if he introduced them today, he only moves the timeline up 5 to 10 years.

>> No.69299432
File: 708KiB, 1257x664, yoggy.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


This vaguely reminds me of the Living Heaven from the Miskatonic, and I'm not sure why.

>> No.69299436
Quoted By: >>69299488 >>69299541

The dude thought it was a smart idea to take all the waifu's negative traits and shove it into a weapon for said perfect waifu to wield.

>> No.69299443
Quoted By: >>69299492

>t. sv mod

>> No.69299448
Quoted By: >>69299481

Who let you post here, Zenos yae Galvus?

>> No.69299466

No, just treated like tissue paper as you use them once and throw them away the second you have the urge to dick Generic Waifu No. 5486. You know, like what you do.

>> No.69299476

Arguably, isn't that any leveling-type system? Get XP for killing, use that to make the user stronger? Just go to Kumo Desu Ga or Slime Tensei or whatever and grab their systems.

>> No.69299481
Quoted By: >>69299500


>> No.69299488
File: 45KiB, 200x200, 1572238277404.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.69299492
Quoted By: >>69299512 >>69299558

The same could be said about men.

Nah. Never went there.

>> No.69299500

In the distant future of Thread 40k, there is only war

>> No.69299512
Quoted By: >>69299553

>The same could be said about men.
I guess it could, if you're retarded.

>> No.69299541

>Creates a "perfect" pure being created of all the "good" in the world
>Makes it wield All The World's Evils 24/7
That's not going to go horribly wrong at all.

>> No.69299553

How is that retarded, when it's the same logic your going by?

>> No.69299558
File: 2MiB, 480x255, and now look where we are.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>the gynoids start building perfect android husbands for themselves so they don't have to deal with humanity's various failings just to get a fix for their pleasure circuts

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