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Lil pupils edition.

>Citadel Contrast Paints Comparison

>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Figure painter magazine issues 1-36

>Weathering hobby magazines

>Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers

>Painting Videos only

>DIY Lightbox

>DIY Spraybooth

>DIY Wet Palettes

>How to Moldlines

>Fuckin Magnets how do they work?

>List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy

>Stripping Paint

>Priming With Acrylic Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting

>Who's Johnny, she said, and smiled in her special way

>Making some awesome banners:

>Recasting with Blue Stuff and LEGO bricks

>Previous Thread:

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Go GW free this December.

Paint a good sculpt not one covered in poorly designed giblets.

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Stop being a flaming faggot with that shit-tier picture.
t. non-GW painter.

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What about my Citadel minis?

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stop forcing this

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Grenadiers better~

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Fuck off.

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Also, current /wip/ on my Abaddon

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GW paid shill

GW paid shill.

They use /wip/ to viral market. They're the same tards who force the Duncan meme no one likes. Learn their posting style and laugh at them.

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>they viral market to ~100 people on a alaskan bowfishing forum

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acquire sexual gratification

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le epic armless meme, I suppose

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Is there any thread on 4chan that has not yet been infiltrated by shills?

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Post your non-GW paintjobs or fuck off.

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Most of the threads on /x/ have been infiltrated by gangstalkers, reptilians and other government agents

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The gold is done

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no im alright ill continue painting what i like thank you

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Really enjoying this model, but I'm starting to think my skintone is a bit TOO pale.

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I like it, good job. I would just touch up the spiral ride on the right side of the helm with a bit of yellow over the brown. But good work.

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It is pretty corpse-like. If it bothers you too much, try mixing your flesh tone with some red and green. You should get a greyish purple. Use that for your deepest recesses like under the breast and below the biceps. Then from there just mix your flesh tone with a bit of red just to help transition those dark areas to your skin tone.

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gold looks decent. you missed a moldline along the axe handle though

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GW free December is coming. Make sure you have a nice infinity or Kings of war model ready

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You didn't know /tg/ is full of viral marketing? They know idiots will see models in these threads and buy them so they viral stuff here. It's really obvious when you think about it.

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I actually despair about why I still bother to visit this general given the state of the posters

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Hope dies last.

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Anon I can see you’re a man on a mission, but I’m gonna suggest that instead of spamming this like a goddamn numpty you might instead opt to share your own non-GW WIPs. It will help if it doesn’t suck, of course.

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>They use /wip/ to viral market.
>a fairly small, fairly insular thread, already filled with non GW minis, where people have no reservations about recommending Chinkcasts
They literally could not have picked a worse place

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As long as the sculpts are cool I don't really give a shit if it's astroturfed or not. It's not like /v/ where actually good stuff gets bumped off in favor of viral shit, there's not enough traffic here for it to matter.
Chances are likely that if it's an expensive model and I really fall for it i'm getting a recast anyway.

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Have you heard about [manufacturer] paints my man? They're so great you'll be a crystal brush winner in no time.

Filtering posts without images used to be enough to cut through shitposting in wip.

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Custom transfers, how do I make them? What specific brand of paper do I need, can I just inkjet print them?

I need some help here, guys. My guys have bare shoulderpads!

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Are you stupid? Half of nu GWs staff post here. They grew up on this cuck infested hole. They don't care if you buy some chink cast Titan or forge world model. You're still buying a £50 box of space marines every week to go with it. So you end up giving them a fortune either way.

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Actually curious about that too. I've been looking at vinyls/decals and transparent adhesive paper (laser color printer seems to be less hassle than ink ones) to do facial features like eyes easier but heat transfer might be better for minis?

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>You're still buying a £50 box of space marines every week to go with it.
lel, no

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While I agree with you, I think that posting that is not gonna work if I know how most people think here.

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check, ye olde decal thread on BnC.
They have instructions on how to print your own, a huge library for pretty much all SM Chapters and other assorted factions and even links to have them printed professionally. Or info on what kind of printers you need to get the job done, although it's not worth it unless you want to make a side business out of it yourself.
Bells of Lost souls also has info and an archive of sheets you can use.

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As someone who has met and knows quite a few gw employees, none of them are gonna go home and deal with more whining about their products when thats what they deal with 9-5. GW employees tend to like facebook groups and stuff where the energy isnt quite so toxic. While there may be a few blackshirts mobbing around /tg/ i dont think they are all that plentiful, and probably dont want to bother defending something they spend all day defending.

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>to do facial features like eyes easier but heat transfer might be better for minis?
eyes are a common decal subject for bigger minis like you get from animu or vidya sideshow statues.
For miniatures in ~28mm that's total overkill though. All you need to do is set a single black dot. You can do that with a fine marker/micropen. You can get those for miniatures too, as that is how panel lining is commonly done on gundam.

Heat transfer ones are like the ones Little Big Man Studios do, they are good for flat surfaces, but on anything else, like a shoulderpad for example, you need different transfers that you can soften with a solution like MicroSol/Set.

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I'm mainly looking at it for 3D printing muh figurines and larger sculpts, yeah. Most zbrush sculpts are fine but getting the eyes/mouth/facial features right without decals is just a crapshoot.
>Heat transfer ones are like the ...
Thanks for the info.

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Viral marketers aren't GW store staff. They're specially hired people who run Twitter accounts. They get sent pictures to upload. They get told what to post. The point isn't to post the best content. It's to make sure the thread is full of their shit so they keep their strangle hold on the industry and continue to release shit the Goomers wont walk away from

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>39 posts and over half of which are shit posts and only 3 are actual wips.

Here's the last mini I did just to dilute this mess. I was testing out contrast paints to see if it would be a better way to paint my troop minis.

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>You're still buying a £50 box of space marines every week to go with it.
I exclusively buy troops secondhand via eBay auction

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I haven’t painted or collected in years but I’m thinking about dipping my toes into 40k. What’s most fun to paint? Night Lords or Thousand Sons? I’m pretty bad right now

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Ignore the flamer.
Anyways, just got the gift I'm sending to my anon for secret santa. Question is, I honestly don't know if I should just send it to him as is or paint it up for him and make it a bit festive.
Not saying exactly what it is but is an oldhammer mini so this thing has been sitting in that blister pack for around 30 years now. The honor of opening it up really should go to the guy I'm giving it to but I'm really liking what that anon is doing with the runtherd so I'm tempted to try my hand at that as well.

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What would be the "easiest" way to paint this?
Prime black, drybrush grey then go over the bones with a cream color?

>> No.69297732

Both armys have a lot of details with them. Night Lords for their lightning bolts and TS for their large helmet things. IMO Blue is easy to paint and kinda fun, also Lightning can be a pain in the ass to paint thinly but if you are picking that as your army you should git gud after awhile.

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Thousand Sons have the disadvantage for a beginner of having a fair amount of yellow (awkward colour to paint) and the minis all having lots of really fine details like gems and shit. Night Lords are a lot more straightforward, and the lightning embellishment is actually fairly simple to do while producing a nice result (unless you want to go full skullface on most of them, then it gets pretty fiddly). I'm a big TSfag personally, but for an absolute beginner Night Lords are a sound alternative.

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Fuck off you nonce

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You dropped your tinfoil hat m8

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I saw this pic yesterday and loved the look of the painted skulls. That’s not too hard to do is it?

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For the absolute bare "bones", yes. But you can do so much more while not spending that much more time and effort.

Prime in a dark Grey
Wash with a black
Dry brush twice, once with a grey and again with a lighter grey.
Paint the symbols white then wash with a thinned down green.

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I'm seeing more edge highlights and some soft transitions in those black obelisks. I'd say to avoid drybrushing it with gray if you wanted it have that solid black look to it. Just use the side of your brush and do a quick and shitty edge highlight with a darker gray

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>I'm mainly looking at it for 3D printing muh figurines and larger sculpts, yeah. Most zbrush sculpts are fine but getting the eyes/mouth/facial features right without decals is just a crapshoot.
maybe this would work for you then

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We're here. I personally don't give a shit what people here think of citadel products. Work is work, I come here for memes and to show off my own shit/trigger the autists that I can't at work.

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Half and half, it's mainly about brush control and keeping the lines between the blue and white both clean and where you actually want them. The actual technique of bone white + wash isn't that hard, but applying the details afterwards without fucking it up might be frustrating if you've not gotten comfortable using the brush.

>> No.69297900

The video instruction they link to might be of use, thanks.

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Could you please make another pic, that one is just annoying.

>> No.69297922

Thanks, I'll keep these in mind.

>> No.69297951

No. You can make one. It works to announce the event.

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I used to do skaven, so I can at least have some control for tiny bits. How did this person do the minis? It looks like maybe Kantor blue. Is the wash before or after the white on the helmet?

>> No.69297961

Whats a good color for Retinas? I got Khorne Red applied right now

>> No.69298044

If it were me, I'd paint it offwhite, Agrax wash (watered down so it doesn't tint the colour), pure white highlights, then go in with Kantor, Drakenhoff wash, then quite a bright highlight, sort of Calgar Blue

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This doesn't affect me, so I'll just keep painting my waifus

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>Make sure you have a nice infinity or Kings of war model ready
Look, I really need to finish my Devastator Squad. After them, though ... who knows?

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Nearly finished painting my Zarbag.
I'm pretty proud of myself.

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Those models are cool. do some of those bro

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/m/tg/ is a wonderful thing

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Back up about a foot, turn flash off, and rotate 90 degrees

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The new Shimmy Battlemaster is two Johnnies tall!

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Who do I paint first? 1/2

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Post minis. I've sussed the colour scheme for my Necromunda Nurgle gang, apart from the guns. Kind of want to do something different.

There's about 100 people that use /wip/, if they want to viral market here I'm fine with it. Now post your minis.

Doesn't affect any of us.

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no black iron tarkus? 0/10 not worth painting

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I don't have a proper light source at home, so the details get ofuscated.

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nevermind i was worng. allow me to retract my statement and begin again

>> No.69298329

Technically it's just a player armour set but we all know who it is.

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If I said do you speak-a my language
Would you just smile and give me a Vegemite sandwich?

>> No.69298380

I would keep it in the blister. It's not your gift, it's his.

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I can't get my phone to put the image the right way.

Though now I'm thinking on how squigs would taste on a barbie.

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The details aren't getting obfuscated, they're getting blown up to shit. I can see every single stray line and I'm sure it doesn't look that bad in real life.

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i got you

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Where are these from?

>> No.69298559

Ok boomer

>> No.69298592

Looks sticky

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Dork souls board game. The third wave from the Kickstarter just shipped.

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first models,I know they'll never be DONE done, but the Boyz are finally in a table-ready state.

Still have a bunch of work to do, like weathering and detail work (checkerboard patterns, rust, drilling the barrels out, etc), and obviously the bases. But I got them to a point where I feel half-decent about 'em.

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File: 3MiB, 4032x3024, 20191108_200220.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What about now?
Thanks mate.

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Damn, can't believe I went this whole time without realizing that game had minis

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Fuck it all to hell!

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Fuck off

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If your using an iPhone just crop the photo and it will post the right way.

More light
Crop the photo so it’s mostly the model in the picture

>> No.69298787

Oh and increase the brightness by just a hair. That will help with a dark color model

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Last try. Don't wanna spam the thread.

>> No.69298898

It's the only reason I Kickstarted it and they're made of the cheapest chink shit plastic possible. I regret doing do but I have them now so I may as well paint em.

>> No.69298929

I think we recognize you're trying. Your perceived anger here made me laugh.

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Now your starting to get it anon, I knew you could. Don’t worry about spam you were testing. It’s not like threads are finite, worst case senerio some autist freaks out with a wojack at you. Just look down on them and laugh

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Ok so making huge pieces of metal stick together is a pain in the ass. I don't even know how to paint it yet.

>> No.69299145
Quoted By: >>69299218

Are there any nice 3D printer files floating around online for Sisters of Battle? My gf wants to have a go at mini painting and likes the look of then.

>> No.69299218

Google "lady of war site:thingiverse.com".

>> No.69299222
Quoted By: >>69299282

A small part of me actually wants that mini, if only for the 3 women that come with it. Then again, I'm not as open with my degeneracy, so I'd probably build it, paint it, and hide it in a box.

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Quoted By: >>69299302 >>69299307

Funny thing I’ve been showing KD:M pinups to my gf lately and she was actually pretty chill to the idea and could recognize how the curves and soft skin would be a painting challenge. If I get one I have to make it look like her though...which is almost weirder then painting one in the first place.

Pic related was her fav

>> No.69299294
Quoted By: >>69299338

pin everything, that thing looks huge

>> No.69299302

Excuse the shitty screen shots, I couldn’t save the image directly from eBay and was to lazy.

>> No.69299307

>wants it to look like her
she is going to be so mad at you if its not amazing

>> No.69299338

He is huge and heavy. And old, I don't remember where it came from. I won it at a painting contest ages ago.

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So it begins. Continues? Probably continues as this is the 20th titan now.

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