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This is a spring powered car, intended for railroads.

After strenuously winding it by hand for 15 minutes, it could release the energy stored in the spring cylinders to maintain a fair speed on flat rails thanks to reduced friction. When not on rails, the car could move for a couple seconds before expending all its stored energy, roughly at a ratio of 1/60th of the time spent winding it, or about 15 seconds with a fully wound cylinder. Carrying two people, its top speed is 30mph, with a grand total of a little over 600ft traveled before it needs to be rewound.

Your party discovers this machine in a dungeon, alongside documents describing its functions and development.
What do they do with it?

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It's too big to be carried, too impractical to be used, and probably not valuable enough to be worth bothering with, so not much? The documentation might be worth something, so we'll probably take it.

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Nothing because you need railroads for it retard.

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There were medieval railways, and they exist in DnD as well (mostly as mine carts). OP is a dumb fuckers, but you can totally have horse drawn carriages on rails in Faerun.

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Fifteen minutes to go 600 feet is significantly worse than just walking.

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This is WAY less useful than the flying carpet we just looted.

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>two people
>30 mph
>600 feet travel
>Machine only runs for 13 seconds before it needs to be rewound
>which takes 15 minutes to wound

A human walks at about 3 mph. At that speed, they'd cover 600 feet in ~3 minutes. This has to be the stupidest devious ever invented by anyone ever.

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>There were medieval railways, and they exist in DnD as well (mostly as mine carts)
Yeah ok it's not like any railways in the wilderness would be stripped for iron the very next night after they were placed.

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It's nowhere near the stupidest device. It was probably good practice for whoever designed and built it, and a useful demonstration of basic concepts. It just has no practical purpose.

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>Spring power
>In a universe where people can spontaneously create fire.

Steam power would be so much more effective. You’d just need any low level spell caster and you can create infinite fire.

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Why didn’t you provide the speed/distances for a typical rail?

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Clearly, you would use this machine to power the process through an area that was very dangerous or inaccessible; or setting up the spring-cart on a long downward slope as to maximize it's useful energy (or the opposite; use it on a special railway that goes up stairs or something since it's easier to just wind and release then push it up the stairs)

Of course, in a fantasy world a Wizard may well design it with fantastic materials or use spells to enhance it's abilities; magical spells that let the train travel hundreds of miles on one charge by opening a mini-wormhole each second in front of the cart but being too dangerous or exhausting to create a teleportation spell that a human can pass through. While in real life it would be impractical or impossible to do so; in a fantasy world it may well be possible to retrofit the design into a massive train- many carts of this type put together and pulled and cranked by many powerful ogres and troll-like creatures that can make a semi-continuous traincar that keeps going as long as the brute slaves are kept in line. I could easily see something like that for a not!Eastern India Trading company, or something similar.

Still pretty cool, oft-forgotten mechanical things like that are fun inspiration. 7/10, thanks OP, nice thread.

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Probably destroy it. My campaign takes place in prehistory, the wheel hasn't been invented yet, and none of my party members would understand it. We'd probably hit it with clubs until it broke or until we got bored of it.

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