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stat him, /tg/

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Who is he? Looks like one of those third world ripoff cgi specials.

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10 hearts
mining skill
didnt get into smash
weakness to getting shit on by banjokes

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steve minecraft
his feats:
>can carry weight up to several hundred thousand metric tons
>minor magical abilities, can enchant objects and has minor pyrokinesis. Capable of potion making to further enhance his stats. Can create portals to other dimensions
>equipped with durable armor that reflects and blocks most attacks
>can breathe underwater for over 2 minutes
>adept mining and combat skills with sword and bow, slain dragons and demons
>can survive massive falls
>can tame most wild animals
>has items that can resurrect him, teleportation, incredible regeneration

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Alright I'll be the first to say it, Steve is fucking retarded. Why they felt to give the player character a color pallet that clashes so goddamn hard with the rest of the game is beyond me.

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So you change it immediatly with one you prefer.

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Survival Steve or creative Steve?

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max geared survival steve
creative steve and composite modded steve are too strong

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What about Primal Steve or round/circular steve

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Because he's a shitty texture made by a programmer that somehow got stuck as the protagonist of the best selling computer game of all time.

Which is actually fucking hilarious. Do you know how much time and effort it takes to model, texture and animate the hero character in a modern video game? And all the focus testing and concept art and soft-body physics.
And then here comes notch, the absolute chad, with his shitty clashing 8x32 pixel texture and a handful of cuboids and makes a game more popular than anyone else can even imagine.

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If you buy into those "how much can minecraft steve carry" theories he can carry up to 782536292.585lbs (Inventory full of golden apples, crafted using 8 gold 1 metre cubed blocks), without a movement speed penalty (Meaning he has a load size of light.).
This means his since the carrying capacity of a creature with 29 strength is 466lbs and every +10 strength is a x4 multiplier.
By RAW, Steve has a strength score of 129. which, is a +59 strength modifier. This doesn't take into account ender chests and shulker boxes because thats hammerspace.
Lava deals 2 hearts per half second to Steve. By RAW, being fully immersed in lava deals 20d6 per round. A round is assumed to be roughly 6 seconds. The average damage of 20d6 is 3.5*20, or 70 damage. So then, Steve should have about 30hp. Assuming he is a level 1 commoner, who starts with 4 + Con Mod hp, Steve has a Con Mod of +26 and a Constitution score of 62.
I can't find a *good* measurement for dex. But a balance check, given a sneaking steve can stay perfectly at the edge of any surface. Iron bars are 1/16 blocks thick, or just over 2 inches. Taking into account the force of flowing water over the bars. Which would at least make the bars be considered very slippery. Meaning that Steve can "take 10" on any balance check and score at minimum a 24. Or a +14 to balance checks.
Meaning, if Steve maxes out skill ranks in balance, he has a Dex score of atleast 30.
>Mental stats.
Difficult to pinpoint, Steve can't speak but is a humanoid creature. Minimum 3 Int, less than 10. If there's a spot check to be passed, render distance allows for it to be passed at 1693 feet. So roughly -169 penalty to the check, so assuming he can take 10 on any check he'd need a +169 wisdom modifier or a score of 348. And charisma is minimum 1, otherwise he would be an object.
He essentially beats any save bar nat 1s, oneshots any creature with less than 61 HP but will die to any high level burst damage spell.

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You are like a little baby. Watch this.

His best high jump is 1 meter, or about 3 feet. Therefore 10 str. The abnormal carrying capacity can be explained by pocket dimension.
About 30 hp as stated. Considering he never saves when hit by a witch's potion, we can assume his con is about average. 10 con.
Completely incapable of stealth, even in the dark. 1 dex.

>Mental stats
Unstatted. Steve is an object controlled remotely, similar to an apparatus of the crab.

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child molester +30

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>Minimum 3 Int, less than 10.
Hie entire gimmick is that he can build pretty much anything from raw materials.

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>makes a game more popular than anyone else can even imagine.
You mean rereleases

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>not recognizing the facial expression and guy of porno steve

you are lucky men.

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>Considering he never saves when hit by a witch's potion, we can assume his con is about average.

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>oneshots any creature with less than 61 HP
Doesn't that mean the rest of the Minecraft fauna has to be extremely durable? Because he obviously doesn't one-shot most wildlife with bare hand.

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Remember, Notch didn't have 3D rendering software until Alpha. Everything that was modeled in prealpha releases were drawn in MSPaint as a papercraft template then mathed into the game hoping it would look good.

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>Splash potion of poison that hits steve will never not poison him.
>Assuming that the poison is contact with a roll to hit, the save is fortitude (based on constitution).
>Knowing steve always gets poisoned, and all poisons are save negates, he must be failing the save.
>Outside of the nat 20 auto success, the fortitude save must be at a modifier such that he auto-fails any attempt to poison him.
Most poisons have a DC below 20, therefore his con mod must be negative.
That anon should be saying steve has a con of like 4, so that he fails DC 17 saves.

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Stop thinking in D&D terms.
According to them both via twitter, neither Notch nor Jeb_ have ever played D&D. Notch says he was a big fan of Runequest and Shadowrun back in the 1990s, and Jeb_ has only ever played Warhammer 40k.

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>Stop thinking in D&D terms.
i based the statblock off of d&d 3.5e you fuckin nerd why wouldn't i think of d&d?

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