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The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/

Squat for your approval, edition

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>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

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>SSW Mech Designer
>MegaMek Lab

> How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (updated 2019-08-05)
(Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package)

>Rookie guides

>Sarna.net - BattleTech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

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Who's got the sexier satellite dish: Awesome or Atlas?

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The Awesome, of course.

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So apparently the Mackie was put back into production by some factions post-Jihad? Barring the "field whatever we can" aspect, how well does the thing actually fare in combat into the Dark Ages?

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You done goofed. Forgot the SSW update.

>SSW GitHub Updates

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All the same.

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Dammit. Sorry m8. Will update and do better if I do this another time.

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Decently well against Introtech stuff, or less robust TW style mechs. The only Mackies put back into production are the original -5S (So a PPC, an AC/5 and a LL, on 17 HS) and the -6S (which has a PPC, AC/10 and the two CT MLs), because fuck people who want nice things, I guess. I wouldn't use them as frontline machines unless I had to, but that's because Clan tech will fuck them up easily.

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What's the best version of the Piranha? I lean towards the 3 for actually fulfilling a recon/scout role.

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Clans do recon? I thought the point was to declare your intent to initiate a stealthy raid! What forces do your soon to be ambushed surats bid?!

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As Retrotech it has a worthwhile role as a damage soak on a battlefield with cutting-edge conventional units.

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Clanners literally only pretend to be retarded. Some of them actually are crazy, though.

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Apart from the Crucis Lancers and Fusiliers of Oriente, do any other Brigades always reform rebuild destroyed units instead of making new ones?

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On the one hand, I agree. On the other, I've never been comfortable with creating a design whose whole job is to be shot at while not really having any other tactical or strategic utility. Tanks are great in MMOs, less so in BT.

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New Iaaverson Chaessuers come to mind, but their sample size is small

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Davion Guards have died and reformed more times than one can count in recent years

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>how about visas, permits, passports, which all take months. oh, and where is the magical free thousands of dollars for all this travel coming from?

How about some perspective, dumbfuck? Queen fucking Victoria couldn't do with the entire wealth of the planet what any dole-bludging instawhore with a couple thousand dollars can do at the drop of a hat, and that is a capability afforded by literal centuries of technological development culminating in the quality of life we enjoy today. Visas and passports are easier than ever to obtain thanks to digitisation and telecommunications, and all these things are paid for by the invested capital of the previous generations.

>wages have been stagnating and not matching inflation nor cost of living for literal fucking DECADES now

As above. You think you're paying $5 for coffee and $10 for breakfast, and it's unfair because your forebears paid $1 and $2 respectively. The difference is that they made do with black joe, bacon and scrambled eggs, while you're enjoying pumpkin spice frappucino and eggs benedict on avocado toast with chia seed salad on the side. Society in the West has invested heavily into quality of life, that's a big reason why cost of living has gone up.

Get this basic principle straight, thicko. Money is grounded in the two factors over which people have minimal control - time and energy. It costs humans a certain amount of time and energy to perform work, expenditure of joules. Moving around the world doesn't get cheaper. Your grandfather had to pay $10,000 of his US dollars and travel one week to do what he did; and you only have to pay $1,000 and travel two days; but the physics of work remain the same. It's not that travel became cheaper - the purchasing power of the dollar became stronger.

And that's the physics-derived reason for inflation. Any finance student worth half a damn knows - interest, and its twin brother inflation, is the monetary effect of energy expended over time.

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>whilst corps post record profits year on year after year

Utter bullshit obviously spouted by someone who doesn't have to make a living on the finance markets, and so doesn't have the luxury of letting the real world intrude on fantasies of deprivation

>with NONE of that EVER 'trickling down' squeezing the employee classes harder every decade

To some extent that is true, but nowhere near what you imagine it to be. On top of what I wrote in the previous comment, that you enjoy vast benefits in kind rather than in cash:

The past 10 years, even 20 years, as a matter of fact have been a gold mine for savvy layman investors. If you haven't enjoyed the benefits of record expansion in the economy yourself, that's no fault of mine or anybody's. Opportunities abounded and you were too busy whingeing about being the downtrodden underclass to think of improving your own lot.

Ironically, it is the continued "tax the rich, feed the underclass bread and circuses" mentality of the EU, and to a lesser extent, the US, that is going to kill the dreams of your children of ever rising above wage-slave status. Entrepreneurship is what drove the American Dream - the dream that any fuck-head like even you, could better his lot in life through hard work and capital ownership.

But by taxing "the rich" they're going to kill off the middle tier of businesses which is actually how YOU can climb up the economic strata. They're killing off the only method you have of exiting wage-slave status, and you're cheering them on. Only the existing heads of mega-corporations will survive, thanks to their off-shored funds. In return they'll feed you welfare and universal income, but it won't be enough for you to make capital of.

Then the bullshit you're saying of the system NOW, will truly come to pass THEN, but ironically it will be a disaster of your own devise. Go ahead, bring it on.

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I don't disagree with you on travel, it's far easier now than at any point in the past, but any economic study will show that effective wage (adjusted for inflation) for the average American household has remained approximately unchanged since 1980s, while prices of housing have gone up. Gen X and millenials being the first generations who are likely to be economically worse off than their parents is an issue economists are well aware of.

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so cute

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They deserve it

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Brief reply while writing my next (diatribe)

Yes, I agree, but inflation is a basket of goods. Housing has gone up but appliances, electronics, travel and food quality have increased tremendously. That's where society has invested its capital, and that's where you're reaping the rewards.

If, for example, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had invested in developing technologies to build magnificent homes cheaply rather than build electronics cheaply, then we could all probably still be using dialup modems but living in very nice and cheap Monsanto-esque homes.

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P.S. None of this is news in the finance world (well it might, there are a lot of thickos here too). Many of us have come to the same conclusion, independently and through debate. In truth we don't know what to do; we can see the iceberg ahead and the ship is plowing forward full steam. Nobody is listening to us, except maybe the Chinese, and that's even scarier since none of us want to see Chinese socialism dominate the world economy.

The West is heading full speed into a true Bladerunner-esque society. A handful of multinational megacorps will monopolise their respective industries. Their top heads will be so powerful the Govt will be forced to accede to their commercial demands. The flipside is that they will be committed, reluctantly, to supporting the Govt's fiscal policies.

Govt will kill entrepreneurship under the guise of taxing the wealthy and industrious to benefit the worker drones and unemployed. This will ensure a stable political field, enhance Govt reputation with the masses, and support the monopoly of the megacorps.

Currently there are six ways the common man can hope to make enough money to improve his quality of life. 1) Work and get promotion, 2) Startup a business, 3) to 5) Invest in property, shares, or bonds, 6) Save money in bank cash deposits.

1) Work - there will be no job security and career progression. Gig economy will feed the strongest and leave the weak to the dole.
2) Startups - see above
3) Property - will be socialised or so dominated by existing landlords, the majority will rent rather than own
4) Shares - any gains are already heavily taxed and a pittance hardly beating inflation, the real money will be earned by the directors and major shareholders
5) Bonds - negative-interest bonds will proliferate, leading to
6) Cash deposits - are already below inflation, will be negative-interest


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You know, up until 1980s, inclduing the period where the middle class experienced th greatest growth, America actually had higher degree of prgressive taxation and more government funding for civilian infrastructure than now? Probably not coincidentally the wave of deregulation in the 1980s coincides with the point where wages begin to stagnate and more and more of the nation's wealth falls to a small group of billionaires.

Tbh it's not a simple issue. A big problem is that it's far easier for companies to outsource production to wherever it's cheapest now than it was in the 1950s, due to ease of travel and communication around the world. Another is that most big businesses these days don't create jobs in the same manner as, say a car factory in the 50s. They're largely automated or deal with immaterial goods like data or transfer of capital.
But the trickle down exonomy argument has never worked. At best, you have rich people hoarding money without it really having impact on quality of life of the rest of the population, at worst you have states engaging in a race to the bottom to get Amazon or whatever to build their new service center in their land by competing among each other with who can benefit the least from having them there.

But I digress. We're supposed to talk about big stompy robots and maybe fictional macroeconomics, not freshman economic class material.

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>Currently there are six ways the common man can hope to make enough money to improve his quality of life.

Inherit capital. Which is still by far the most common way anyone makes it into a higher class.

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On this note, the Govt and corps will penalise or outright ban cash transactions, so YOU CAN'T EVEN KEEP MONEY IN A SOCK! You will essentially be forced to deposit your money in the bank, where, refer point (6), your money devalues every day even worse than inflation - so the next best alternative is to spend the money immediately, forcing you to continue feeding the system

Without savings, you can't build capital even over multiple generations; thus you and you descendants remain wage slaves to the system forever, as you will never amass enough capital to invest in extra-profitable ventures

But don't worry! When you're in between gigs, you will be paid a basic "universal" income (really the dole), and you will have most of your other needs met by centralised, socialised organisations - healthcare, education, housing, transport, etc all carefully tuned to maximise efficiency of throughput, to give everybody equal treatment, so as not to create any unique individuals - so nobody will be equipped to utilise any nature-gifted advantages to "unfairly" out-compete their peers

But hey... this is the socialist dream, isn't it? The Nordic economic system perfected. The Japanese debt trap, stratified.

THIS is the nightmare we who understand the finance system are staring at, dumbass. Not the retarded imaginings of some half-baked lefty rebel-without-a-cause who can't even draw up a home loan schedule, let alone comprehend its underlying principles that form the base and pillar of all debt structures in the world

see above how they'll kill that. On top of inheritance taxes which will become more and more severe, because "tax the rich! feed the poor!"

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>If, for example, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had invested in developing technologies to build magnificent homes cheaply rather than build electronics cheaply, then we could all probably still be using dialup modems but living in very nice and cheap Monsanto-esque homes.

Probably not. The issue with housing being expensive these days is not really because building houses has gotten expensive, but because houses have gone from a living place to an investment. You get cities building fancy highrise buildings in England that are bought by millionaires in China before they're even finished, and said millionaires certainly have no plans on moving to England to live there. They're just buying the houses so they can sell them later to somebody else, who'll do the same thing. Building affordable houses for people to actually live in makes little sense from an economic point of view, when you ca build luxury houses that can be sold for far higher sum to investors. Or if you build houses where people are actually intented to live, why rent a room for, say, 1000 $ a month when you can charge Airbnb customers 100 $ a day to stay there?

You could solve the issue by mandating that certain amount of new buildings should be affordable to regular people to buy, and preventing buildings that are no constructed as hotels from being turned into de-facto hotels, but that'd be regulation and we can't have that because it might hurt the economy.
Personally, I think government should concern itself more with wellbing of its citizens instead of the bottom line of shareholders of a corporation that probably isn't even based in the country, but I'm not an actual economist so what do I know (and yeah, the actual issue is complex with no magic bullet solution, but I think it would be worth it for people to at least discuss alternatives instead of assuming that the current way of doing things is the only possible one).

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The Nova Cat in the modern era: assuming the Clan Protetcorate got their hands on one, what sort of Star would you put it in? What is it assisting, what is covering for its own weaknesses?

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>America actually had higher degree of prgressive taxation

Didn't matter as much back then, because of the huge profits being derived from then under-developed markets - it didn't matter if Rockefeller was being taxed 90%, because the 10% was still more than the 50% that Gates gets today - get the principle?

>more government funding for civilian infrastructure than now?

Yes, but it was USEFUL infrastructure. Spending on developing useful technologies, driven by Cold War necessity. Not like now yknow, where huge amounts are spent to make sure Tyrone gets his methadone and tiny amounts on space technologies development - look at the whole wind, soler, etc power vs nuke power debacle. Shooting yourself in the foot!

Going back to the "basket of goods" principle, you will end up with very environmentally-friendly wind-powered dialup while the Chinese have coal-powered quantum computers.

>it's far easier for companies to outsource production to wherever it's cheapest now

True. Which makes it all the more imperative to retain them, not tax them so harshly they prefer to fuck off to China.

>the trickle down exonomy argument has never worked

The trickle down economy has ALWAYS worked. The vast majority of people, even some economists, don't see it because the benefits are in the products and services that companies create - once again, technology, food*, quality of life, etc.

Americans are actually so incredibly wealthy, 90% of Discovery Channel is about poking through their own junk - their hoarded products! - to find items they actually value. Contrast with the amount of possessions your grandparents had.

That's really where all the wealth went - into consumerism. The problem is not that the lower classes didn't receive the trickledown - the problem is they spent it. Consumed it.

>*that's why you're fatter too. Excess calories. That's part of the trickledown too.

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>The Nordic economic system perfected
Hey, the Nordic economic system works. A lot better than the American one if you look at quality of education, happiness of the population, or the average lifespan (American obviously has higher GDB, but significant part of that is due to USA just being a far bigger country, and how much does GDB matter when you have hundreds of thousands of people dying in the streets from an epidemic of prescription drug addiction?).

High quality education that's available for nearly anybody is by itself a huge thing. It means that gifted individuals can get the education they need to realize their potential regardless of their social standing or wealth, instead of higher education (and therefore high-paying jobs that require it) being restricted for the people who have the wealth to pay for ridiculously expensive college or are willing to spend decades after graduation just working off their student debt before being able to even dream of buying their own house.

Hell, if I lived in America I' probably be screwed. I graduated with a degree in economic geology right as the financial crisis started and all the jobes in mining dried up. In America, I'd be stuck with huge amount of dept and no job for at least for 2 - 3 years before the economic situation improved. Instead, I used the time to go back to university, get a master's degree in engineering in two years, and got a job as soon as I graduated.

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Can you guys politely fuck off with this economics stuff? Find a thread other than /btg/ for this.

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Could you kindly post your fucking economics essay somewhere else you fucking autist?
Nobody gives a fuck

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Quoted By: >>69300958

>THIS is the nightmare we who understand the finance system are staring at, dumbass.
You know what? I'm fine with all of that. I genuinely don't think it'll go as far or as bad as you think it will, but even if it does, I'm fine with that too. Better a guilded cage for all than an outright Guilded Age dystopian hellscape for everyone who isn't the 0.01%.

Bring on the socialism.

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Just a brief note, cause I'm all ranted out

>You could solve the issue by mandating that certain amount of new buildings should be affordable to regular people to buy, and preventing buildings that are no constructed as hotels from being turned into de-facto hotels, but that'd be regulation and we can't have that because it might hurt the economy

Zoning ordinances (aka housing or council regulations) in most countries ideally take care of this

The real root cause is that cities are expanding and quality of life is improving, and you're being charged accordingly.

>the Nordic economic system works

It's not sustainable, and breaking down as we speak*. Simply put, each citizen is an investment. The Govt spends, e.g., $10 in tax revenue providing welfare and services to them. The net tax revenue from the citizenry must be more than $10 per citizen in order for the system to continue, and they crossed that line long ago, what with the shit economy and ever-increasing welfare demands and all. It's pure numbers. Math is math.

>*Recently the Danish Govt admitted, in politi-speak, that it couldn't afford the welfare it provides any more and is being forced to slash benefits.

You don't understand. Your position is exactly the same as if I were describing the current state of affairs to your grandfather and asking him to change. You're not in a "dystopian hellscape" at all, you're living in a time that will be fondly remembered by your children.

Sorry. Fucking off now.

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Thank you. I can't fault your passion, but stompy robots thread isn't the place for this particular topic.

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Quoted By: >>69301121

>pumpkin spice and fag salad
>quality of life
Oh fucking boy I love progress. This bread is phenomenal and these circuses are gorgeous.

>> No.69301121

Will also fuck off and post something about Battletech in a bit.

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pledge manager when

>> No.69301173

>he doesn't know about the porch manager

>> No.69301182

it will hapen once they run low on funds for their reasearch into omni-porch technology.

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So that's how the Taurian would make they own awesome...

>> No.69301219

Caoba porchs are expensive, you know. Dem Tropical hard woods are every day harder to get.

>> No.69301292

I'm not a fan, honestly. It's literally just the 3PPC DHS Marauder that everyone makes, except 85 tons for no particular reason. If I was going to give them an assault, I'd rather make it something that actually uses it's size to do something a heavy can't

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Something about BattleTech:

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, the next game's tomorrow. The next game is Saturday. It's only a day away."

>Fucking seriously, though, it feels like forever since we played out the last game.

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Quoted By: >>69301703

What's the fluff point of standing in the corners? As in, what's that supposed to represent?

OpFor looks scary. Or am I a noob? What a lot of Trenchbuckets.

>> No.69301703


Reconnoitering an area. Beyond that, it's basically a game mechanic that AtB uses to make lighter forces matter a damn, since mostly recon units are pointless in "normal" BattleTech games. I make it a little easier than AtB does, though; AtB forces you to stand stationary for TWO full turns, not one full turn, to scan your corner, and honestly that's practically suicide unless you've wiped the other side out already.

OPFOR isn't all that scary. The light vee lance is basically popcorn to give somebody some free XP. The heavy vee lance hits hard (the SPA makes it a lot worse), but it's not hard to bypass or isolate it - especially with the board terrain. That leaves an assault lance and a normal FWL fire support lance kicking around against twice their own numbers, and against the PCs, who are more experienced pilots to boot.

Which actually makes it a good OPFOR. It looks scary, but it's definitely exploitable and beatable by the PCs. However, it hits hard enough that they have to be careful about HOW they beat it, and they're likely to take a loss or two, unless they buckle down and play much more cohesively than they've done of late.

>I'm likely going to end up running the OPFOR this time, and I don't think the PCs have a good answer to, "the OPFOR gives up the objective corners, concentrates mass, and just bum-rushes the PC deployment zone, making it hard/impossible to exfiltrate with the info they've gathered."

>> No.69301780

It's pretty based and consistent with the lore

>> No.69301793

Why is Taurian gear always so much more based than Successorcuck gear?

>> No.69301836

unironically a more interesting faction than 4 of the 5 successor states (i like the FWL more)

>> No.69301847

Because Vanderburg only use the best Taurian alloys, for true Taurian mechs.

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Quoted By: >>69302079 >>69302108

What is that and in which era?

>> No.69302059

>I don't mind it, the conflict as written was pretty decent.

It could have been, if they didn't just give the clan fleets carte blanche and didn't just up and disappear the most powerful IS warship still in use.

But that would have meant bigger fights on the ground they didn't want to detail. Plus they totally just forgot the second thing.

>> No.69302079

It's a noncanon fan mech

>> No.69302108

Fan design from TRO 3063, a work that's highly recommended.

>> No.69302179
Quoted By: >>69302182

When did the Kickstarter end?

>> No.69302182


>> No.69302565
Quoted By: >>69302621

>the OPFOR gives up the objective corners, concentrates mass, and just bum-rushes the PC deployment zone, making it hard/impossible to exfiltrate with the info they've gathered

Yeah that struck me too

What I mean is, why is heading to the corners considered a recon? What are they reconnoitering exactly? I thought it would be the usual, buildings in the middle, spend a turn or two near them to scan, exfil. Don't see that in the corners

>> No.69302578
Quoted By: >>69302623 >>69324596


The switch between a FWL military that was there to lose gracefully (and carefully walk the line of the maximum tolerable theft of unit funds and the risk of catastrophic failure in combat) and the spiteful assholes of Guerrero, Broken Fist, and the Jihad may catch the Rangers off-guard.

They're certainly still equipped like the chocolate soldiers of old, after all.

>> No.69302621


>What I mean is, why is heading to the corners considered a recon? What are they reconnoitering exactly? I thought it would be the usual, buildings in the middle, spend a turn or two near them to scan, exfil. Don't see that in the corners

I think they're looking for somebody; signs of egress?

>> No.69302623
Quoted By: >>69302659 >>69302689


"Wait, these are Regulan Hussars!"

>> No.69302659


>Regulans get a reputation for warcriming units to obliteration in open field combat and off the cuff saturation nuclear bombardments to put Kenyon Marik to shame
>and it sticks

>> No.69302689


Nah, I'm not nuking the Rangers off the table.

Well, probably not, anyway.

>> No.69302821

Love how the first Regulan attempt at a homegrown ASF is up-armored and packing a HPPC for capping pocket warships. They're always so true to themselves, it's great.

>> No.69302826
Quoted By: >>69302875

>However, it hits hard enough that they have to be careful about HOW they beat it, and they're likely to take a loss or two, unless they buckle down and play much more cohesively than they've done of late.

I'd gotten the impression that Midnight and Reaper were one of the Ranger's performance axis. And Wolverine and Dragon are quite good as I recall, with Wolverine coordinating well on-field.

>> No.69302875


Midnight and Reaper are. Wolverine is a week-to-week decision on whether or not he's playing cohesively (he's one of the younger ones, and he's getting better about it, but it's still a crapshoot).

Dragon is...different.

>> No.69302917
Quoted By: >>69303066


Oh, Lance per person? How well's that work out in practice for your group?

>> No.69302927
Quoted By: >>69303549

NEA I'm new to running a campaign up here in Columbus and I just want to say you're an inspiration that I hope I can someday emulate fully. Any tips for a new GM?

>> No.69303007


>Dragon is...different

I rate him highly for actually fitting carrying out the scenario objectives into the exploding grain silos/slow walking walls of death mission.

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Scopedogs whem

>> No.69303066
Quoted By: >>69303329

Lance per person has roughly worked out just fine. Some people have had several lances of losses though....

>> No.69303122

When, WHEN!

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Quoted By: >>69303381 >>69303407

what's the closest thing in BT to an armoured trooper? a proto?

>> No.69303329
Quoted By: >>69303846

What do they do then?

>> No.69303339

I want rocket feets. MASC is cool but it's not rocket feets.

>> No.69303381
Quoted By: >>69303395

>My Bloodsucker can't be this cute!

>> No.69303395
File: 806KiB, 2304x1728, Scopedogs 001.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

in all honesty i'd love a non-SD scopedog, but they're so fucking expensive for non-plamo ones.

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Quoted By: >>69303460


>> No.69303460

If only they could go FAST of they own.

>> No.69303542
File: 211KiB, 844x850, 1557886890675.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Favorite Davion mech and Davion regiment/brigade?

For me, it's the Penetrator and the Avalon Hussars

>> No.69303549


Man, that's like a half-dozen post series in and of itself.

Communicate with your players. Be open and upfront about the type and scope of campaign you plan to run - if they're not down with that then it's better to know upfront rather than six months in.

If you screw up admit it, and talk with your players about how you plan to fix it; that doesn't mean you have to retcon things - you can simply say "I screwed up and from this point forward it will be run like this".

Your job is to challenge players, and make the players aware that they *can* lose. But ultimately, you don't want the players to lose. At least, you don't want them to lose the overall campaign or tpk. Plan accordingly.

I personally have found that one of the best ways to write a campaign or rules, is to force players to make difficult choices. If you give binary options, both options should have something clearly good and clearly bad about them. Not every single choice in the whole campaign has to be this way, but most of the choices that really matter should. A choice that isn't difficult and that has a clearly best option isn't really a choice at all, so why waste the players time with it?

Finally, these are all pretty good litmus tests. If you are open and communicate with your players about these things that I've mentioned, and somebody has a major issue with them that they can't work past about? that's going to be a good clue to drop them from the group.

>> No.69303650


I guess finally, the thing about a gaming campaign is that it provides all players at the table with a shared and equal opportunity for fun. That isn't a guarantee of fun, it's an *opportunity* to have fun. Bad dice rolls and interpersonal conflicts and rules misplays are going to happen, but as long as people around the table are communicating, and everyone remembers that they're fun does not deliberately come at the expense of other people's fun, then it's honestly hard to fuck things up too much.

The rules, game canon, and all that autistic shit that people here complain about? As long as you communicate with your group, and you're all on board with a shared agreement to try and have a good time, that's tuff all really doesn't matter.

>> No.69303681


>quadrant 2: CASE-y the feedback junkie

>> No.69303695

>rules, game canon, and all that autistic shit that people here complain about?
>doesn't matter
Fuck you shitter. That's ALL that matters. If you aren't playing by the rules or following cannon then you aren't playing Battletech.

>> No.69303706
Quoted By: >>69303808


i'm not sure who is trolling who

>> No.69303761


See? A litmus test.

>I knew there was no way I could say that out right here, and someone wouldn't get butthurt about it. Didn't expect it to be this fast though
>Anyway, also learn to pay people like that no mind. They don't matter either.

>> No.69303783
File: 1MiB, 854x480, Earth-Centauri war.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69303909 >>69304208

NEA what's the Vorchan of BattleTech warships?

>> No.69303808
Quoted By: >>69303820

It's >>69303695, with literally the same posting style it's been using for years. At this point it's not even autism anymore. I think we need some type of new classification for whatever it is.

>> No.69303820
Quoted By: >>69303875

It's the server guy? I tought he started doing the periphery mod.

>> No.69303846

Depends. Reserve mechs exist for a reason. So does salvage. One particular lance refuses to not get themselves killed though.

>> No.69303875
Quoted By: >>69303925 >>69304028

Lol I'm doing the periphery mod, though taking a brief break/slowdown to actually play for the first time in a month. I also have to contend with the new system update so that's going to be a whole other endeavor for the mod though still just a matter of a lot of copy pasting from what I saw when I checked out the xmls. Main hangup with it currently is what era I'm going to write up as the main one for it since doing a whole history of the Frontier Expanse I added is too much of an undertaking for me presently. Probably going to be 67ish. I didn't even think the server goblin played BT and assumed they were also the anti-periphery poster.

>> No.69303909
File: 266KiB, 1261x900, Eagle-class_Warship_TRO3067.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69304004


There isn't a really good analogue, because the Vorchan Attack Cruiser is also a minelayer, and naval mines aren't really a thing in BattleTech black water warfare.

If we ignore the minelayer role, and focus on the "carrier escort" and "high speed, relatively fragile, attack craft with a distinctly forward-oriented armament" role (I'm using the old B5 Wars stats for this; the Vorchan has decent defense scores of 12/14 [fore/sides] but relatively short structural damage tracks), I'd lean towards something like the FWLN Eagle-class. The Eagle is fairly quick, and has hard-hitting forward-mounted armament (HNGR) which matches up thematically (if not literally) with the Vorchan's forward plasma accelerator.

Also, like the Vorchan, the Eagle gets more interesting and more effective when it's run in wolfpacks, and hey, it's already a carrier escort by definition.

Vorchan looks cooler, though. Even if they are both purple.

>> No.69303925

Frak, I sugested to him he uses his autism to do something productive, and the periphery mod started, so I hoped for the best.
Anyway, 67 is good for me, after the Jiahd all kind of crazy stuff happened with the big dudes of canon mapped well, plus is one of my prefered eras thanks to primitives and BA.

>> No.69304004
File: 122KiB, 830x974, 1403275245148.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69304286

Ah, thank you for your analysis.

Would the Primus be the Thera or something else?

>> No.69304028
Quoted By: >>69304544

>and assumed they were also the anti-periphery poster.
The server goblin definitely shitposts about the MoC as part of his autismal hatred of women, but I'm pretty sure the more general autistic periphery hatred guy is a different individual since their post styles are just a bit dissimilar, and their active hours don't overlap much (which makes sense, as the periphery shitposter has been convincingly identified as an australian)

>> No.69304208

>someone made a Terran Conflict B5 mod
Damn I wish I had the time to get back into that game. No more times for 16 hour sessions of it. One of my fondest memories in it was an hour long dogfight in a sector where combatants just kept warping in and fighting each other and me while I coordinated fighters deployed from a carrier. I saw shit that made Star Wars space battles look tame and fought my way through it. Even more fun after you increase ship speeds so it's not just German work simulator. Shame what they did to the franchise though. I don't think my rage over it will ever cease. Fuckers might as well have sold it to EA.

>> No.69304286


Definitely something else; the Primus isn't a carrier. Opinions are mixed as to whether it carries fighters at all; the B5 Tech Manual has it with no fighters, while the B5 Wars game and several fan sites have it with a dozen fighters (ie, a combat air patrol, no more).

On first blush, I'd call the best analogue to the Primus as a Du Shi Wang. They both have a forward-canted, very long-range, laser-based primary armament. Neither has enough onboard fighters, and both have very heavy passive armor defenses (compared to something like an Omega destroyer's active defense grid, or the ECM systems on a Minbari ship; the Dushie also has fairly heavy armor, especially given its age).

Finally, while I'm ignoring the Primus's retrofitted mass drivers (solely orbital bombardment weapons in B5), there's also a good thematic link with the Dushie, seeing as how it was a Dushie which performed the first known WarShip orbital bombardment against a Davion world in 2399.

>> No.69304324
Quoted By: >>69304343

Thanks dude! I'll buy you a beer if you're ever in Columbus

>> No.69304343
Quoted By: >>69304474 >>69311642

We may go up sometime in the next couple of months for a Jackets game.

>> No.69304399
Quoted By: >>69309610

>Ironically, it is the continued "tax the rich, feed the underclass bread and circuses" mentality of the EU, and to a lesser extent, the US, that is going to kill the dreams of your children of ever rising above wage-slave status.
Absolute bullshit.

First and foremost, the rich can employ accountants to ensure they pay a minimal amount of tax while sitting on literal piles of money. Meanwhile, I am holding down a job and scraping by, so I do my taxes myself and since I don't know about the near-mysical Subsection 5, Article 2(b) loophole shit I wind up paying all but about 15% of the tax that's been withheld, because that's what I can show is essential for my job.

Second, and more pertinently, we fucking *know* that when the rich get money, they invest it in other ways than enterprise. That money gets tied up in savings or non-liquid assets (which they then ensure they don't pay the intended taxes on through loophole bullshittery), not by expanding their business. Or the other way they spend it is to lobby politicians to sling them more money or better tax loopholes.

We are definitely being screwed into the ground by the rich. I know this is the propaganda you're fed in America as part of your education system, but it's complete and utter nonsense. Trickle-down economics outright do not work, and we can see the evidence of that merely by going outside and opening our eyes.

>> No.69304474
Quoted By: >>69304594


Hey Pope, is Riegien still playing up in Cbus? Can you put anon in contact with him if he is?

>> No.69304516

What's the best medium and why is it the Shadow Cat?

>> No.69304544

I'd use it as the backstop to a Star of 5/8 or 6/9 machines. Hammer and anvil sort of affair.

>being so autistically devoted to your faction that you have to LARP as a paranoid conspiracy theorist on an anonymous image board
Cool story, bro.

>> No.69304573
Quoted By: >>69304605

I think the chassis for the Stormcrow, Huntsman, Septecemia and Stooping Hawk beat it, but some of those don't really take advantage of the pod space on offer.

The Shadow Cat Prime especially gives me the shits- why not an ER PPC, a TC, and more ER MLs?

>> No.69304594

I honestly have no idea. Leaning towards negative though.

>> No.69304605


I love the absurdity of some of the Huntsman's configs.

"Not sure what we'll be fighting, so be prepared to fight EVERYTHING". One of them has to have a kitchen sink somewhere, just in case.

>> No.69304615

It isn't. Going by the paper stats yeah, a Shadow Cat will toast a Griffin. They also cost twice as much. Welcome to Clan Tech, you're paying out the ass even if you are a clanner.

>> No.69304810
Quoted By: >>69304821 >>69304872

The best medium mech in the game is and always has been the Crab 27. We've had this discussion over and over again.

>> No.69304821


don't act so crabby

>> No.69304872


You mean Wolverine 6M. Although I've heard the Gladiator.

>> No.69304988

How about putting it into a generalist trooper Star as a way to seriously up its firepower? Mixed in with things like the Orion, Perseus, Albatross, Archer, etc...it can create the holes with a Prime config (or something similar), while the rest of the lance rains in LRMs and LB-X rounds to finish the job.

>> No.69305010
Quoted By: >>69309243

>Taurian gear
>Brahma - worse than a Shadow Hawk
>Warhammer and Thud variants - oversized engines and no firepower
>Wasp variant - hot garbage

>> No.69305081

Not sure if it's the "best," but I'm really fond of the Marshal.

>> No.69305236
File: 98KiB, 1187x1018, The Love of God.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Sometimes, God favors those who will fight at a 2.5-1 BV disadvantage because of night, fog, rubble, and river.

>> No.69305461
Quoted By: >>69305542

Its honestly a great fluff mech - it's one of my favorites from it's time period. Everything there is there for a logical reason

>> No.69305542
Quoted By: >>69305773

I also like that the 2L is a pretty logical improvement. "Hey, switching to double-heat sinks lets us save a lot of weight, so let's change the LRM5 to a 15 and make it way better at stand-off range for more or less no drastic shift."

>> No.69305612
Quoted By: >>69305675


Bad time to be CASEless, though.

>> No.69305675

Agreed. Getting rid of one of the MGs should make room if I'm remembering right.

>> No.69305746


Until the Helm Core hits, I'm with the Wolverine 6M all the way. And after the Helm Core hits... I'm with the Wolverine 6M all the way.

>this isn't purple autism (although I've got that), most mediums don't really appeal to me over some 65 tonners or various 35-tonners.

>> No.69305773
Quoted By: >>69307450

If prototype DHS existed when it was designed out of universe its a perfect candidate. Also TTI may not have been able to manufacture CASE at that point.

>> No.69306042
Quoted By: >>69306110 >>69310547

Are there any factions that are "notable" users of the King Crab? It's a pretty generally available 'Mech, but I'm curious if it wound up associated with anyone in particular.

>> No.69306110



>> No.69306345
Quoted By: >>69306380 >>69306404

Who is the Char Aznable of Battletech?

>> No.69306380
Quoted By: >>69306433


Char Aznable, probably.

>> No.69306404
File: 2MiB, 1364x1760, 0df627816ec4b76be18b6d913b4946506ff5e770[1].png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69306433

Char Aznable, definitely.

>> No.69306433
Quoted By: >>69306646

Well fuck me, they went and did it for real.

>> No.69306646
Quoted By: >>69308144

An answer more in line with (I assume) the intent of your question - what character was an ace pilot with political ambitions and a secret identity - doesn't leave many options. Natasha Kerensky mostly fits the bill, though she doesn't get into politics until she rejoins the Clans and backs Ulric in his shenanigans. Kai Allard-Liao definitely fits the beats-all-comers ace pilot trope, but the only time he was unknown was when he went to ground on Alyina, and he avoided politics like the plague most of his life. Katrina Steiner might fit, she spent some time under the alias of the Red Corsair and eventually overthrew her uncle to become Archon, though I don't know of any reference to her being an expert pilot. And hey, the nom-de-guerre even has 'red' in it.

>> No.69306738
Quoted By: >>69309610

Here's one. So you've found a specific unit to play as, rather than inventing your own or just going Mercs. How much are you "comfortable" filling out? Do you just toss together some lances that fit the era? Put together whole companies or battalions? Does it bother you if there's a canon CO? And so on.

>> No.69307280
Quoted By: >>69308542

If things go as planned the Pledge Manager will open next Thursday or Friday

>> No.69307320
Quoted By: >>69307355


I think a 50t with xl is how to make anon's mech expy idea.

19. Something tonnes might be enough for max armour, maybe a lpl and say, a pair of lrm5's with the jumpjets? But then it only walks 7 hexes iirc. I can't remember what move is over 100kph.

>> No.69307355
Quoted By: >>69307374

10 hexes beats 100kph. 9 is 97 kph. If you want to walk 10 hexes, you'll have hell to pay in reactor weight, XL or not.

>> No.69307374

Yeah, 7 hex walk gives an xl 50t 23 t podspace.
That should make that anons hero mech work.

>> No.69307387
Quoted By: >>69307460

Can't fit jj's to it to match it's walk or it gets took cramped on podspace for guns.

>> No.69307450

The TC only had native Medium Pulse Laser, Streak SRM-2, and Ferro-Fibrous manufacturing when the Marshal was built and for almost a decade after.

>> No.69307460
Quoted By: >>69308004

What does it look like right now? Endo + Ferro + XL 350?

>> No.69307477
File: 3MiB, 4128x2322, 20191109_001147.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69308091 >>69308548

I've recently gotten into Battletech and want some input on Lyran boys- Is this the correct parade colors for the Guard? (Aside from my shite painting skills) the color grades are all over the place and I'd like to have some sort of guide besides Camospec.

Also! If anyone is willing to share their folder of Steiner lore and images, please do! I'd love to know more about the grunts of the Commonwealth.

>> No.69308004

Light c.f., and so, 7 move, 4 jj. A pair of lrm5 with case and 2 t of semiguideds in the lt and a lpl in the ra. Couldnt fit a lac5 on the shouldery backpack or anything else. But i got damn close.no partial wing or anything, couldnt find that in standard rules equipment in megameklab

>> No.69308008

Light FF. stupid autoreplace.

>> No.69308091
File: 3MiB, 3264x2448, 2019-08-24 19.25.33.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

About 1/3rd on the right side white, the rest blue. Yeah, that's the standard Lyran Guard color scheme. Personally, I'd do a drybrushing of a lighter blue on the blue parts to make the edges pop up a bit more, although it might just be the lighting that makes them look very dark. Here's some that I painted.

For lore, check the mediafire folders in the OP and download Hosebook: House Steiner (the original lore book from the 1980s covering their hsitory up to 3025, which are still the most detailed sources for all houses), Handbook: House Steiner (pretty much the same but updated to 3067 lore, although at the cost of cutting out some of the details on the older lore), and Field Manual: Lyran Alliance (a look on Steiner military organization, active regiments, and rules for representing specific regiments shortly prior to FedCom Civil War).

>> No.69308123
File: 261KiB, 1531x1007, a goof for anon.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

here, random person. i mucked around and this is about as close as i could get.

>> No.69308144
Quoted By: >>69321663

Political Ambitions and Secret identity? Perhaps Frederick Steiner? Though the order's off.
Or Aidan Pryde, who spent ages pretending to be Freebirth Jorge?

>> No.69308542

Good, because the more time passes, the more packs I’ve been adding to my shopping list. I need to stop.

>> No.69308548

Try the Unit Color Compendium

>> No.69309130
Quoted By: >>69309242

Somebody on /tg/ started a waiting on kickstarter thread. Apparently there are anons who have it way worse than us.

>> No.69309242

Anon quite a few kickstarters never delivered a thing, at least we have seen the shimmy clan stuff already and seems the molds don't have problems, for what I seen the campaign goes well, even if it all could be used as a ruse for a new caoba porch.

>> No.69309243

>Locust and T-Bolt variants mysteriously left out
Slandering Fedrat detected.

>> No.69309610


The "rich" is too broad a category to describe in that way.

Whole fucking regiment and some of its support units, but that's just me

It's easy in a way cause you just take like a tenth of the entire applicable Shimmy RAT, work out your CONOPS with what that gives you, find a hundred names and profile pics and there you go

>> No.69309651
File: 109KiB, 850x601, 1541919690303.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69309848 >>69310206

Are the Capellans communist?

>> No.69309848

They're kind of like if the Soviet Union was also the Terran Federation from Starship Troopers.

>> No.69310206
Quoted By: >>69310240

only now they're chink supremacists.

>> No.69310240

Saturday Morning and no work for 3 days. TIME FOR BATTLETECH!


This sounds fun as shit. How did CGL ruin it? It's like being handed a finished product and you still manage to fuck it up somehow.

>> No.69310264
Quoted By: >>69310324

>how did CGL ruin it?
Retarded niggers among the higher ups who fangirl over communism like modern lefties and have a serious case of rice fever.

They are the faggots that gush over rice waifus and ching chong chinamonkey culture with shit like the xin sheng debacle.

>> No.69310286
Quoted By: >>69310324

>How did CGL ruin it?

Make it maximum racist chingchong and have them win the universe for the past 25 years

>> No.69310324

Ricefus, chongalongadingdong, and Starship Troopers vs Mao:Robot Remix should be fun though. They failed even that. I feel like I could even throw kung fu in there and market a half decent product.

>have them win the universe for the past 25 years
I think this is my real bone to pick with it, especially since the CC really should only exist as a small sliver of land between the FWL and FS as a buffer state. They'd have been spitroasted way before XIN SHENG.

>> No.69310330
Quoted By: >>69310482

>This sounds fun as shit. How did CGL ruin it? It's like being handed a finished product and you still manage to fuck it up somehow.

They didn't; they flipped the weakest Successor State to being the strongest; which turned the strategic axis on it's head, which was worth doing.

>> No.69310410


Penetrator, Crucis Lancers.

Good fluff aside, they're easy to paint well.

>> No.69310458

Except TF is meritocratic and democratic

not evil dictatorship of cuntards who couldn't find their ass with both hands, a map and compass and a fucking sherpa

>> No.69310482

Only because one of the devs is a raging sperglord who has to make HIS fave faction the best at everything forever, BECAUSE

>this nation of chicks is totally fine bowing and scraping to the nation that thinks excrement is more valuable because RAISINS

>> No.69310547

>It's a pretty generally available 'Mech
It's stupid rare. Even after the retcons, there's only like 5 running in the whole IS outside Comstar and the Clans. Comstar is the main user.

The Steiners put the "Can't afford to party" Krab into production in the Dark Age though.

>> No.69310584
File: 2MiB, 3840x2160, IMG_20191109_105315444.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69310950


The game has started. The Rangers have deployed into the northeast corner of the board, opposite our Trebuchet Lance. This means that dragon lance will almost certainly deploy into the southeast corner, scouting that corner in the process, and throwing the bullshit jumping Cicada with the rocket pods on the back into the southwest corner. Midnight Lance's LAM is also resuming up in the Eastern side of the board behind the mountain in order to support Dragon Lance's imminent arrival.

Our counterattack is also pretty much by the numbers. We are using the side of the mountain (level 0 to level 6 terrain elevation jump) in order to screen our assault Lance's advance, while we wait for support from our heavy tank force. We can't stop the scouting from happening between the terrain and the raw speed that the enemy has available to them. so we're going to prosecute an attack in force against the Ranger deployment zone, trying to prevent them from returning the information they've gathered. Recon information doesn't help if it never gets back to headquarters.

>> No.69310651
Quoted By: >>69310873 >>69319632

They dropped the original idea of them being a mix of various communist nations in space, and mae them Dracs but with green instead of red and state-mandated chinabooism instead of state-mandated weeabooism. They also pulled a huge amount of mechs and production capacity out of their ass despite being stomped completely flat about 30 years earlier, and have been winning at everything ever since.

Oldschool Caps were pretty cool. They were assholes, but they had a genuine reason to be assholes. Being the smallest, weakest, and poorest successor state, they were the underdogs and in order to survive had to institue a system of government that places the stability and survival of the state above all else. Like focusing resources on the people who are useful to the state to ensure that they have a decent standard of living, at the expense of all the "undesirables" getting shuffled off into the servitor caste (which as a bonus ensures Capellan citizens are very loyal to the state, as they see citizenship and the benefits they get from it as a reward for serving the state, and know they can lose said benefits if they fail to live up to state's standards). Lacking raw military strength they also had to resort to "unerhanded" tactics to survive.

Modern Caps are, well, they're literally Draconis Combine with China instead of Japan. They still have an extremely authoritanian government that harshly punishes anybody who doesn't comform, and the caste system where majority of the populace doesn't count as citizens, but with them now being one of the strongest states the original need for the system is no longer there, and they just keep perpetuating it because their leaders are power-hungry assholes.

>> No.69310873
File: 18KiB, 574x382, Signsportents02Londo.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>The clans stole the honor and duels
>The caps stole the government
>The goons stole the victories

I want it all back, the way that it was.

>> No.69310950
Quoted By: >>69311136


3rd Edition Box Command Lance, in purple. Nice.

> We are using the side of the mountain (level 0 to level 6 terrain elevation jump) in order to screen our assault Lance's advance

What does the Enviro Spec (Mtn) do for you there?

>> No.69311136
File: 2MiB, 3840x2160, IMG_20191109_113959510.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69311173 >>69311967

>What does the Enviro Spec (Mtn) do for you there?

Nothing. That SPA reduces the MP required to change elevation levels up or down by -1. Very useful if we were actually fighting in the canyons, but with the tactics were going with in this battle, it will only be incidentally useful.

As the game has continued, dragonlance enter the board about two-thirds of the way South from the ranger deployment zone. He is trying to skirt the mountain with the bulk of his forces to create an envelopment, while his cicada and the LAM scout the Southwest board corner.

The counterattack against the ranger forces is going acceptably well. Our command Lance held up at the edge of the mountain map, using the level 6 train to screen ourselves from Reaper Lance. Meanwhile the trebuchet and the command Lance are managing to concentrate fire on in the rain dramatics as they cross in front of us more or less one at a time. We have knocked down two Shadow Hawks and put several head hits into one of the wolverines in Wolverine Lance (not the officer) in exchange for only a single PPC hit to the Marauder. It's going acceptably well, but we are also not going to produce a decisive result on the North edge of the battlefield before Dragon Lance completes its envelopment.

>> No.69311173

>but we are also not going to produce a decisive result on the North edge of the battlefield before Dragon Lance completes its envelopment.

Your own damn fault for training up a battalion of IS2 medium cavalry to have the joy of the early 3050's.

>> No.69311279

How does that work? The Federation is a free-market meritocratic democracy.

>> No.69311375
File: 89KiB, 547x461, 1572135997280.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Is Clan rule an improvement on the Inner Sphere planets they take?

>> No.69311438

No, full stop. That's why they were all introduced as badguys of the setting.

>> No.69311475

They are even worse than the carrion lords, and that's saying something.

>> No.69311480


Spheroids are degenerate and feudalistic.

>> No.69311642

try some North High Brewing beer if you're at Nationwide arena

>> No.69311887


Sometimes, for the ones that were trending towards environmental collapse amid political anarchy. They halted a population crash on Butte Hold, for example.

>> No.69311967
Quoted By: >>69312794


Does the Marik force have the single-phase concentratable firepower to kill a Ranger recon mech headed back?

>particularly after Dragon gets done with the V's.

>> No.69312081

Depends on the clan, but by and large, no.

>> No.69312421


I like that Treb lance, sensible use of a single Narc introtech upgrade to improve a lance.

>> No.69312794
File: 2MiB, 3840x2160, IMG_20191109_135922207.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


Not now. On turn 9, Two SRM TACs hit the Battlemaster, both of which edged away. Then a Gauss headshot to the Beemer happened. So aside from the head damage, it's taken 4 total damage. Which means that the damage concentration on the FWL Command Lance skyrocketed.

So the FWL is going to get tabled. It's not even a question now.

>> No.69312863


Shit luck, man.

>> No.69312882
File: 2MiB, 3840x2160, 15733262479681575056373969583896.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69312972 >>69313085

>Which means that the damage concentration on the FWL Command Lance skyrocketed.

As an example, this was 1 turn of fire from the Rangers.

>It doesn't help that the guy driving the Schrecks has now fired 18 PPC shots and has missed every one. On 9s (6) and 5s (12).

>> No.69312972
File: 519KiB, 1075x842, 1555731430926.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


I get the concept, the sudden deletion of a substantial asset on turn 9 after spending no offensive potential on it whatsoever means that the previous turns' worth of activity on the Ranger's part just became really, really efficient as a retroactive thing.

>and the expected contribution of a medium-laser specialist beemer at the very end of the engagement as you try to blockade the recon mechs isn't going to happen, meaning your plan just retroactively became irrelevant to the situation at hand

>> No.69313027
File: 105KiB, 417x531, 1537272078393.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


From the Real Thomas Marik's Big Book of War, LCCC press 3049 edition: "Dying sucks, so stop doing that you cowards."

>> No.69313085


I can imagine the sigh of relief for two Left Torso TAC's that went into heat sinks, though.

>> No.69313438


Also there's less fellow assholes on the table to get shot at in lieu of you.

>> No.69313908


I'm sure in the future NEA will form plans resistant to Beemer heads being shattered by gauss headshots like an egg.

>> No.69314230
Quoted By: >>69314393

Unless you had been captured by the Smoke Jaguars or had a madman in charge of the world (but I repeat myself), Clan rule was almost invariably an improvement for the Spheroids and Periphery worlds they captured.

The Falcons, repressive as they supposedly are, still had a world go into open revolt for them when the Lyrans re-captured it and "freed" its denizens, and they discovered that it wasn't actually a meritocracy any more so social mobility was actually more limited and life was shittier because the state no longer supplied the necessities.

The Bears were so awesome at everything that the FRR, which had been fighting a bloody resistance war for centuries against all occupiers, invited them in.

It's like with any planet. Unless the enemy is actively dicking with you, it's not worth the effort to fight back, and even when your "faction" is in control life's not really any better. The supposedly restrictive Caste system actually just involves going "Oh, you're a medical doctor? Welcome to the Scientist Caste. You're a mechanic? Technician. You run a shop? Merchant." etc, and where lack of a job would force someone to is trained in one field to work in another any way, the Clans just find something else to do.

>> No.69314393
Quoted By: >>69314726

>The Falcons, repressive as they supposedly are
that one world is obviously the exception and not the rule

>> No.69314527

What is this furfaggotry?

>> No.69314572


Kill the Clint. Grief those jerks (and ironically, yourself).

>> No.69314726

>that one world is obviously the exception and not the rule
It's the cockfalcons, anon. Next to the Jags, they were the most brutal, at least after the Bears were retconned into the Carebears.

If the fucking *Falcons,* inflexible pricks as they are, can do a better job of things than the Successor States, what's your argument against? The initial rebellions all died down, after all, and even the FRR went mad for bear dick.

>> No.69314921


Game has ended. Total rout in favor of the Rangers. The Rangers lost no Mechs, but suffered severe damage to an Orion - 3 engine hits- and suffered three of four limbs being removed from a midnight Lance shadow hawk, and I think midnight Lance's panther took 3 engine hits as well.

The fwl was essentially wiped out. The Rangers offered victory conditions, and the Hermes 2 and rifleman were allowed to leave the field, with the Rangers getting full salvage from everything left on the field. After the Battlemaster headshot incident every bit of luck completely deserted the league. To my knowledge the Shrecks hit with a single PPC shot the entire day, albeit the shot that messed up the orions engine. There were multiple instances of League pilots missing with their entire payload on fours and fives. Dragon Lance's envelopment completely sealed the deal; Dragon took about 20 damage in total during the scenario.

all in all this ended up being a much easier win for the Rangers then they were expecting. I don't really begrudge that, they were frankly overdue for an easy scenario and a clean win. They haven't really had one since before the clan invasion.

Finally I spoke with one of the players who has been a secret comstar agent since they joined the unit on day one. They are going to lose their cover, most likely, because the Rangers are about to get a contract offer. It seems that someone has been impressed with their performance, even if the federated Commonwealth wasn't. The Rangers are going to get a very lucrative offer for a defensive campaign in May of 3052. They will have to break their current contract, but a Karnov load of money can soothe a lot of hurt feelings.

>> No.69315035

>Finally I spoke with one of the players who has been a secret comstar agent since they joined the unit on day one. They are going to lose their cover, most likely, because the Rangers are about to get a contract offer. It seems that someone has been impressed with their performance, even if the federated Commonwealth wasn't. The Rangers are going to get a very lucrative offer for a defensive campaign in May of 3052. They will have to break their current contract, but a Karnov load of money can soothe a lot of hurt feelings.


>and parallel development with the GDL, I'm sure a contract breach in a good cause (granted that cause being a karnov full of c-bills) won't matter in 5 or 10 years, nope.

>> No.69315189
Quoted By: >>69315265 >>69315428

Without being impolite at the table, at what point is it an acceptable idea for a unit to see a losing situation and retreat from the table with as much material as possible?

>> No.69315192
Quoted By: >>69315428

>defensive campaign in May 3052
>not being involved in Operation Scorpion

>> No.69315219
File: 304KiB, 408x408, purpul burd durp.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69315317 >>69315428

Purpul Burd being true to form

So what is the salvage haul, total?

>> No.69315265


Honestly, I always play with that possibility in mind. It's just too ingrained into the setting to do otherwise.

>> No.69315317
Quoted By: >>69315564

Not a lot. The Beemer and two Trebs.

>> No.69315428


In campaign play, for the OPFOR, it's tough to actually do that. Today in particular would have been hard - if not impossible - because the OPFOR was so advanced into an attack position that they'd never actually get off the board if they needed to. Additionally, being the Rangers cavalry/recon group, todays Ranger forces were also all much faster/more agile than the FWL Mechs. The FWL would have had to retreat across canyon terrain, without the use of jump jets, while the Rangers could just jump over the terrain and cut off their escape.

Additionally, from a gameplay perspective, we don't really have the OPFOR attempt retreats too often as soon as they're at a disadvantage. The point of the game is to actually play the game, and while the fluff discusses a few long-range volleys and then disengaging once one side has taken any moderate damage, that makes for boring and repetitive gameplay.

>not being involved in Operation Scorpion

Yeah, because if you're gonna hire a bunch of mercs to go fuck up the Successor States by securing the HPG sites, you're gonna advertise it as, "now hiring mercs to break ComStar neutrality and participate in an operations that's going to guarantee pissing off EVERY Successor State at once".

Good one. Great plan. Much wow.

>what is the salvage haul, total?

The headcapped Beemer 3M, with 4 total points of armor damage on it, a Treb 7M with an unconscious pilot, and a 3025-era Treb missing a leg. Which isn't a bad haul, considering the frequency of ammo explosions on IntroTech Mechs.

>> No.69315487

>Good one. Great plan. Much wow.


>> No.69315523
Quoted By: >>69315739

>ROM doesn't know how to mislead mercs

Good one. Great lore comprehension. Much wow.

>> No.69315543

I see a lot of praise for the Longinus BA, especially the magnetic clamps version. Can anyone explain it? It seems to give up a ton of output for those magnets.

>> No.69315549

>The headcapped Beemer 3M, with 4 total points of armor damage on it, a Treb 7M with an unconscious pilot, and a 3025-era Treb missing a leg. Which isn't a bad haul, considering the frequency of ammo explosions on IntroTech Mechs.

That's two post-Helms, and ironically the Purple CO and XO rides (the XO being unconscious at the time her mech was handed over with her in it in exchange for everyone else's lives)...

The Burds came to this situation, um... not in strict accordance with sacred honor?

>> No.69315564
Quoted By: >>69315739 >>69315879

I'm fascinated by your AARs, thanks

How will your players split the salvage? Since apparently you mentioned you have that guy who loses his lance all the time and all

>> No.69315601
Quoted By: >>69315914


Reasons for praise:

1. Simply having magnetic clamps to begin with (that's a big one, anon)
2. Can jump like a jumping fool right out of the gate
3. Sustained damage output

>> No.69315654
File: 229KiB, 483x463, Stone Lion.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69315714 >>69315864

who /stonelion/ here?

>> No.69315714
Quoted By: >>69316134

You know damn well you are the only one than likes them.

>> No.69315739
Quoted By: >>69315786

>How will your players split the salvage

The local CO for the scenario (in this case, the Unit CO) splits the salvage, though players can make their cases as to why they should get which Mech.

>ROM doesn't know how to mislead mercs

Yeah, exactly.

>> No.69315742
Quoted By: >>69315914

>especially the magnetic clamps version
I've watched packs of these things tear apart vehicles like they were opening cans of tuna. Savage little fuckers. Load up Megamek and watch them go to work.

>> No.69315786
File: 8KiB, 225x225, DANK_DOGE_MEME_3991.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69315834

>Yeah, exactly.

Good one. Great lore comprehension. Much wow.

>> No.69315823
File: 1013KiB, 404x720, 1573322013606.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What do you think food is like in each Successor State?

I imagine Capellan food to be like this

>> No.69315834
Quoted By: >>69315896 >>69315932

Since NEA's prety clearly too nice to explain it to your dumbfuck ass, I'll do it.

He's trying to tell you that obviously ROM isn't going to openly advertise for that shit, so they publicly offer the rangers a defensive campaign contract, THEN co-opt the rangers into participating in Op Scorpion. He's fucking agreeing with you and you keep right on shitposting.

>> No.69315844
Quoted By: >>69315966

Is that in the center gutter oil?

>> No.69315862


What the fuuuuuck

>> No.69315864
File: 1MiB, 800x800, 417d4d95c15423837b31e3ddbe138f371c27f5e6.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69316134


While I appreciate how they somehow, someway, managed to chart a safe path through the Wars of Reaving and win a rare victory for Team Sanity, if I'm ever in that area playing a combined arms force that isn't afraid to use conventional infantry...

>> No.69315879

Depends on need and operational tempo. Midnight got the Beemer because its quick cash for him and he needs the money - very little in the coffers.

Others to pay for losses or a gear upgrade.

>> No.69315896

>banter is serious business!
Chill out, faggot.

>> No.69315914
Quoted By: >>69315982


Interesting. Since armies likely aren't fielding mono-BA armies anywhere around this point, would you rather mix them in with Achileus, Kopis...?

>> No.69315932
Quoted By: >>69316007


You shouldn't have explained it, I was more or less expecting them to be ambushed by acolytes with cans of white spraypaint and end up on Tukayyid. It'd serve my metagaming ass right if I were in Cincy and opted for the contract on that assumption, and then oh, later got my ass handed to me by Kai Allard Liao, a supersonic I-beam, and a member of the Malthus bloodhouse with some serious scores to settle.

>> No.69315966
Quoted By: >>69316704


Looks like some off brand mountain dew.
Honestly, what the fuck. I know people have different mores toward what's consumable, but this is fucking insane. Who the fucks sees a scutigere and thinks "oh, hey, free appetizers" ? I say this as the biggest anti-racist faggot out here, this warrants the gas chambers.

>> No.69315982
Quoted By: >>69316045


>Interesting. Since armies likely aren't fielding mono-BA armies anywhere around this point, would you rather mix them in with Achileus, Kopis...?


>When I use them its in a Jihad "company"; a Lance of actual mechs, Longinus Magnetic mechriders, IS BA in vehicles, and some tanks.

>> No.69316007
Quoted By: >>69316090

He can't help, he's kind of the inverse of the shitposter that b8's for factions. He's the resident namefag white knight who sees slights that aren't there for NEA or opts to defend NEA's honour when no one (including NEA cares). It's a weird phenomenon.

>> No.69316045


Thanks, I'll try them out.

>> No.69316090
Quoted By: >>69316157 >>69316407


...I like him a lot more than you. If you're the anon with the weird years-duration hateboner for NEA, shouting you down is an all anons thing.

>> No.69316134
Quoted By: >>69316187

I just think they're really neat

>> No.69316157

Like who you want, but no one likes trolls or suck-ups. Just letting you know the score.

>> No.69316187


What's there to say about them, really? Unless we revisit the homeworlds, the Stone Lions are just off-brand Hells' Horses who lucked out and caught the Bloody ilKhan on a good day. They don't have their own identity yet.

>> No.69316301
File: 562KiB, 1108x1030, 1572059990653.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>try Death From Above for the first time
>it works

Never going back to non-jumping mechs.

>> No.69316326
Quoted By: >>69316418


You are never getting a Bloodname now, you know that, quiaff?

>> No.69316328

It's all a matter of context; you should be comparing the Longinus with its contemporaries, the IS Standard, Cavalier, Raiden, GDL and Fa Shih

The Longinus non-Magclamp variant gives you the option of using those SRMs on top of the usual armament, which no other IS BA of that generation does

While the Longinus Magclamp variant, besides the obvious advantage, is at least as good as the aforementioned IS BA at 3 hexes and much better at medium

>> No.69316363

In reality no. In Battletech where the Clans have passive magical brainwashing powers then yes

>> No.69316382

This is some gonzo bullshit I think

Closest I'VE ever come to this is fried silkworm pupa, and that's pretty standard stuff

>> No.69316394
File: 406KiB, 1600x1200, 1401240025752.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Does anyone play the WarShip game?

>> No.69316407

>If you're the anon with the weird years-duration hateboner for NEA

Yeah, it's probably that dumb cunt

>> No.69316418
File: 1MiB, 2100x1750, Nova Cat Regulars.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69316544 >>69316624

I die... with honor...

>> No.69316455

In thise thread we have perhaps 2/3 of the ones than do.

>> No.69316544

>with honor

Highly unlikely.

>> No.69316584

Probably 75% of the people who do are in this thread

>> No.69316624
Quoted By: >>69317609


>Irece Prefecture Sibko-3130PX5 militia unit, last transmission, colorized

>> No.69316704
Quoted By: >>69317817

Better get used to this, in 5 years Americans too will eat bugs.

>> No.69317609


Pretty dignified, really.

>> No.69317770

Only in MekHQ and Megamek otherwise I don't understand the rules.

>> No.69317817

There are a lot of things that get thrown around as triggering Civil War 2.0 but I can say without a doubt if you try and take a Burgerstanis burger you will see some serious shit going down in a hurry. We did 1776 over some tea and whatnot and we barely seem to like that shit.
>Bugs will be eatin me before I'm a eatin bugs.

>> No.69317926
Quoted By: >>69320490 >>69320560


Honestly vat grown 3D printed pseudo-meat Burgers seem more likely. I can fully see myself walking down a meat aisle in a supermarket surrounded by packs of mincemeat with the words "NOW WITH 5% REAL* MEAT" on them in the next 10 years.

It's basically meat, but you can grow it in a vat, in a business estate in Tipton for a fraction of the space and resources of live meat products.

>> No.69318411
File: 116KiB, 683x1024, 1573166427199.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The Draconis Combine should design a Panther II

>> No.69318465
File: 155KiB, 512x495, PNT-13K_Panther.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69318481 >>69318518

They did, the ugly little Clicktech fuck.

>> No.69318481
Quoted By: >>69318532

I could be happy playing with this, fugly as it is, if they didn't call it a Panther.

>> No.69318518
Quoted By: >>69318557 >>69318868

a real Panther II

one that's at least 45 tons since lights are useless now

>> No.69318532
File: 128KiB, 838x900, Mad-5l_marauder.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Same could be said of most of the Phoenix machines in that regard, really.

>> No.69318557
Quoted By: >>69318581

>a real Panther II
Buddy, II's don't need to change weights. A Dragon II is literally a Dragon 11K.

>> No.69318581

>II's don't need to change weights

most do though

>> No.69318617
File: 875KiB, 1018x846, flippy arms.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69318930

>lol fuck this Jenner I'll slide in behind it
>can't twist to shoot me
>oh fug

That is some absurd Draconis ass.

>> No.69318868

What LAW should do is make "Panther IIs" that are just Gladiators with Panther heads stuck on them. But that would mean giving the Dracs nice things.

>> No.69318930
Quoted By: >>69318993 >>69319380

>That is some absurd Draconis ass.

You can do the same thing with your MG flippers.

>Finally I spoke with one of the players who has been a secret comstar agent since they joined the unit on day one. They are going to lose their cover, most likely, because the Rangers are about to get a contract offer. It seems that someone has been impressed with their performance, even if the federated Commonwealth wasn't. The Rangers are going to get a very lucrative offer for a defensive campaign in May of 3052. They will have to break their current contract, but a Karnov load of money can soothe a lot of hurt feelings.

It's Kronwall, isn't it? There's no such thing as a real Hog. It was just a big hoax that Comstar cooked up in the 3030's as a source of easily forged documents and agent histories.

Also, from the point of view of the honest Magistry/League Borderers that have been subject to your recent antics (that Marik captain you just broke the cockpit window of might have shared a stateroom with you recently) you Rangers may be jerks.

>> No.69318993
Quoted By: >>69319148 >>69319681

>you Rangers may be jerks
They're Sues but I like them

I want to see them fight the Davion Guard

>> No.69319148


Maybe not the Rangers, but I suspect Katherine could easily get Elsa on-side for the FedCom Civil War.

>> No.69319380

*Looks at jhs Terra, sips coffee*. Time will tell.

>> No.69319632

This poster gets it.

>> No.69319681
Quoted By: >>69319694 >>69319753

>They're Sues
Isn't literally any rpg character a Sue, by the literal definition? They're a stand in for the player themselves

>> No.69319694

I mean, that's one reason it shouldn't always be seen as a pejorative

>> No.69319753

Nah, they have a bunch of tech and stuff and opportunities that they haven't earned. No Merc unit in 3052 should have the skills and upgrades they do, or be able to go toe to toe with the Clans. The only ones who can are the Goons or other shitty Mary Sue units, which makes the Rangers a Mary Sue unit too.

>> No.69319821
Quoted By: >>69319960 >>69320490


this but unironically

>> No.69319838
Quoted By: >>69319941

How can they be sues when everything they have is the product of the game rules? You can go back on their forum and read everything: nothing just gets handed to them, it's all gotten using the rules from FM Mercs or Mechwarrior 1e or the AtB RATs. If your dice rolls and out of game player skill matched up, you could generate a Merc unit has was the same. There isn't any authorial Fiat, or authorial wish fulfillment or anything. It's the product of actual game play. How the hell can that be Sue?

>> No.69319941

I'm going to have to agree with this. The whole problem with being a su is that you have the quality of being awesome, that you have not earned. But the Rangers have earned it. Like literally. they have learned what they have through gameplay and through the game rules. That is literally HOW to earn things.

Unless we are defining Sues as just "anything I don't like". In which case fine, don't like things, but don't shit on other people for liking them. Your opinion isn't any more important than anyone else's.

>> No.69319960
Quoted By: >>69320490

If the game rules allow this then the game rules are wrong.

>> No.69319983

sometimes i think you guys just like to argue over the simplest comments or remarks

>> No.69320001
Quoted By: >>69320157

We are in 4chan anon.

>> No.69320066
File: 3MiB, 4032x2268, 20191109_222052.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Hot damn the elegoo gray is pretty nice.

>> No.69320073


Which faction has the best selection of jumping mechs?

What are the best jumping mechs of them all?

>> No.69320099

Try it with a Highlander. It's a hell of a thing

>> No.69320131

Oh fuck you. No we don't.

>> No.69320157

Reeee its fourchannel!

>> No.69320193
Quoted By: >>69320252

I mean, yeah, duh? I come here to argue and shitpost and start fights, because I'm not allowed to do that on the OF. That's the whole point of posting about Battletech here. It's fun to fight and shitpost on the internet. These threads would be boring if everyone just liked things.

>> No.69320252

Some times it baffles me how people see thinks, I come there to talk my true opinions without a care for anything less, to come there to shitpost seems to petty.

>> No.69320387

How deep in the hip pocket are you guys into the new packs already?

>> No.69320490
Quoted By: >>69320561 >>69324582

Fyi, eatlikeamartian.com

I find that more palatable than the bugs, and hey who knows, lab cultured meat might become more resource efficient. And it's really meat, not onions and a fuckload of flavourings

>samefagging this hard

Good morning and fuck you, El Goblino de la Servero

>> No.69320516
Quoted By: >>69320576

Sorry, I meant http://eatlikeamartian.org/

>> No.69320560

How does those cells even grow? Because I did see a doc some years ago, and did it with cow fetu amniotic fluid, and that ain't cheap.

>> No.69320561
File: 7KiB, 200x75, srs business.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


take a chill pill, kid

>> No.69320574
File: 46KiB, 128x128, mad_cat_running_by_walter_nest.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69322497

What's better, the Timber Wolf or the Linebacker?

>> No.69320576
Quoted By: >>69321102 >>69321662

The Hell happened since 2008, it seems we are going straight to hell with idiocy and crazyness only going worse.

>> No.69321102
File: 448KiB, 1907x1078, ninja girl battle harem.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69321326

>The Hell happened since 2008, it seems we are going straight to hell with idiocy and crazyness only going worse.

Social media, in my opinion. Take any happy idiot who reads editorials and opinions for their news and drop them into a website built on the fear of missing out, whose entire business model revolves around them making a little room surrounded by all their opinions and ideals. Now have them react to someone not only giving contrary information, but backing it up. You get so vitriolic online cause it's easy and guiltless- but now in person? Within face punching range?

Doesn't matter generation or political opinion or race or anything. I've been asspained by it years ago when I realized I fell in the trap of facebook, and I work with a boomer who now catches that hell from me all the time.

>> No.69321326

why they don't have custom portraits for the default mechwarriors, I may never know... ...outside of using mods.

>> No.69321407
File: 5MiB, 3571x2206, 20191110_003146.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69323419

Purple burd reinforcements are underway. Some of the mechs I posted earlier will be joining them, like the swaybacks.

>> No.69321662

>The Hell happened since 2008
A black man was elected president, and that cannot stand.

>> No.69321663
Quoted By: >>69321728

>aidan pryde
I stopped reading that book for a while (not because I hated it, but because I moved on to other stuff and forgot it) kind of early on. Is it worth it to finish that trilogy?

>> No.69321728
Quoted By: >>69321759

How far are you willing to step into another man's magical realm?

>> No.69321759
File: 151KiB, 750x750, 1573147099182.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Wait what

>> No.69322497
Quoted By: >>69324516

Timber Wolf for fat medium, Linebacker for obese Bug.

I personally really dislike the Linebacker- it's too over-engined for the job, and it struggles against the better Clan heavies it can expect to have to duel while really being no better against mediums than the Stormcrow.

>> No.69323206
File: 9KiB, 150x121, panther angry face.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69324507

>a Panther II
You will now remember the PNT-10K.

>> No.69323207
File: 34KiB, 480x548, 093f8d1b48b.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69323320

>/btg/ on page 9
This is unacceptable.

Incidentally, I recall somebody once mentioning that he made a pdf with the ASF rules from TW presented in a clearer manner. Anybody happen to have it, as I'm trying to learn how to incorporate fighters into a BT game and the TW rules are pain to read as they're spread over so many different chapters with seemingly little rhyme or reason.

>> No.69323215
File: 364KiB, 970x1013, 1569514609673.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.69323320

Probably warshipanon or whoever.

>> No.69323419
File: 5MiB, 3617x2035, 20191110_054901.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69324075

Got the first layer of the cockpits and most of the red done

>> No.69323558
Quoted By: >>69324440

I really want to, but could never convince any of my buds to try back when I had a Battletech group. Could only just get them to play with some Aero assets during games. Still have my Battlespace box, keeping it with hope

Now I'm AtB only :(

>> No.69324075
Quoted By: >>69324175 >>69324200

Every time someone competent posts their paint jobs i hate myself a little more.
My stompy robitts deserve better paintskills than i possess. The poor things

>> No.69324139
Quoted By: >>69324208

Where can I find the rules for Ultra AC ? I can't find a clear version of them online and I look like a fool each time I fail to find one.

>> No.69324175
File: 2MiB, 1911x1434, 20191105_231947.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You can do it for sure. I'm not doing anything special, you just have to practice. This is three drybrushed purples, dark to light, and then just some panel colors with an edge highlight. The only thing that required a steady hand was the bird and you can practice and do little bits at a time.

>> No.69324200
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Quoted By: >>69324370

And if you want to go even easier, You can do a white spray and GW's contrast paints. This Shadowhawk took about 20 minutes, and was contrast red, blue, then dark silver and contrast gray over that.

>> No.69324208
File: 1MiB, 1013x1466, Screenshot_20191110-081414_Adobe Acrobat.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69324248 >>69324249

BattleMech Manual. Rapid Fire, two shots maximum.

>> No.69324248

Thank you !

May your slugs always find the head of your target and your ppc's shots fries the electronic located in your adversary's crotch.

>> No.69324249
Quoted By: >>69324362

I still think basic ac's need rapid firel with faster shooting verwions getting even more shots. A rac2 should be like, rapid 20 or some shit. Whipst even an ac20 should be at least rapid 2 or something.
They are all varieties of autocannon ffs. A bushmaster can throw lead almost as fast as a fucking m2 ffs.

>> No.69324342

Any time I start getting angry when /btg/ is being a bit retarded I go into some of the other threads on /tg/ and immediately feel better.

>> No.69324362

Well most of them are described as firing bursts, but abstracted in the rules as one shot with Ultras firing faster. There should be no way that an AC2 does more than an AC-20 though.

>> No.69324370
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>Citadel Contrast Paints
Outstanding, lad!

>> No.69324392
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Quoted By: >>69325243

What is your most efficient mech in your arsenal ? How many engine kill/incapacitation does it have ?

>Hunchback-4G with 2 engine kill in one match.

>> No.69324440
File: 58KiB, 1015x369, at least some of these are enemy salvage.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69324561 >>69324762

I played aero last night in AtB and wish I hadn't. Unless your pilots are Luke Skywalker shit can go bad in a hurry doing ground attack runs. I forgot how bad replacing avionics was. The numbers are absurd and I just mothballed half my fighters until we get off planet. My scout lance didn't do much better and got chewed in half too with no replacements. Not the most auspicious start to a campaign but that's Battletech for ya. Hopefully my main lance does a bit better and can get enough slavage to glue the scout lance back together.

>> No.69324470

>References to /k/.
>The Nuke Urbie.
So Ted post there too.
I really liked the awesome video bro.

>> No.69324507

you can't make me!

>> No.69324516


Good points

>> No.69324561
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Quoted By: >>69324650 >>69324876

Speaking of ASF in AtB, bloody hell did Princess and her sudden capability to use aerospace take me by surprise the first time I ran into it. I remember looking at the enemy forces sheet, see two Lightnings (one introtech variant, the other with the UAC) in it, and thinking: it's Princess, who tends to fly even VTOLs into hillsides, what can possibly go wrong.

Then the fucking Lightnings come down on an attack run, straight into the back of my fire lance, and two 'Mechs brew up in the first run.

>> No.69324582
Quoted By: >>69324686

racist retard

>> No.69324596

>spiteful assholes of Guerrero

>> No.69324605

Templar and Davion Guards

>> No.69324650

Haven't seen her field proper ASFs yet. Couple Angels and a Defender next mission though. Hoping I can shoot some down to rip out their avionics though for when we get back to somewhere suitable to slot them into what's left of my fighters.

>> No.69324686
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Quoted By: >>69324705


>> No.69324705

>be American
>laugh but it still hurts and half wish we had just finished the game with the USSR and both magdumped each other

>> No.69324762


That's gonna take a lot of the old man's money to put right.

>> No.69324876
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Princess practiced, now we are wowed

>> No.69325146

new thread.

>> No.69325243
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Definitely mad cat config a
>so many holes
>it’s beautiful

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