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God, I don't even know if I'll get a response in time. Still... Even if it's time just answer.

Ok, so to get this out of the way foremost, yes I fucked up. This is just me explaining what has to happen now and what I should do for the game or for games in the future as GM ignoring the questions of logistics because I get that already. .

I have a D&D campaign in about in 2 hours or maybe much longer depending on if they even read the time on the flyer, with random players I don't know and have never met and don't know how many of them there will be. Could be 0 to 10, but I'm guessing low and most likely none or just... one.

I'm prepared for no one, I want to focus on if they even show.

I can't cancel the session, I'm new to DMing/GMing and will be using a Mines of Phandelver cuz I didn't realize it was old.
I was going to set up my own thing, but I procrastinated because I thought if I can't modify the LMoP module enough or come up with my own campaign, I'll just run it.
...Now I'm just straight up only prepared to run Phandelver.

So several questions:

1) Possibly most important right now, how common do you think it is for players to know about this campaign or know about modules in general? If nothing else, just answer this because I feel like this is what I really don't know. I said "beginners welcome", but that doesn't guarantee beginners and ones that have only played a little might have played this.

2) How long can it take to setup a good-enough campaign? Like the actual sitting down oand thinking about it part before the game. Answer for with module, without module, or both; all appreciated.

2.5) How much can you improvise and how much do you prepare?

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1) dont tell your players anything. let them be surprised
2) just dont prep bro. wing it. all of it
3) delete yourself immediately

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3) How should I start? Should I mention certain things about what I'm expecting and what my rules, intentions, so on are outright, or would that just be boring or feel too restrictive?
Should I tell them they won't necessarily die in a fight if they lose (because that's kinda what I wanna do at least sometimes), or would that kill the feeling of risk?

Actually, separate question. How do you treat death in your games and why? There's a lot about death that feels like a weird paradox to me at least I the campaigns I've played.

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>Delete immediately
No. I'm a big boy.
But yeah okay I'll try it and see.

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If they're played for a while, they've more than likely tried LMoP before. That's fine, really. I've been in death house like 3 times, it's not the end of the world.

Dont try to make a campaign right now. Just focus on one adventure. You can tie it into a larger campaign later, or just have a different campaign with the same characters and a random plot hook.
Seriously just start working on notes for phandelver so you can run it, you'll be fine.

I can improvise huge amounts of the game because I understand the factions, important npcs, their motives and behavior, and have a good understanding of the rules.
You WILL need to improvise at some point. To do it fast and easy, just think of the motive of the npc you're playing. For example, if you're the evil wizard in the mine, you dont want to be friends with the pcs, but maybe you're open to using them.

I usually prepare for a number of hours equal to the game length, plus time spent brainstorming while I commute, but I write my own adventures. If you just understand lmop and have notes for fast access to important information it's enough, you have enough time.

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I want more fleshed out answers.

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silence devil. "Just wing it" is the worst thing a brand new dm could do

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Does anyone have tips on organizing notes? I read it, but man there was a lot.

Better get to work.

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hey calm down buddy. Notes are strictly there to make it easier for you. Like, a quick reference for stuff you think will come up a lot, but you dont want to memorize.

Have you already read the adventure at all?

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Do your best.

Dont sweat the small stuff.

Learn from your mistakes.

Listen your players.

And try to have fun.

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Alright so just calm down, prepare as much as I can/want, improvise the rest.

Alright... This should be fine. I'll use my old favorite PC character as their first point of contact and go with that line of thought I was thinking about.

So right now, I should just focus on buying a shitton of dice I mysteriously lost and making sure I have enough character sheets plus good folders... Then, I will think what I want to do.

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Alright, have fun bud.

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Its the first thing I did as a DM, and it went brilliantly.

Would not recommend for most DMs, I just happen to thrive in improv. When I write things out, it often happens that by the time I get to the session, I absolutely hate everything I planned.

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Just spend a few minutes telling them your expectations/intentions are and any special rules you intend on implementing (if any) so they know what they're getting into. You can mention how deadly you intend it to be (not very) which will encourage riskier behavior, because it's relatively safer.

Just run the game. Most people will be happy just to play.

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Problem solved

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No one is going to show up to a game on a flyer with presumably no contact info. What a waste of a thread.

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Yes I read it. Tried to at least. I read to the last section.

It's kind of a dense read.

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What's this from?...

I did give contact info.
Also I'm still going to try a better method if this doesn't work which I'm kinda guessing right now it won't and prepping for that will still require a lot of this.
Really doubtful it's going to work. Of course, the place is also a hotspot for MtG and shit, so I dunno. Maybe something unexpected will happen. Especially since it's at a bar...

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I wish you luck dude.I've never DM'ed before, I don't really think I have much advice aside from maybe having getting the the PCs to just be themselves (you know, roleplaying!)

To pad and filler time, throw a puzzle of some sort in the way or environmental hazard. A thunderstorm rolls in and they need to find and make cover for example. If they choose a cave, maybe there's something there worth seeing or a encounter (fighting or not-fighting, depends on what you think the players would like) or maybe just a exploration of said cave or area?

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