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Welcome to the Radon and Raiders thread!
Setting-building thread for a post-apocalypse British Isles where things went to shit in the 1950s. The land is littered with Zones of strange, reality-warping energy, and society has reverted to near-medieval levels as people fight off radioactive mutants and strange creatures.

Last thread: Unknown
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?

Thread prompt: Gun, germs and steel. We need to hammer out common place weapons, firearms, armor types and diseases. The more original and makeshift the weapons the better; a dirty m16 isn’t going to cut it, get creative.

Armors made from smelted Razor Vine, and mined ore. Styles and prices.

As for Diseases, let’s get brutal, magic plagues and parasites that rot flesh are a must.

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Repurposed SMLE

The most common firearms in the new age, it’s commonly repurposed into snipers, shotguns, carbines and in a more deteriorated state, a spear.

Cheap and easily acquired.

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“The Gladius” also more commonly known as a Slug Sprayers.

A fully automatic submachine gun with a high rate of fire and low accuracy. They can be heavily modified and customized to fit a variety of specializations.

Only Built in the Isle of Man from repurposed from parts of old rifles, assault rifles, and other scarp.
Rare among caravans and most often found in the hands of the night watch members in larger settlements.

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Repurposed SMLE variant

“Grease Rat”
Commonly found in the hands of subterranean expedition members and scavengers. Compact and fitted with a greased bolt action for a quick firing rate.

Requires a supply of grease to operate at Full efficiency.

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We should get primary weapons for all the factions down.

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Seven-barreled shotgun. For when you really need to blast something.

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Name it and describe it

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So is R&R dead now?


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first adopted during the Second World War, the sten gun is the most common automatic weapon in the United Kingom. It's often considered to be crude and unwieldy, but it's extremely simple construction means that it can be easily produced even with relatively simple tools.

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Seems so

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the quality of those guns varies significantly depending on the armourer that produces them; some are barely functioning pieces of scap metal, only held together by duct tape and the user's faith in God, while others, such as those made by the London Arsenal for the Knights of the Crown are beautifully ornated pieces of art, covered in engravings and baroque decorations

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forgot pic

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Oh shit, someone else beat me to a revival attempt
I wanted to try and organise what we had in the doc or into a 1d4 page so that new people could get a general idea of it easily, and possibly revise some stuff to push it back towards the main focus around mercenaries and gleaners
I hadn’t really had the chance to do it yet, but if others are up for a revival attempt we can try to do some of that here

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Rare I assume?

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We’re up for it, link that shit.

We need more lore too

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It didn’t get much updating later on, had all sorts of problems taking up my time but I wanted to organise stuff there

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I think giving all the factions a specific weapon/weapons would help flesh them out as well as differentiate them from each other better.

Like what weapons and armor types are they know for?

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If we’re looking at guns, there were some attempts to stat some weapons using DH.2E, like this
Rof - /S/-/10/
Dam - 1d10+2I
Pen - 1
Clip - 32
Rld - full
Special - none
Wt - 3.2kg

>Bastard Sten
Rof - /S/-/7/
Dam - 1d10+1I
Pen - 1
Clip - 25
Rld - full
Special - none
Wt - 3.5kg

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>Horned men
>Razor Vine

I remember writing these in the early threads kek

Nice to see someone actually liked my ideas.

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The “big names” in the isles don’t cover all of it themselves, still lots of space for little fiefdoms and such
Yorkshire had been hiring a ton of mercenaries from all over so they wouldn’t have any specifics, aside from those dealings with the turingists getting them more ability to get/maintain fancy stuff

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What do you mean?

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As things were the Yorkists were on the backfoot against the Lancastrians, before managing to liberate a load of long-lost land including York itself, using everything they gained from that to hire mercenaries en-masse and handing over resources and the Minster in the new capital to the Order of Saint Turing in exchange for support

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I’ll see if I can find a newer version of that map, mountains are pretty iffy there and I can’t remember if that territory east of Selby is meant to pass the river or if that was a literal bridgehead to the main route south

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I see, makes sense

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I remember people also talking about a sort of tourney around York to celebrate the liberation of the city and the wealth they gained, whilst gathering more mercs and such for the war
Essentially a good opportunity for less combat-focussed stuff, or combat if people wanted it, with all sorts of events and politics going on

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What does the front lines look like? Stagnant and trench aligned I’m imagining.

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Zones dotted across the land can make lines rather interesting, and population count has been debated, but the section of the war that was said to have “passed” has mostly been Lancashire tearing east through the countryside until Edward of York evened the odds

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Waterborne disease. Clinical Lycanthropy

incubation 2 weeks. Subject has manic fits, believing they are a wolf or other large dangerous animal. They tend to tear off their clothes and run around biting people and animals. These fits last for several hours and then subject falls asleep heavily and usually remembers nothing when they wake up.

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This can lead to even greater panic and terror if Were-Francs are thought to be stalking the local countryside

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Psychic Flue
Airborne disease, Subject gets flue symptoms and is contagious. Mental facilities are reduced 50% including any mutations, lasting up to 10 days. 1 in 10,000 die, 1 in 1,000 receive permanent mental damage

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Hatchets are awesome, hide it under your coat.
quieter than a gun, dismembers things. Carry two so you can throw one.

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In terms of afflictions if I remember right there were plans to adapt DH corruption points for the radiation/magic of the zones, building up and causing malignancies when sufficient, with things able to reduce it, though possibly not the malignancies
For armour, whilst it can be pretty mixed all around, mercenary groups are likely to be using armour and uniform from or styled after military gear from back in the day, seeing how many are derived from the old-world army
A plague of stupidity?

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Drake Itch
Subject's skin begins to itch horribly for weeks as it becomes scaly. Skin becomes like snakeskin in most subjects, some develop heavy alligator hide and lose all their hair.
Medicine can help with the itching, but not the transformation.

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Sort of. People who are really sick don't think well anyway, this dampens mental powers and overall capacity, temporarily.

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WWII helmets
aluminium hard hats

WWII Flak jacket 22 lbs
leather jacket
Hard leather breastplate
leather arm and leg greaves

Small buckler
medium shield
large shield
Tower shield

cricket bats
clubs carved to look like cricket bats

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Repurposed SMLE Variant

A close to mid range pistol variant.

A very common sight among traders and common folk, the pistol SMLE output heavy damage at a vastly inferior range.

Good for personal defense and close encounters.

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>The EM-2
>A modern weapon before the end, it is seen most commonly in the hands of the very wealthy, and prestigious mercenary groups

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>As well as not requiring the same skill and tools, more traditional equipment is said to be more effective against most things that crawl within or out of zones
>Some say that the weapons of these creatures’ times hurt them best, others that they’re just effective, but they have shown to be reliable in this field
>At the same time, with limited supplies and guns, and a badly timed jam ever-approaching, they still have their uses against other humans
Stuff like that sounds great for malignancies from >>69303214

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>The industrial zones lay south of Lancashire territory
>These zones are not known for terrible excursions aside from the need for wire-weed cullings, and their position makes the bounties of these zones more readily available to the Lancastrians
>Despite this, zones so big they are largely visible on a map are not that safe for common travel, so to come from it go to the south requires the roads south of York for any sensible group
>Land-travel will still possibly require traversing a war-zone, and after the northern lands fell to turmoil the only civilised path towards Scotland lies on the east coast, through what remains of the Northumbrian territory
>Splinters of the shattered Northumbrians and some few petty fiefdoms have hung on through the northern turmoil, but are likely to throw their lot into the Rose War in exchange for aid

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Soft armor is the most common type and provides protection against knifes, clubs, shrapnel and some guns (Mostly handguns and crappy blackpowder rifles)
They range from simple thick cloth to rarer options like silk or even syntethic materials

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Gambesons probably won’t help much if you end up at the wrong end of a rifle, but they should still be useful

>> No.69305740
Quoted By: >>69324704

Yeah, they are mostly against pistols and melee
The idea is that metal armor is innefective against modern rifles rounds (Unless it is ridiculously heavy), so if your armor can only take hits from pistols and blackpowder you might as well make it light and cheap

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SMLEs should definitely be the standard when it comes to guns
Previously Lancashire had been said to be able to fund significant numbers of well trained troops using good quality SMLEs alongside more old fashioned troops, and they generally had a good number of fancy guns in the hands of the wealthy due to the Isle of Man being so close by with their famed quality
The USKS, made up of the various European survivor-states would likely use the weapons of their people when possible, though they might be harder to get, stuff like thompsons and garands being beloved to the USE
Kernow were downright famed for all of the odd stuff their lords had from expeditions across the channel, rarities and artefacts of great value
I’m not too sure on the others, could do with some suggestions, I remember one of the people who did lots of the USE stuff talked about appropriate gear

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Some more skilled smiths may even turn it into a machinegun

>> No.69306060

SMLE’s should be the most common firearm in this setting, BUT highly modifiable to fit the situation.

>> No.69306580

Nice catch, I could op for mounted MG

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The US outpost would have to keep a strict lockdown of their old world weapons and safeguard the specs.

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Only 3 such smiths exist, one on the Isle of Man, one in Lancashire’s capital and the third in the London exclusion zone.....

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Populations should be mostly dead or relocated to labor camps.

The front should be akin to a ww1 trench front, which has halted the Lancaster's advance into York but leaves little room for Yorkist counter attacks.
The flanks to the south are treacherous with razor vine and local mutant fauna


>You push in the tavern’s wooden doors and are hit with the smell of roast duck and mead
>You find a seat, order a drink and ask around for rumors.
We need some RUMORS to flesh out our world.

I’ll start:

While unverified, rumors have it that the Lancaster’s have been plotting an expeditionary force to circumnavigate Western front with York by marching through the southern exclusion zone.....

If successful, it could encircle the entire Yorkist forces.

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We should look for a drawfag for some art and maybe a cover.

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Quoted By: >>69309365 >>69310733

>Living inside the London exclusion zone
This guy is insane
If I remember right, the southern front did have some stuff going on
>Essentially, the remains of Leeds had always been inexplicably difficult to hold, and with the Lancastrian pushes they had managed to reach and take the city
>The city is now under siege following a Yorkist pushback, leaving Lancastrian troops trapped inside the city which something just isn’t right about
>Though it has yet to be found, there is rumoured and hinted to be a large store of old-age weapons hidden somewhere in the remains of Leeds, enough to break the southern stalemate with ease should it be found
There was also stuff with the Yorkist-hired Men of Stirling being sent to carry out raids on the Lancastrians through zones, taking advantage of the fact they could flee back into them and few would dare pursue
Word spreads that in retaliation Lancaster has recruited a large number of Changed Ones to send into the zones that cover their flank and put an end to the raids

>> No.69309365

I do cover art.

Please post images for inspiration, best is PD (or OC if someone is ambitious)

First question:

Radon and Raiders
Radon & Raiders


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I did some of the map stuff as well as trying to adapt DH for this
Computer terminally shat itself so I haven’t been able to do much recently, but backed a few things up before so I can pick up where I left off, just lost most general images
Thanks! I’d say “and” over & but not sure what other anons think
People imagedumped sometimes in the old threads, all sorts of stuff but here’s what I have on hand

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>For those who want more capacity than a double barrel revolving shotguns are the way to go
>They may vary from a oversized handgun with a sten stock to fancier versions with wood furniture and a more resistant cylinder
>Old world pump actions are rare (and the gunsmiths able to replicate them even more), most are held by the American remnants

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File: 122KiB, 640x441, AB6FA1E4-AFE9-43AF-B067-B8C15ED4AE21.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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File: 573KiB, 1060x1535, musket_knight_by_arielperezart_daj6xjt.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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>Living inside the London exclusion zone
>This guy is insane
The Dragon knows about him and for some reason, hasn't killed him. because having its own blacksmith immediately at hand for its armor is helpful

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>The rest of your expedition have been incinerated
>End up trapped in an old workshop throwing works out to appease it
>Good chance everyone thinks you died with the others
They had best hope some more lunatics try to go into London soon before his food or metal runs out

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Build it in a cave, out of scrap!

The gunsmith secretly repairs a radio and calls SOS/ for an extraction

Becomes helpful weapon source for group

instant adventure with long term payoff.

>> No.69312355
Quoted By: >>69312835

Yeah that’s a good idea

>> No.69312835

If he's been welding the dragon's armor, he might have been sabotaging it.

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I’d go with “&”

The cover art should be alike to convey Post apocalyptic + medieval knights vibe obviously Lol.

Perhaps showcase some of the common exclusion zone threats, razor vine, mutants, monsters, the ocean raiders ect.

If I recall the age we’re set in is the “Age of Raiders”, lots of people raiding the coasts focused in the north.

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Quoted By: >>69314934

How close up can we get the map? I’m thinking we need to start flexing out roads, small settlements and large town’s placements.
Should be easy

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File: 109KiB, 1280x737, ww1__british_equipment_by_andreasilva60_dabl9wp-fullview.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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As for the year, I’m in favor of setting us 200 years forward.

I’m thinking the year 2156; that gives the remaining society long enough to forget a lot about the old world, and gives the monsters and mutants enough time to get well situated in this world we’ve built.

Since the old world ended in the 1950’s, maybe we even might op for a new dating system

perhaps A.C. for “After Calamity” or A.F. for “After Flash” paired with B.F. for “before flash” as a nod to the extra-solar rads that kicked this off.

So it would be 200 A.F.

It’s up for discussion

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I think map-wise we had both >>69299363 and >>69301495 , closer detail on some things is nice but it might also be good to leave things open for GMs to come up with stuff
About 200 still seems good for it, room enough for significant things to happen, and people could always do stuff set earlier
Didn’t think the “present” had more of a name, but that could do it
The Icelandic situation had so far been limited to Scotland and northern Ireland on a smaller scale, and in the past there was the period of mass-banditry and general chaos that helped to destroy more of the civilisation and resources that weren’t taken by the flash

>> No.69315136
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That would put a real hurting on vehicles, the rubber parts will be mostly gone. Original ammo will be 'iffy'.

An earlier time period allows more treasure hunting and car chases.

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File: 154KiB, 570x652, E5558C1F-4468-40EE-893A-FDBD7A2DE302.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I’m a put a big NO on vehicles, outside of few steamboat ships.

Should be very horse oriented transportation.

Earlier eras can have some vehicles but other than that it seems too out of place.

The British Isles are not very big when you equate cars into the mix, making people Leg-it on foot, or in horse drawn carriage, or on horseback would flow better gameplay and lore wise.

Pretty sure the original thread that kicked all this off was a post apocalyptic cavalry thread if I recall.

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Quoted By: >>69316507 >>69325909

Feel free to See what has been posted in the thread for ideas

>> No.69316491
Quoted By: >>69317157 >>69318660

I am jumping in this cold and am fuzzy on specifics, sorry.

Have you seen the illustrated children's book about Henry and his quest for petrol?

>> No.69316507

Thank you.

>> No.69316974
Quoted By: >>69317502 >>69318485

This did start in a cavalry thread, and a point was made of horses being the new general means of transportation aside from getting around on foot
At the same time, mercenaries like the Desert Rats do exist, so a minute number of tanks do exist, they’re just incredibly costly to maintain
Zones sometimes preserving what was lost inside of them is a major factor in people delving into them, whilst dangerous they can potentially yield equipment and materials otherwise practically lost to the isles

>> No.69317157
Quoted By: >>69317502 >>69319348


A Catalina Cult would be interesting.

Can the Zones preserve things from aging?

>> No.69317502
Quoted By: >>69319348

As said with >>69316974 , things can potentially be preserved, or screwed up in zones
As they swelled and grew across the isles many battlegrounds were enveloped, and so equipment survived sometimes
People seemed to think planes should also be extremely rare due to needing maintenance and somebody actually able to fly the damn thing

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File: 27KiB, 487x316, 25D22C45-4595-439F-BB1B-058DCCDBC9C8.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If I recall right, down south there was meant to be some sort of raider resurgence like the old times of bandits, with them having found the locations of long abandoned armouries and battlefields lost to the zones
How exactly they found that knowledge is unknown, some believe veterans of the old days passed down the secret until they finally saw the time fit to use it
People had suggested them managing to drag/jury rig one or two armoured vehicles out of zones, and were now tearing across the south pillaging
Then someone suggested they managed to repair something derived from Hobart’s Funnies, and a flail-tank attacking infantry formations sounded too good to pass up

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File: 283KiB, 667x496, D97E8178-A2EC-4444-91F0-41BFA76A7DCF.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69318703 >>69319253


>> No.69318703
File: 77KiB, 532x540, 6515779C-0908-4621-9B0C-EED4E46A86BC.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>69322463

Yes, thanks, haven't seen that in a while

>> No.69319348
Quoted By: >>69319502

I was thinking a single isolated monastic type group who preserved the ability to maintain them. They would be the last squadron in England.

>> No.69319502
Quoted By: >>69319622

The Turingists? Radical or default?

>> No.69319622

I was thinking independents.

They would do trade with friendlies. Something.

Just to add a touch of the past to a world of steel and muscle.

>> No.69320272

I like the latter. Gives it a more tabletop feel.

>> No.69322454

Oh cool still up, bump for interest

>> No.69322463

Never heard of it but it has the style we’re looking for.

Thanks for the lead anon

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Quoted By: >>69323675

what's the orange and yellow? Spooky zones?

>> No.69323675
Quoted By: >>69323908

The normal purple on there is generally unsafe land, peppered with zones of varying size and nastiness but not coated with them. You might even find civilisation out there in some forms
The yellow through to red are the zones so big that they can be shown on a map
Yellow depicts the outer areas, or mantle, through to the worse parts in the red cores

>> No.69323908

I see. I'm upset the Edinburgh get a kingdom but West coast doesn't. The West coast is mostly hilly to mountainous terrain with the only real industry being ship building along the Clyde and plenty of fortifiable land and rugged farm land surrounding it. It doesn't make much sense to me the Glasgow zone spreads Westwards rather than Eastwards following the flat land.

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File: 89KiB, 580x532, Balloch1947.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

forgot pic

>> No.69323919
Quoted By: >>69324390

It has been 200 years. Any number of things could have happened to Edinburgh.

>> No.69323949

I didn’t do much of the stuff around Scotland, but most the purple on the map is effectively blank canvas, though we shouldn’t really cover too much of it
Could have people living there, any ideas for it?

>> No.69324142
Quoted By: >>69324321 >>69324446

It’s blank due to the style of the Zones in Scotland. While it still happens in other parts of Britain, the Zones in Scotland seem to have a preference to warping space-time. You can go in one and come out last week. A stretch of road could take a caravan three days to travel despite going only ten miles. A mountain trail could suddenly become a penrose stairway, always ascending or descending without changing its night. You could wander into a forest and get stuck looping by the same tree no matter which direction you travel. While other Zones can have dangerous beasts, radiation, or other strange phenomena, the Scotland Zones are annoying for people to traverse.

>> No.69324321
Quoted By: >>69324446

We still don’t need to leave the whole west coast abandoned, purple land between them and Edinburgh would make getting between the two a pain still

>> No.69324373
Quoted By: >>69324748

Is the data collected in a single place or do I go through each of the archived threads?

>> No.69324390
File: 125KiB, 580x606, SAW019762.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69324446

I'm sure, I was was talking more about the West Coast situation though.
It would probably be more likely to be purple rather than anything else following the river Clyde. Much in the same way it follows the River Forth to the East, for the same reasons too. In general the lay of the land in Scotland would make it really unlikely for any large blobs of anything outside of the middle between Glasgow and Edinburgh

>> No.69324446
File: 106KiB, 1333x827, 03-scotland-outline.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69382924

This map obviously doesn't take into account any environmental hazards and just assumes normal banditry with the land in mind. If there was a Kingdom there, it would be relatively small and spread out but safe due to the river Clyde and the crags that separate it from Glasgow.
>Could have people living there, any ideas for it?
Yeah there would be if you're using the 1950's as a baseline. Since during and after WW2, the Glasgow spill-over populated the area.

>> No.69324704
Quoted By: >>69324784

Also with the loss of technical knowledge and the degradation of industrial capability a lot of militias have devolved back to using crossbows or even just various regular bows. They might be shit but they can be made relatively quickly, cheaply and reliably. Also the ammunition is much easier to make so they can be economically used for hunting (which helps maintain a pool of people at least passably good at using them).

Also Giants. Giants with giant log bows are a terribly, horrible and wonderful combination.

>> No.69324748
Quoted By: >>69325017

Aside from the doc linked earlier, there’s been a problem with organising everything done, which I was going to try and sorting before a revival attempt
Since there is still interest we can start trying to organise it all though
We did archive all the old threads on suptg

>> No.69324784
Quoted By: >>69325017

It would be a crime to abandon longbows, and giant sized ones would be terrifying
Also reminds me, amongst monster hunters things like the boys anti tank rifle are revered

>> No.69325017

If you want easier access without having to crawl through the archives, most of the threads can be found here:

Guns are definitely still a thing. It’s just that outside of the Industrial kingdoms you aren’t going to find much ammo or people to maintain them if something goes wrong.

>> No.69325262
Quoted By: >>69325463

Thanks, that's what I'm doing. This ultimately deserves to be a pdf.

>> No.69325463
Quoted By: >>69326242

All of the threads were named with radon and raiders, aside from the very first thread which started about post-apocalyptic cavalry
Probably easiest to just go on suptg without the filter as they don’t all have the tag, and ctrl-f it
They should all be numbered and seemed to get a decent number of votes
A pdf would be nice, the aforementioned doc might be easiest to use for now just so everyone can work on it

>> No.69325795


The vote so far for title is

&= 3
and =1

Next question
Is everyone set on 'Radons' ? I like that it ends in 'ons'.

The term 'rad' was coined at the perfect time

The rad is a unit of absorbed radiation dose, defined as 1 rad = 0.01 Gy = 0.01 J/kg. It was originally defined in CGS units in 1953 as the dose causing 100 ergs of energy to be absorbed by one gram of matter.

Rads & Raiders
Radons & Raiders


I will do it however.

>> No.69325859
Quoted By: >>69326314

If you drop to blackpowder muzzle loading flintlocks you can pull that off pretty low tech.

Imagine giants with cannons for muskets

>> No.69325909
Quoted By: >>69325980

Anymore like this?

>> No.69325914
Quoted By: >>69326836

I’m not really sure where the S on radon comes in, don’t really mind on the and/& thing but Radon and/& Raiders has been the name pretty much from the start

>> No.69325980
File: 69KiB, 540x675, E6CF64FB-3AD8-4D80-84BB-140680C496B2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69325996

Different anon, but hadn’t backed most the non-map stuff up, here’s what I do have

>> No.69325996
File: 87KiB, 736x1041, FB285A62-0995-4CAE-8F9C-9C4C747DA3D6.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69326016


>> No.69326016
File: 9KiB, 259x194, 49EC587A-0182-427A-A685-294D7C86BDCA.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69326089

Posted a few earlier in here
Also, what the Hadrian’s wall situation probably looks like

>> No.69326089
File: 128KiB, 800x761, AFD82AAA-8D94-4072-8224-7359B9CE82C6.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.69326242

Well, the last thread has a post with direct links to the first seven threads as well as the post-apocalypse cavalry thread. So the search shouldn’t be too difficult.

>> No.69326281

Radon is a radioactive gas, chosen partially because it add alliteration with Raiders, and partially because this radioactive gas is omnipresent in this new world.

>> No.69326314
Quoted By: >>69327375

The tech shouldn’t regress that much. People still remember how to make bullets.

Cannons, however, have definitely come back as a form of artillery.

>> No.69326836

Oops, a typo. I am OK with whatever name.

Just throwing out the 1953 jargon connection.

>> No.69327043
File: 69KiB, 474x472, hammer time4.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I have found the google doc, thanks

>> No.69327375
Quoted By: >>69327757

Are they making new cartridge brass?

>> No.69327452

I forgot I was hosting this.

>> No.69327757

Maybe, dirty if they are

>> No.69327780

We have a lot of factions needing to be fleshed out on the google doc atm

Not sure we need more at this time.

>> No.69327835
File: 54KiB, 564x943, CECA5850-39A8-4ED6-8C41-191E50F1E744.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69340385


>> No.69327871
File: 278KiB, 900x667, IMG_0573.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

what society level exists? Are there tribal people or nomads living in The most remote areas? What's the religions that people worship?

>> No.69327991
File: 251KiB, 940x900, 5AF19747-E9EA-4873-A6CC-10F7FB6E9485.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I think we flushed out some of that in the docs, but it’s a mix. there’s a new world religions that coincide with the fall and then the old world religions.

Feel free to go to the doc and edit at your leisure, just try to be sensible about it.

>> No.69328134
Quoted By: >>69328199 >>69338776

Pretty sure there are more archaic people’s in remote areas or deep in the purple
Religion-wise I remember some stuff like this:
>Edinburgh claiming to have the pope thanks to holding the highest surviving rank, and following all sorts of beliefs fixated around penance for allowing the flash to happen, so much so that there are sometimes downright suicidal charges across Hadrians Wall into the zones below
>The Turingists venerated their namesake and believed that mathematics is the language of god, as they strive to expand and develop their number crunching machines in their monasteries
>Many of the mercenary groups derived from the old world army follow varying sorts of ancestor worship

>> No.69328199

Sounds about right

>> No.69328543

That thing has to kick like a mule.

>> No.69329725
File: 186KiB, 817x637, UNIVAC-1103-1953.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69330703

Please pay heed to the Omniwisdom of the great UNIVAC!

>> No.69330703
File: 14KiB, 284x177, 817CE76B-E0B3-4E6F-8052-1F5B674E1A75.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Pretty much that, yeah
The Turingists have continued to hoard knowledge to further improve their machines, and have held onto and maintained some impressive equipment, given to Knights of the Faith to keep the monasteries safe and assist in some expeditions
Icelandic raiders coming ashore to raid a monastery and being met by Bren guns was quite the change from their success in Scotland so far

>> No.69330987
File: 20KiB, 436x259, nessie smiling.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It also helps that in Scotland Nessie eats the boats of people that hurt what is hers. The Icelanders need their boats for things other than just raiding, it's the fastest and safest way to visit friends quite often and also fish and sea serpent meat is a big part of their diet.

Nessie doesn't much care for politics. It's a sea monster, it really doesn't give a shit who sits on the throne. It just doesn't like it when lots of it's people die in violence. It seems to look over a bit of killing, clan feuds are a thing and it doesn't get involved in those even when a few get killed and border skirmishes have happend in the past. Battle between warriors is fine and dandy because it's two or more people knowing what they are getting into.

Just don't target the plebs.

Of course the Icelanders have been in Scotland long enough to have children who never saw Iceland. And there has been intermingeling between invaders and the natives. It's debatable how well Nessie can tell Clansman from Icelander.

>> No.69332358
Quoted By: >>69332421

Also, do not jam badly zone-tainted materials into your number crunching machines
Results may vary, including but not limited to technical failure, harm to operators and body-horror cults

>> No.69332421

Punchcard ghouls

>> No.69332458
Quoted By: >>69332630

Religion is still mostly mostly Christian. In that most people (depending on how you want to define people) are Christian, but not always from a sect that we would recongnise.For example:
Turingists venerate St Turing
But he is recognized as a Saint. The Turingists are not Catholic as they don't recognize the authority of the Pope in Edinburgh.

Both of the Rex Arthur and Brenin Arthur claim at least some degree of divine authority (among other things) as to why they should be King of all The Isles. Exactly what either of them believes is less important than what they are politically seen to believe.

>> No.69332630
Quoted By: >>69332842 >>69333086

Cathedrals are pretty sturdy. You could brick up the windows and make bunkers, or you could wrangle Holy Ground force barriers for Maximum Coolness.

>> No.69332756
Quoted By: >>69333152

>The Turingists are not Catholic as they don't recognize the authority of the Pope in Edinburgh.

Being catholic and being Roman Catholic are 2 separate things. He is the Scottish Catholic Pope.

They are Turingist Catholics.

>> No.69332842
Quoted By: >>69333170

The building and the graveyard generates the power for the Celestial force field.

>> No.69333086

>The Turingist monasteries have certainly not been left unfortified
> Alongside the normally incredibly well armed, if sparse Knights of the Faith, often mercenaries can be hired to protect the monasteries in the times when people decide it is time for the order to share their wealth with others
They might not be making force fields, but not just anyone can hand several well trained men top quality armour, machine guns and worse

>> No.69333152
Quoted By: >>69333200 >>69333334

Considering how Rome doesn’t really exist any more due to the War and Zones, there really wasn’t much of the Church hierarchy left to make easy organization. The Scottish Pope is the most widely recognized as the pope after 200 years, though.

Say, since they’re in Scotland, what is their stance on Nessie and her Nimuë?

>> No.69333170

>The Theocracy of Cork were said to be able to repel the maddening effects of the zones spread over Ireland with their great beacons, providing some form of protection to the populace under them
>The Turingists had first settled in areas told to the Saint Turing by god, through his machines
>This had led them to land suffering the least of the zones chais and effects during the flash and beyond, allowing such a group to survive and scavenge
That reminds me, the Theocracy of Cork were known for an odd love of electricity, seen from the beacons down to some sorts of shock weapons sometimes seen

>> No.69333200

One of the problems in Scotland which has helped to give the Icelanders such an easy time early on was a lack of cooperation and communication throughout the area between groups
It could range from believing it the superstitions of less civilised men to simply recognising that something monstrous out there was helping and not massacring people for once, so let’s not rock that boat

>> No.69333334
Quoted By: >>69335423

The Choosing of Nimuë ceremony is typically overseen by the church who are just there to make the whole thing official.

Current thinking is that either the Nessie was sent by God in our hour of need if it's a Zone creature made in the image of the legend, it's always been here and the legends have grown around it over the ages in which case it's just a big a slightly odd possibly fish or it's not sent by God as such and is a Zone Beast like the London Dragon but it's on our side so it's probably best to be friends with it.

It is a respected but not worshiped entity. The Choosing of Nimuë is a civil and secular service that only involves the Church as observers and secondary participents much like the crowning of a national leader.

It's usually the pope that walks the new Nimuë to Nessie on one side and the old Nimuë on the other, handed into their care by the parents or legal guardians of the Nimuë to be. New Nimuë scratches Nessie's snout, old Nimuë goes back to being her old self, new Nimuë becomes Nimuë, everyone goes and raids the buffet table and drinks beer, the highland games are played with such events like welly wanging and caber toss and it's a good day out for all the family.

If the pope is incapable of this due to ill health then they send someone else in their place.

>> No.69333365
Quoted By: >>69334290 >>69335251


Hopefully, the most horrific malady is Greebling's Disease.

Contagion Vector: unknown. Incubation Time: Weeks

Victim's major organs mutate into hideous toothy aberrations that burst out suddenly during the funeral or other dramatic opportunity.
Greeblings are very difficult to kill, they are neither undead or alive. Greeblings attack any living creature larger than itself and attempt to burrow in and convert them. A greebling can only survive 20 or 30 hours without a host.

>> No.69333904
File: 101KiB, 720x720, 1469938893075.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.69334290

Along with the balance between stuff regressing and modern things surviving, I think stuff about the zones themselves could get a bit one sided sometimes
At the start, radiation and magic, the two explanations for most of the things happening, were in some ways one and the same, neither idea fully explains it all
That sounds bloody great!
Probably a good thing that people aren’t trying to harvest the organs of the freshly deceased in this case

>> No.69335251

Seeing how the contagion vector is unknown, the burrowing Greeblings can’t have a high success rate in conversion. Otherwise the contagion vector could be theorized to be stray Greebling bits contaminating other people.

Since the bursts are dramatic, it likely means newly formed Greeblings are reacting to the presence of a large number of people rather than any sense of dramatic timing. Could lead to a small paranoia of corpses in areas with the infection.

>> No.69335423

Quick correction: Nimuë are permanently Changed. The old ones just loose their ability to directly connect to Nessie and are much weaker then they were as the main Nimuë. They are still a lot stronger than the average human, but are no longer a powerhouse.

>> No.69335499
File: 274KiB, 1500x1077, dcrz5gi-90def2e4-6804-42de-9e10-0f788c3c8794.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69338629

So what does OUR Nessie look like?

>> No.69337379
File: 85KiB, 800x1202, hai22zcae8oz.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69338444 >>69339135

Anyone return to the Great Red Army yet?

>> No.69338444

One thing at a time, I think we should try to consolidate the isles and get the general idea of what stays and changes there first
I’ll try to organise some stuff in the doc later

>> No.69338629
Quoted By: >>69340426

Nobody knows. Everyone sees something different. Photographs come out blurry.

All we know is that it's big and got a snout that it likes scratched.

>> No.69338776
Quoted By: >>69339213

I enjoyed contributing to this a few months back.

I can do some lore spitballing and let you gents cut it down, carve it up, and mold it like last time.
That's what we did last time.

Actually I helped write Edinburgh and the clans.
it's not the flash they feel the weight of sin over. It's because many people in scotland faced starvation and resorted to cannibalisim.
As a result of that mixing with the idea of original sin a cult of repentance has grown among the people of the north.
When times are hard in scotland, fanatics will sacrifice themselves against zones, monsters, and bandits in order to ensure they aren't a burden, and to in some way assuage the ancestrial guilt for the long winter.

>> No.69338960
Quoted By: >>69339939

Also! somthing we could all draw upon for the world beyond britian. At least before the bombs fell. Would be paris in the 20th century by jules vern.

>> No.69339135
File: 86KiB, 500x707, tumblr_ooqoefjeNP1tlx9lyo1_500.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I remember them clashing with a german war machine built by the west during the dying of the old world.

The dead reviving the dead to wage an unending war for the soul of europe.
A captialist europe which no longer has a soul to fight over, waging an unending war against a communist menace which no longer exists.

Or does it...

>> No.69339213
File: 187KiB, 1200x628, big apocalypse boat.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69339226 >>69362830


sometime ago i have help fleshing out the icelanders vikings giving them some stuff and a character.

also i found some nice pics for them there.

here my three posts



>> No.69339226
File: 46KiB, 571x800, Hadrason %22The Storm of the North%22.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69339245


And the king of the nord barbarians Hadrason

>> No.69339245
Quoted By: >>69342899


actually no is just a vague icelander viking

"in pic a lucky icelandic viking warrior with some pieces of old world armor and artifacts (the picture would be perfect if he did have fishing equipment, scrap metal plates and some trophies/equipment from defeated foes)"

from the description of back then.

I have always wonder if the flags should be a bit more different or even with new elements to them.

>> No.69339268
Quoted By: >>69340022

The super powers of ex-Nimuë are not game changers, but they are useful.

They age like granite. At 70 they look like they just turned 40 and they live to be 100 more often than not and they are old then but in good shape even if they often don't live much past that point.

They recover from and deal with illnesses better than most people.

They recover from physical illness slightly faster.

It is also said that they are more fertile and have an easier time giving birth and indeed many are the matriarchs of a tribe of kids and grandkids but this is almost certainly a result of the slow aging and enhanced recovery.

Any other magic is pre-existing or just stories.

They are always much sought after as wives by clan chiefs and foreign nobility. Partly because of the lasting youth, partly because of the prestige but also because they are chosen on criteria of traditional virtues, wisdom, fairness of form and other such traits. They would be 8-10/10s in the 16 - 25 age range to start with.

>> No.69339939
Quoted By: >>69340292

Paris is a ghost city. It seems to be untouched from a distance, but people who go there don’t return. Only one man has made it out, and he’s wandering Europe with some sort of Grail.

>> No.69340022

They're also still amphibious. They can breath underwater as easily as in air and they've got boosted night vision/echolocation.

>> No.69340292
Quoted By: >>69341303

yeah I know, I wrote it mang.
what I meant is the unnamed end of paris that created the city of ghosts was based on Paris In The Twentieth Century.

The main character goes through living in a totally automated socity with no need for poets or scholars.
At least till the climate shifts, cold causes the crops fail faster than people can react, everything rapidly falls apart, and 90% of the european population dies.

He ends his days starving and fleeing through the city utterly mad seeing things and due to the cold and hunger is under the delusion that the demon of eletricity itself is after him.

He dies circling around a grave yard, trying to escape it in a blind glassy eyed panic until his legs give out.

Now... imagine... if his delusions were actually what happened, and that's where I got the idea seed for paris.

>> No.69340385
Quoted By: >>69340458

Why does that crossbow have a suppressor?

>> No.69340426
Quoted By: >>69350264

Maybe a giant seal? They live in the Thames already.

>> No.69340458
Quoted By: >>69340649

it's a combi-weapon. Rifle and Crossbow.
No idea why, seems impractal unless you're trying to hunt supernatural things that need wood to be killed.

>> No.69340649
Quoted By: >>69341135

Maybe the crossbow on the top has a grenade launching cup? They were a thing in ww1 so maybe that's what the artist was trying to invoke.

>> No.69341135
Quoted By: >>69341177

Could be. Maybe crossbows like that serve as grenade launchers for some with a mechanism to pull the pin during firing.

>> No.69341177
Quoted By: >>69341235

Easy solution: You place it in so the spoon is held down by the cup, pull the pin, raise, and fire. When it leaves the cup the spoon'll fly off and blammo, you don't need a proper mechanism. Any risk of it falling out and killing you is entirely the users fault.

>> No.69341235

Appropriate to the setting.

>> No.69341303

but that's not what happened to paris in R&R, instead the RAF nuked the shit out of it and it turned into an eldritch abomination/ghost city that makes you go crazy if you look at the lights because THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU.

Also you didn't write the r&r paris, you may have done something with it later, but the city of ghost lights was definitely not you, nor was it inspired at all by jules verne.

>> No.69341577
Quoted By: >>69341763

He could shift it to Berlin, or Luxemburg. Neither have had anything done about them that I am aware of.

Or Amsterdam. Amsterdam is always good for weird shit being a drugged up rich city of artists and poets.

>> No.69341763
Quoted By: >>69341861

amsterdam'd be best given how fucked east germany is, plus, as you say artists, poets, drugs, all washed down with absinthe is a natural fit for the place.

>> No.69341861
Quoted By: >>69342138

If the dykes fail Amsterdam turns into Venice.

That is pretty cool in my book.

>> No.69342138
Quoted By: >>69342778

River raiders plying the flooded streets of Amsterdam as the memories of the city tempt mortals into the watery depths? Those that travels it seek out ancient artwork and relics.

>> No.69342778


the first 4 floors are flooded, many rooftops have crops grown in soil dredged from the street level.
the tallest and sturdiest buildings are villages or towns ruled by a chief

>> No.69342899
File: 130KiB, 1024x391, 2C134F5C-4846-404C-985F-DC0550A17A1F.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69343641

We can definitely take another look at the flags, I’m pretty sure a lot of them were done by one of the map anons as he made that map
Any ideas so far?
Seeing the war of the roses stuff, Yorkshire’s flag could go back to something like the sun in splendour

>> No.69343021
Quoted By: >>69343522 >>69345321

That's one theory. There are lots of them. Another popular one is that Paris is in the midst of particularly stable time-affecting Zone and anyone who enters it is transported to it before the War. It looks intact because it is and any visitors from post-apocalyptic dystopia are enjoying it too much to return home.

>> No.69343522
Quoted By: >>69343712

Or they are getting transported to just before the War and are just getting vaporized by the Bomb.

The guy who escaped knows what happens in there, but he is hard to find due to their wandering in Europe.

>> No.69343641
Quoted By: >>69343739


i was thinking of a symbol for the turingist order, a relevant and easy to recognize part of a computer maybe.

But i m not sure.
the war wick freehold banner could have a cannon instead of a tree

>> No.69343712

He's also, due to The Grail, can travel through the deep Zones where others can't follow him into.

He's going East by a winding road and if nobody captures him he will go off the map. With The Grail. Everyone wants the Grail.

>> No.69343739
File: 2KiB, 200x200, 11888-200.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

a Vacuum Tube.

>> No.69344953
Quoted By: >>69346672


it should stay in between the grey and yellow, or just in one of the two fields ?
i was thinking inner Iceland could have perhaps a sea predator in it s flag, since they are in part tribal like. Maybe a polar bear ?

>> No.69345321
Quoted By: >>69345925

it's not a theory.
I wrote the paris nuking and the first (airborne) attempt to investigate why what was dead wouldn't lie down.
If you want to do a temporal loop, go for it, but paris is not an available candidate for setting it in any more than london.

>> No.69345825

this paris bit makes me feel like i need to do a quick synopsis of all the r&r stuff i laid out.

- Spriggans are horrible screaming skinless things that come out of the dark in mines & other underground areas and try to murder everything that lives. They have a secondary form where their exposed muscle has gradually been coated in rock, dust and other stony effluvia, rendering them slower and mute, but much more durable and willing to climb out into the surface world to murder things.

- The Beast of London, big, big, big dragon that may or may not be sapient smog. Roosts in the former palace of westminster upon the looted treasures of the empire, cannot leave london but absolutely dominant therein.

- Woodlings/Woodfolk, Zone-Touched who remain sapient and mostly human shaped, not automatically hostile but with a degree of eldritch. Includes Tom'o'the Green from Dunchurch Goblin Market, a cheerful host who can also be a man-smushing giant.

- Order of the Blackened Tears, monastic order of rad wizards living in the restored Kenilworth Castle, eye-sockets are burned out from rad use, leading to black tears weeping out from bandage around eyes.
Doomed, but determined to Do Good before they become blast shadows.

- Radioactive Ghost Skeleton Spitfire, being a rad wizard who was somehow transfigured after climbing into the cockpit of a Spitfire and taking off shortly after the end of the Red War.
Has been airborne ever since, attacks aerial baddies and strafes ground ones.
Skeleton wreathed in green fire in a flight suit zipping around in a Mk.24 Spit.

- HMS Vanguard, the last battleship ever built and the only RN capital ship that participated in Dunkirk 2, Radioactive Boogaloo not be destroyed.
Tied up at Portsmouth, became the incarnate avatar of the Royal Navy, now does laps around the British Isles killing sea monsters.

Out of space, will reiterate other stuff when i can.

>> No.69345925


I'm all for doing it your way but Paris is out of bounds for the players, that's the point of it. Nobody knows what is going on. People who try to go there to find out whats going on don't come back. The place is mystery that eats the curious, a self-keeping secret. It looks like the city of lights in it's prime and still people go to it thinking that they might make it back if they're better in some way than those that tried before, they don't come back either.

Only one man has come back. He's insane and walking East into lands that are no longer known.

Europe has lots of other cities for expeditionary teams to prod and loot.

>> No.69346672
Quoted By: >>69346800

Argent, a Vacuum Tube Sable.

Black, White, simple, binary.

Polar bear head facing you, I forget the bazonry . Blue background.

>> No.69346800
File: 124KiB, 1200x1200, ee113f18d338bfb7e13d402129c66c8c.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I looked for an example and don't like them.

dragon would work.

>> No.69347742
Quoted By: >>69348503

So i'm gonna ask, is East Anglia like one place still? It looks pretty intact and given the timing there would be a large military presence still in the area. Not to mention it's a breadbasket. Nukes were stored there in that time frame as well.

>> No.69348503
Quoted By: >>69348588

Looking at >>69299363 it’s definitely around in some form
Seemed to be one of the least-covered areas in these threads, so any ideas would be great

>> No.69348588
Quoted By: >>69348629

I'll throw something together. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't treading on toes.

>> No.69348629
Quoted By: >>69350196

I wouldn’t say that there’s a Kingdom there. Kingdoms are areas where the land is either mostly unaffected by the Zones or have been reclaimed by people. East Anglia hasn’t been reclaimed yet.

>> No.69350196

It’s unclear how much of the marked land is developed civilisation, but what little old stuff there was seemed to have a lot of nasty shit from London heading in their direction, so they were digging in best as they could

>> No.69350264
Quoted By: >>69351614

Possibly some people see that.

Others see a dinosaur lizard, some see a serpent, some see dragon looking thing with penguin feathers, some see a big fish, some see a giant otter.

It's Nessie, it lives in a blind spot in our perceptions. Which doesn't explain why it fucks up photographs but out of all the weird shit on The Isles and beyond it's not the worst or most unsettling.

>> No.69351614
Quoted By: >>69352551

Good point Zone stuff is fucky like that. Do we have a list of Zone entities?

>> No.69351776

Don’t forget chariots and carts

>> No.69351816

So what about a makeshift 20 mm smooth bore firearm capable of loading both shotgun shells and grenades, rare though they might be

>> No.69352551
Quoted By: >>69354005

In the Isles, there’s Nessie in Scotland, Balor in Ireland, and the Dragon of the Great London Swamp. There used to be a Dragon in Wales, but it got slain (can’t remember who did it, though).

Stonehenge seems to be an anti-zone. Radiation and any Zone effects disappear while within its range. Zone metals react as regular metal, and any person or animal that was Touched/Changed by the Zones become lethargic, to the point that prolonged exposure could prove fatal within a Day. It’s unknown if the land is alive or not.

Germany has the two types of German Ghouls. One type being akin to giants, the other being humanoid-mechanical Frankenstein constructs. Towards Russia is the endlessly marching biologically mutated things of the Red Army, stuck in some kind of massive looping spacetime warp.

>> No.69353163
Quoted By: >>69353555

Porton Down biowarfare Lab, 6 miles from Stonehenge

>> No.69353555
Quoted By: >>69353736

Was that around in the 1950’s?

>> No.69353736
File: 58KiB, 564x1143, d87dcc644e33c021d89dccece0e954f0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69353774 >>69369637

Porton Down was established in like 1920, and it's where VX gas was developed in the 1950's. Almost all chemical weapons stuff the british did from ww1 to ww2 was developed there, and it only got more funding in the postwar. So yeah, it was there in the 50's.

>> No.69353774

Oh my.
I believe it’s in the range of Stonehenge’s Anti-Zone, but a lab possibly still containing some of the most dangerous chemical weapons in a 200 year old lab is terrifying enough.

>> No.69353804
Quoted By: >>69357352

Not to mention the massive stockpile of guns it would have as a military base, the libraries and high-tech old-world gear, and probably a total collection of all research that the old-world had on the zones. It'd probably be a uh... 'hotly contested' area at best.

>> No.69353894

well shit it evolved without me.

However, I approve of this evolution of lore!

>> No.69354005
Quoted By: >>69378508

>can’t remember who did it, though
Arthur of Kernow

>> No.69354417

So, modern England then?

>> No.69356184


>> No.69357352

If it's in the anti-zone then it's probably been looted. It's possible that the last enclaves of government moved the worst of it to the tunnels of Rudloe Manor for safe.keeping.

>> No.69357837
Quoted By: >>69358401 >>69376220

For the Radicals I'd have a cog wheel with an occult symbol on each tooth.

>> No.69358401
Quoted By: >>69359998 >>69376220

That would get rather messy. Just have it be a Cog wheel with a single occult symbol in the center.

>> No.69359998

A cog with five teeth to form a Pentagram?

>> No.69361365
Quoted By: >>69361700 >>69376220

Nah, that would imply they are evil. They are more for progress and experimentation above all else, while interpreting the output of their thinking machines. Sure, they may take people for experimental augmentation, but shouldn’t those people be grateful that they have been so improved?

>> No.69361700
Quoted By: >>69376220

Whatever a GM chooses to do with the radicalists, they might have started with good intentioned thoughts but they’re lost now
Seeing as they were a single monastery gone awol, and the general insanity of the place, they might not have decided to specifically design a new distinctive insignia, generally dodgy and messed up versions of whatever the standard order insignia is could work

>> No.69362830

The warship they have/had is the HMS Unicorn. The aircraft were missing when they found it. Currently it's been beached, disassembled, dragged on to the land and converted into a fortress.

It's the hub of their radio network, which has always been their biggest strength.

>> No.69363918
File: 14KiB, 400x112, 1573429292663.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.69364454

resuming concept synopsis dump
- Forest of Arden, a causally-locked but temporally looped forest that covers the zone that used to be Birmingham, has the twin effects of manifesting animals present in the area's pre-history, known to the locals as 'Questing Beasts', as well as causing human technology brought within to decay into its base materials, at a rate that increases with the sophistication of the technology in question.
Maximum spooky primeval forest with a temporal manifestation range shaped like a v, the more recent it is, the more likely it is to wander out of the undergrowth.
Critters can leave the zone but mostly don't.

- the Goblin Market, takes place at Dunwich in Warwickshire, essentially where woodlings and humans go to sell things to each other, manufactured goods, zonecraft, foodstuffs, you name it.
A number of smiths, human & woodling, are established on Dunwich Hill and produce 'magic', i.e. zone-touched, weapons and armour.
Also a location for diplomacy between the woodlings and humankind, at least in Warwickshire...and a fair amount of civilian intercourse, hem hem, as well.

- East Germany aka the shittiest place in Europe.
Site of on-going conflict between semi-automated fortress-factories on the German side and mobile field 'surgeries' on the Soviet.
Both sides have long since waved goodbye to humanity, the German forces consisting of mad scientist cyborgs, robots and robot-zombies, with the monastic order of (can't remember the name) accompanying them as mechanics-cum-nurses. This group originally consisted of the widows & bereaved mothers of German servicemen, but after two hundred years, what lies under the robes and gas masks of the sisters is up for speculation.
The German robots range from Goliath radio-controlled bombs, to gynoids straight out of Metropolis to FunkePanzer of numerous marks.
The zombies were originally german war-dead with radio-control mechanisms in them, now the source of the organic component is unknown.

>> No.69364735

Soviet forces in East Germany were the advance guard of the Red War, and featured a huge proportion of New Socialist Men, who were horrible chimera made by vivisecting German p.o.ws from the previous war and stitching their organs, muscle tissues and whatever else seemed useful into a chosen unfortunate, generally also one of said p.o.ws, but the USSR was never short of expendables for the process.
As the chimera/NSM were unleashed on West Germany, their supporting surgical elements came with them, recycling fresh prisoners to repair and reinforce the armies of Stalin, and have continued to clone, cut and butcher in his name to this day.

- RAF Cottesmore, England's best-preserved airbase and site of one of Warwickshire's holdings in Rutland.

MISC, shared with others
- Gleaners' guilds, organisations dedicated to 'gleaning', i.e scavenging from, the pre-Ruin world
- Multi-tiered levels of mutation from human norm to giant monstrosity but also psychological shifts not necessarily being connected to physical changes.
- London being an unremittingly toxic swamp covered in low-lying black smog you need at least a gas mask ad preferably breathing apparatus to navigate.

More as they come to mind.

>> No.69365002
Quoted By: >>69367066 >>69372593

I'm confused by Dunwich Warwickshire. Dunwich is in Suffolk.... what happened? Or do you mean Dunchurch?

>> No.69367066
Quoted By: >>69367415

If we go with Dunwich is in Suffolk we can also get the possibility of webbed footed sea people. This could also just be an in-universe rumour.

Just like the webbed footed people of the fens were in the Saxon age.

>> No.69367415

I would leave direct references to Lovecraft to the wayside. Though, You could have the American Expedition come across Innsmouth with all the inhabitants disappointed the Great Old Ones never came.

>> No.69368027

There’s stuff going on in the London Swamp and Ireland, too. You could look for the Dragon’s board, or try to navigate the Paranoia.

>> No.69369637
Quoted By: >>69370752 >>69371342

I’d stick it at least slightly in a zone, seems like a great opportunity for lots of stuff

>> No.69370752
Quoted By: >>69371342

Could be on the very edge, so one part is within the Anti-Zone and another part is within a neighboring Zone. Would develop a strange interplay between whatever was stored there along the edge. Maybe the crossing keeps some in a “fresh” state.

>> No.69371342
Quoted By: >>69374066

Something of note with it too: They did human experiments in Porton Down- Like some pretty hardcore ones, exposing people to chemical weapons and shit to see what the effects would be. Sometimes without the persons knowledge. Gotta work that into it somehow- maybe they deliberately exposed people to zone effects that manifested nearby and those people are still there?

>> No.69372593

yeah i meant Dunchurch, something was niggling at me about it this morning but two hours sleep at a time is not conducive to remembering where your grandfather lived a hundred years ago.

>> No.69374066
Quoted By: >>69375149 >>69375796

The Radical Turingists could have started when a Turingist scavenger team got into the place and went through the notes.

>> No.69375149

The Turingists are based out of Ireland, so it isn’t likely.

>> No.69375796
Quoted By: >>69376387 >>69379675

Considering their Monastery is in Ireland, the scavenging team would likely set out due to a prediction from their thinking machine saying something interesting was found there.

>> No.69376220
Quoted By: >>69377594

A stylized fortress or simply conical shape balanced atop a stylized mushroom cloud.

>> No.69376387

Yeah, often the computer will have just pumped out some location info amidst number crunching, they might have no clue what is there until they reach it
They would presumably try to go somewhat incognito, Knights of the Faith all sealed up in armour with hopes nothing starts leaking out

>> No.69377594

I know that the idea of the interplanetary rocket was suggested for the Radicals, but they have yet to be able to build it, mainly due to the lack of resources.

>> No.69378508
Quoted By: >>69379338

Did something take it's place?

>> No.69379338

Nothing has taken it.’s place. If anything, humans asserted their dominance by being one of the few areas able to beat back a high-activity Zone.

>> No.69379675
Quoted By: >>69379729 >>69380694

a broken cog

>> No.69379729


>> No.69380694
Quoted By: >>69380944

Could work.

Maybe on each half of the cog a tree.

>> No.69380944
Quoted By: >>69383091

Or have it be some kind of wire tree springing from the broken cog. Like the tree is their Omen Machine, and the leaves are the knowledge they’ve gained.

>> No.69382924

Looks like a loose collection of port towns rather than a whole unified group. The settlements would be small, but well-defended by those within, most likely.

>> No.69383091

I was thinking more about the two trees in the garden of Eden but that works as well.

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