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Seriously, What the fuck makes these guys so good? Sure, The scions are better than guardsmen but they're still utter trash against almost everything else unless they (like the guard) drown them in numbers -
Eldar- The average eldar guardian is stronger, faster, has better reflexes, smarter and has better gear than them
Orks- Unless they have a very distinct range advantage and manage to only nail headshots they're gonna get ripped apart, since orks are not only fucking fast when running, They can also shrug off a few bolter rounds. pretty sure their hotshots/hellguns wouldn't fare any better.
Tau- Almost the same case as the eldar guardian. Better armor, Better weapons, Better targeting gear, Better tactics. They'll probably beat them at close combat but so do guardsmen and good fucking luck getting there.
Necrons- Extremely durable even against shit like bolter fire. Scion armor wouldn't do jack shit to stop their gauss weaponry. Only miniscule advantage they have over necron warriors is that they're faster and more mobile. An advantage the cron's more specialized troops will happily take away from them
Chaos- Please. The average bloodletter/daemonette/plague bearer/horror could give a space marine a hard time. They don't stand a chance.
Dark eldar- same case as the eldar but spikier and alot more painful.
Nids- They'll probably manage to beat a fair number of Termagants or Hormagaunts ( Like guardsmen) but warriors and above would shred them.

Really it seems like the only foes the scions could beat without needing a substantial numbers advantage are cultists and grots which even the baseline guardsman could take out easily.

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