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>When elfaboos are allowed to design a game

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We should've killed Noldorfag long ago

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Ah yes, exactly what we need, another elf thread.
First warhammer elves are actually pretty superior to standard humans 1vs1. They just didn't downgrade them for balance reason. Second some balance is supposed to be achieved by the lack of fate and resilience points. Though that rarely comes into play. Third: you are supposed to roll for your race, and elves are a very rare thing to roll. The problem is with 4e that barely anyone does it, and the extra exp for rolling races and careers is not really worth it.
You are right that elves let you powergame pretty well, but I wouldn't say the devs were elfaboos. Especially since the warhammer rpg was always more aimed towards humans and dwarves.

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>some balance is supposed to be achieved by the lack of fate and resilience points. Though that rarely comes into play
>implying fate and resilience points aren't the god stat in wfrp

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I always figured that this would be balanced by the rascism Humans and Dwarves have for Elves. Have innkeepers charge them more, have drunk rascists pick fights with them etc.

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>no orc stat-line
what do you mean I can't play as a green Hulk Hogan and beat up elves just cause?

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Correct, you don't get to play as an Orc in the core rules of Warhammer Fantasy. You need the specific Orc book for that.

Partially, but also elves have fewer career options, no base resistance, and should have a harder time earning added fate points.

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Also elves in 4e are supposed to waste one of two endeavors between adventurers, because they are supposed to meet their own kin for elf reasons.
Didn't come into play that much in our group so far, but we didn't play anything extremely dangerous. Fate points saved my characters ass from dying, though.

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Did you miss the part where Elves don't naturally have any Fate or Resilience points? They have 2 points to distribute between the two things you have to burn to stay alive and unmutated.

Humans get a total of 6, and have a hell of a lot more freedom in distributing them.

Elves are like an old sports car, man it goes fast, but when they crash there's no survivor.

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Elves in WFRP are summed up as follows:

>excellent stats
>great at magic
>good at fighting
>die in fights because overconfidence about their fighting and magic and no fate points
>can't take as many endeavors as everyone else because they have to go chill with other elves

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>Third: you are supposed to roll for your race, and elves are a very rare thing to roll.
I fucking despise that part of old school mentality where it's basically "you need to be playing the fellowship of the ring therefore we made it so there's only ever one elf and one dwarf in the group"

It's like movies with token gays who inexplicably don't know anyone else who's gay

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WHFRPG is kinda different from your standard D&D high-fantasy adventure. The player characters are not heroes, not even all of them have careers that are suitable for adventuring. They are supposed to represent the actual people of the Empire.

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Wait what?
I though it was some lesser known table top game,
not fucking Warhammer.

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You can always choose your race, you just get 20XP if you keep what you roll.

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I find that WFRP 4E does it right where you can build your character from the ground up, but you get more stuff for doing everything randomly.

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I don't think it's that at all. It's like old D&D paladins: they're really powerful but you have to be super lucky with your rolls to be allowed to play one. Just random chargen where not everybody's automatically equal.

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I know what WFRP is but I see this mentality of LOTR imitation in a lot of old shit that isn't D&D and it always bugs me the same way. There are ways to tell interesting stories the old school way without always resorting to aping one wildly overrated author

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It's not the "LOTR imitation" that makes rolling humans the most likely, read my post again. The characters you can play are supposed to represent the average people inside the empire. Humans are the most populous, then come halflings, followed by dwarfs and elves are the rarest. The chance to roll these are supposed to reflect that.

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remove elf

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Why do people hate noldorfag so much tell me of what he did and shat up

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Okay zoomer.

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You're welcome to try, field chimp.

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I mean, people around me could be straight or gay and I wouldn't fucking know, because I don't ask.

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If I take away those fate points, will they die?

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He counter-shitposts shitposting threads about elves, like elves slave wat do or brings up actual lore and elves he likes in lol all elves suck and need to be genocided threads.

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It would be be very painful.

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I don't play this system, but Elf gets 0 fate, 0 resilience, and less extra points than Halfling or Human. I don't know the value of those traits, but they are the worst at them.

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I've been playing since the 90s moron

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>what is a social circle

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not just in those
also in any threads that do not present elves exactly as he wants them to be presented

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>also in any threads that do not present elves exactly as he wants them to be presented
I bet my left nutsack that it was a thread about how elves should be fat anime whores with big tits.

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He's obsessed with a very specific take on elves: flawless dignified manly superhumans. Typically Noldor elves

He perceives everything that does not conform to that stereotype as a mean-spirited attack on elves. For example, sexy elves. Those are a fucking warcrime in his eyes.

He believes that this should be stopped, and that the best way to stop it is to spam his "manly elves" folder until the thread reaches the image cap.

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I said "any threads"
So no, it's not limited to strictly fat anime whores with big tits.

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>I said "any threads"
Give me sone examples.
>Typically Noldor elves
Retard, part of their appeal is their huge fuckups.

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>For example, sexy elves.
AFAIK he likes warhammer elves, and that has murderous stripper elves, degenerate sorceresses, innawoods magic waifus and pure high elf maidens. He doesn't like elves that are nothing but fapbait, which is honestly something I can get behind.

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Lol what a loser

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Elf better stats only make it more funny when they roll bad and get killed or maimed

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>Briefly played an ogre aspireing leadbelcher
was good times. Would throw our would-be wizard over a river, breaking his legs and forcing him to huff chaos nonsense again/10

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