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>I still am baffled why this was such a big deal
It embarrassed her after she made her big entrance to stop it. Magical Girls harness the power of grief/grudges so the Monster Lord banned the ritual as the power is dangerous and unstable
>Why Succubus Witch wanted it
So she could study the power of grief/grudges
>Why Cassandra and Emily wanted it
So they could be a magical girl duo team
>Why the power was going to hit Luka anyway
Because after they won the power, the team voted for Luka to be the one to receive it to his chagrin.

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So /mggg/, what did you replace battle1.ogg with in paradox? I use a looped boss_sonia3 with the intro and ending cut off.

I used scene_battle1 before that but it got repetitive too fast.

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