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So no free promise ring for NA?

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>political spam
do they realise this is a dota stream
you know, video games?

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stop calling me a dotard

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>having trouble pressing buttons

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>people think the reddit avatar is bad
>nobody talks about the EC avatar

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>about to admit defeat with savage
>decide to look up static recruitments to give it a shot
>these faggot want 4+ days a week or 5 hour raid nights
>for fights you can clear in a day

am i missing something or are people fucking insane?

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Tell me what it is and I'll answer you truthfully.

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>get thralled
>Vamp: "Forget we ever met and go about your business"
>he's marked as high threat, tase him but do not cuff
>"I don't know who you are, but you're marked as high threat! Why is that?" Hint fucking hint. Let me unmark you.
>"Uhh, no I'm a friendly guy. Just go about your day and don't do anything."
Dude, let me help you.

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>pug titan

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>out of all the bunnies here almost all of them are Veena or pale Rava in slutglam
>white buns

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This ain't cool chief

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aight, anon
be safe on the rift

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>arguing about starting on fire on BLM

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is hippie just a more autistic and racist /vg/?

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>10 months
Your made up child is late as hell.

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>this thread uses tranny as a go-to insult
>also this thread

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>tfw bard main
>tfw another bard in party
>8/10 times they are dogshit

How? the hardest thing about this job is keeping that mental 30 second timer and even then you don't lose much damage for manually reapplying both.

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>Proto-Ozma is at least Savage level content

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>captain depresso
bruh i legit feel bad for your character

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>3 classes lvl 60 and not even in HW

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>just spam 1-2-3 and ogcds and mash that MF BLODDSPILLER BUTTON :joy: :okhand:


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>ahelping for getting antag treatment after acting antag

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>and grabbing minors faster

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people who play female lala are creeps I hope you all know that

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>dark nipples

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