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When Classic finally comes out, should I play as a Warrior or a Retribution Paladin?

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>Succubus Prison 2 is announced
>It's an FNAF clone

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>400k saber
how do you even beat this? i only have kuro and arjuna

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So realistically, what characters are going to get added to 5ds world? IIRC the only confirmed one we have left is Dark Signer Carly. It really feels like we are just getting the skeleton crew on 5ds, which I fear will carry on into Zexal any beyond

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If you count the graves/bones in La Croix's area, it's highly likely that's the place mentioned on that one island.

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When you wish to Shen Long (LoC event) to take over the world, he says he won't grant it because you're already destined to.

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I never tried

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Oh, that makes sense

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why was kiyo talking about anchin? i thought she was for me

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iirc max one of the sword jobs and you'll learn the "Equip:Sword" skill. Swordsman, perhaps? Equip that skill, and any job will be able to equip knight swords.

They have a random chance to completely nullify an enemy attack for your entire party. I'm not sure if you just need a knight sword equipped or if you must have chosen a sword skill at the start of the round. Probably the latter.

I just checked the translated scene and the original Japanese text, and yeah, you're right. There's still some mention of fluffiness in the original text, and use of the word mating in the translation, but they're quite different in tone. Also confirmed it was translated by the aforementioned "that guy" I've heard about. I'll post it in the group, and if it nobody else fixes it, I'll do it when I'm running through the game fixing/improving things.

Also need to investigate that Chrome line that was mentioned. That's one I'll fix ASAP if it's still like that.

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SHRIFT's combat is bullshit. I somehow still enjoyed it more than Lust Grimm's, though.

Learn some magic, that can help. Also romance your girls for new gear/stat points.

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>someone here asked for there to be a feature the plays summoning animations in game
>it’s in the next app update
Is Konami lurking?

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How can gays not like futanari if futanari is the thing that turned them gay in the first place?

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Are you serious holy cow that's insane. That's a key fragment every single win, maybe this pass really is worth it.

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>really want the Castrum Abania sword and shield
>really don't want to run Castrum Abania
How do I solve this conundrum?

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>yugioo drl wdionn

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Are we going to have several free transfers at the end of the month?
Or only on one character?

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1 crit star = 10% crit chance for a card, correct? Does that mean that any stars beyond 50 are wasted, since you'd already have 100% on every card?

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>up against a Jesse player
>he is playing blackwings
>keeps spamming the taunt that his crystal beasts are full of surprises

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Is casting waves of ecstasy on someone rape?

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>tfw latelet
>tfw only 100k points
this is not normal right? should i panic?

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Honest question. Why do people care so much about a ranking on some random site?

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What portrait mod should I use with dark world fantasy?
Anime, the one in HIP, or nothing?

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>all cause mass casualties

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>dueling roaming jaden
>has neos knight and prisma out
>uses oversoul to bring back Neos
>sacrifices Neos and Prisma for another Neos

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