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i don't see it
do i need a point to see it
oh it's on the side reply box not the top reply box<div class="like-perk-cnt">🐶</div>

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wow, this is what I get for joining the party late.

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borg<div class="like-perk-cnt"><img alt="" style="position:absolute;margin-left:-30px;pointer-events:none;" width="80" height="80" src="//s.4cdn.org/image/partyhat.gif"></div>;

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[fortune color="#7fec11"]Your fortune: Bad Luck[/fortune]

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Pretty please! :s

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If i like someone's post, I will reply in a positive manner.
This Like! bullshit is for lazy redditards.

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Came to cash in and pay out likes on /vip/ plox

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I will like every post in this thread

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Oh god.......

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It IS?

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Nice trips

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>have to verify the captcha for the april fools gimmick even with a pass
Thanks a lot Hiro you hack fraud

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I didn't buy a pass so I could wait to like things Hiroshima!

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Can we get a shorter cooldown? After all, we should be deciding the Very Important Posts™ on this website

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Pass users deserve shorter cooldowns

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mods always forget about us

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Where's the jokes

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Quick, post your emojis itt before the day is over<div class="like-perk-cnt">😃</div>

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>>90541 saved

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first time I've had a pass since /vip/ was created in 2016

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>>>/bant/8005383 ok fag

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Have you tried having sex yet?

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how are you liking it so far?

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you have been visited by my pickle rick figure

to get a cute gf and lots of link bags, type “thanks pickle ricker”

poorfags get nothing

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All NSFW boards are killed, pic related

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bless you, you fucking stallion

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I'm assuming the "s" stands for scripts. Is there any reason to allow a global rule for s.4cdn.org as opposed to just allowing all of 4cdn.org in general? I made a local rule to allow the entire 4cdn.org domain when the the native extension wasn't working on NSFW boards and it fixed it.

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not sure, just reposting

>> No.90358

It stands for "static". That includes all scripts and images (e.g. the minus/plus button) that belong to 4chan itself. In general, it should be safe to allow 4chan(nel) third-party access to all of 4cdn.org.

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i dont understand what this is saying.

What is this strange draw box?

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Been shitposting a lot less so I don't get banned before April Fools

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This is a sign that you've been posting on the wrong boards

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everything's alright lads

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You need to shitpost with tact.

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you happy now?

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Get on habbo passfags
Get to the dance club and make a swastika with us

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sorry anon you appear to have inadvertently travelled 13 years into the future and no one cares anymore.

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Perhaps you should be asking yourself why.

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How old does this person look?

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Too old, in my opinion.

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like a tranny

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We need a "Hide thread" option while browsing 4chan boards via "Catalog" and not "Index" only.

Catalog is the only way I ever browse 4chan, and this is not going to change, that's how I choose to interact with the website. It makes my experience on this site so much easier, fun, and more engaging. Catalog is amazing, but I'm missing one important function. I want to hide some really bad threads ( hello >>>/b/catalog ) But I can't, since the function is not there. Can we have this implemented soon?

P.S I have filters, and it works for most of the time, but there are degenerates who dodges it more than often.

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Can't do.
Android Chrome.

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<span class="sjis">Stop being a fone fag![/spoiler]

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Imagine being such a newfag you do not have the knowledge of being able to shift-click threads from the catalog.

Now look at OP.

Frightening, isn't it?

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Imagine being edgelord like you, and trying so hard to score internet brownies

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>buzzword buzzword buzzword common-newfag-reaction-image.jpg
But who am I quoting?

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Is there any mechanism for dealing with corrupt mods? The mods on /g/ have got to be the worst. Or maybe it's just the same mods across all boards.
Either way, they ban for posting relevant threads and allow spamming/flooding/off-topic threads. I will likely not be renewing my pass with this level of "quality" from the moderation on this site.

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I wonder if 4chan team is aware about massive advertisement campaigns launched on >>>/b/ (and partially on other boards)


Basically someone swoops into most of the threads tagging 5-10 people in picture with advertisement logo in image of either website, and does it repeatedly through out of the day. Sometimes multiple times in one thread.

Both websites required paid pass to engage with content, this is really good way for them to advertise without being suspected. Can we safely report these posters, without getting banned ourselves?

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Thanks fren.

I just don't want to get jumped on by toxic and poor anons.

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This what you wanted?

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Shitposting always existed, I've no objections with that. I'm referring to advertisement on images. I've been spending a lot time on /b/ lately, I see some patterns emerged. Just an observation perhaps worth following up.

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No shit.

Suck my fucking cock hero and faggot fucking lazy piece of shit useless ass mods.

Literally 1 job. Keep this place from being fucked by spam.

You fucking cant even do that????

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/b/ was never good.

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Fuck jews

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this is the content i paid to reply to.

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Are you a boomer?

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Eisenhower was president when I was born. You tell me.

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My man!

To an extent. I unironically wear cargo shorts and flip-flops all day everyday and have about half an acre of property that I mow, self-propelled though, not riding. No shades because I wear prescription lenses. I used to like Monster energy but had to quit them because was getting too addicted and it was expensive as fuck.

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I can't even get up without my first IV of monster energy

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I made a night jump onto an enemy drop zone while under fire - back in 1989.

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bye forever anons

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it's $20 anon just get a new one

>> No.90280

Regular hiatuses from this website can only be healthy for the mind, and the period right after your pass has expired is the ideal moment for that.

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You'll come back, don't lie to yourself.

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You're here forever

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kot fishe

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How can I get this?

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test again

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my first time using a tripcode.

>> No.94379

>using a tripc
ok, now stop using it forever.

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Why can't I get into any threads on /pol/?

Have the kiwis shut it down?

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The 4chan home page is also fucked up.

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>inb4 delete /pol/

>> No.90220

>inb4 this becomes irrelevent within a week

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Quoted By: >>90192

I just tried to make a post and got a notified that I needed to read a warning before posting. So I clicked that, and apparently that IP had been banned in February which expired March 9th ... yeah, that wasn't me.

I use a VPN. Now I'm paranoid. If I wake up and log in one day with a VPN IP that has a lifetime ban, 4chan will instantly link it to my 4chanPass making the pass useless. How are we supposed to combat something like that?

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Quoted By: >>90201

Your pass will only be banned for posts made with your pass. A previously banned IP connected to a pass will not ban the pass (you still won't be able to post on the IP though, unless you submit a "this wasn't me" appeal for the ban).
Getting banned with a pass, however, will also ban the IP.

>> No.90201
Quoted By: >>90202

>unless you submit a "this wasn't me" appeal for the ban
which will get the whole vpn-provider banned lel

>> No.90202
Quoted By: >>90260

As if that concerns you
And it will happen eventually, enough bans on a network collecting will shut it down as 4chan realises the IP range is a VPN

>> No.90260
Quoted By: >>90262

>As if that concerns you
it doesn't as I'm not OP.

>> No.90262

Well I mean anybody with a pass isn't affected by IP range bans anyway, so it doesn't concern anybody on this board. Also, a VPN that isn't banned already is quite rare.

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