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why is /vip/ so SMUG?

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Personally, I find the violence gratuitous

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I am ruler of this board

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>there's no car or men

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This 4chan pass was the 2nd thing I bought with my first ever paycheck, but recently the site removed the option to pay for it with paypal or credit cards, and now I must have a crypto wallet to pay for it.

I've never done this before, and I wish to open a bitcoin wallet in order to pay for it.

Can you guys help me out? How do you open one? How did you folks do it?

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Thanks for this. Testing

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How do we know if we can trust it?

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Why the fuck can't we just use cards

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gonna miss my pass until Hiroyuki adds a paypal option

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Hello! I write music. Please listen, maybe? If you write music, I'll listen too! You can share it here.

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This is my newest. I worked real hard on it!

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I made a new track. It's for a vidya gaem.

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I creatified a spooktober tune.


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I did the music to a radio-play, so this here's an entire soundtrack!

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I wrote this tune for David Wise. He's the composer to the Donkey Kong Country games!

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What VPN does /vip/ use?
I just cancelled my subscription to protonvpn and I'm trying out expressvpn but I'm not that convinced it's better so far

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once I month I mail an envelope with cash to sweden to pay for mullvad

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search your heart

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For some reason I have a feeling that you're a furry who is really bad at life and spamming and should consider the easy way out

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I think The Knights of Ren should have been the main villains instead of Snoke. Kylo recently formed the group. They are Vader fanatics wanting to learn from the user who had the most potential in the entire galaxy. Luke still has his jedi order which attracts Rey a girl with
potential and wants to prove herself. Perhaps her mother was a jedi who abandoned the rules of celibacy and survived order 66 but was hunted down by Vader and wants to learn from her mother's teachings and Finn, someone who was part of an experiment to create force sensitive stormtroopers. He has a blue
standard blade and Rey has a double bladed purple lightsaber which she constructs as she is proficient with a staff and the bleeding crystal
method is removed. Luke helps train them. Kylo has remnants of the empire who are troopers similar to the appearance of sith troopers that you see in episode 9 and work as body guards for the knights of the ren who are different from
the sith. They collect dark sided artifacts and try to collect sith holocrons that Vader left behind for a sinister purpose. Finn and Rey
fall in love. Leia learns how to use the force by being trained by Luke. Leia has a cyan lightsaber and Luke still has his green one and
Kylo has a green crossguard lightsaber which was gifted from Luke when he trained Kylo but Kylo cracks his green crystal in a fit of rage
causing it to go unstable. He'd be one of the few darksiders to use a color that is not red. Luke realizes his mistakes but tries to make
amends instead of giving up. Along the way to defeat the Knights of Ren, they learn of
other dark siders who are different from the sith, too. They also encounter other force orders that are light sided and even gray sided
and form alliances with them like the Guardians of the Breath and the Imperial Knights and they all have their own beliefs and agenda. They
could also show us, the audience, how they construct their lightsabers and what they learn from the sacred jedi texts.

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Just wanted to let my fellow /vip/s know that this is the best girl in the video game League of Legends

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why do you even play this trash? are you a chink?

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Not OP but it's a fun game

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Get better taste in games you losers

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truly, best girl

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Why was it deleted?

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It wasn't even dubs.

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who knows

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Probably because the last poster was completely right about everything.

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>furry sticky 404ed
yep, i'm thinking based.

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Esteemed aristocrats of this imageboard, how do we fix 4chan?

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Nazi apologia should result in an instant permaban.

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rate my swastika

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No, but tranny propaganda should.

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Stormniggers and trannies should get the boot equally.

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more like spastika

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You can only post in this thread if you have two or more 4chan passes.

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exit life
enter night
take my hand
we're off to never ever land

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Oh no

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Absolutely. Crypto is still shit fuckingly obtuse to use.

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Of course it will. Mine expires I think tomorrow and I'm not renewing it until a simple to perform renewal option us implemented. I looked into crypto and couldn't find anything that wasn't horrendously complicated with a billion different 'you have to be an elite hacker to do this' steps. Fuck that noise.

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Yes. Last time this happened I just let my pass lapse until I could use my CC again. I'll do the same again, I will not be fucked into doing this stupid crypto shit.

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This. I'll just suffer in the CAPTCHA mines until cards are accepted again.

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why not buster them

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Poor people cant post in this thread.

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Based and richpilled

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I'm poor, I just have mixed up priorities.

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Question: Do mods, like judges, have some personal leeway over how long a person is banned? If so, what's the maximum and minimum time they can give?

I'm currently banned for racism

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but yeah, mods can ban for as long as they like but typically stick to templated bans, at least in the last 3 years or so. Before then it was a wild west style of banning, each mod doing the fuck they wanted.

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"Replying to off-topic garbage" and some board rules are standardized as one day, most rule infractions are three days (as that is below the threshold when you can appeal and usually enough to deter non-evaders).
As far as I remember, longer times are reserved for illegal content, VPN/proxy (90 days formerly permaban, although pass users can usually circumvent them at least for posting just like rangebans if they didn't eat the ban themselves) and repeated offenders (30 days up to permaban depending on your ban tally).

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slide thread

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>Some spamming retard made it so that my IP range was banned from uploading files
>Got around it by using 4chan pass
>Can't renew because I'm not a retard who fell for the crypto meme
Thanks gookmoot. Every day you ruin this site more and more.

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Sorry guys, I jinxed it. The PayPal option was removed from the 4channel page sometime between 15:00 and 16:00 yesterday. OP's complaint is now fully valid again.

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Goddammit. What the fuck did Hiro fuck up this time? Luckily my pass doesn't expire until Feb next year but this is some bullshit.

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maybe just too many spergs initiation a dispute with paypal and/or doing a chargeback

>> No.93342

What if PayPal caught on to Hiro's little site-splitting game and called him out on it?

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this back and forth with payment processors is nothing new. luckily I restored my pass while it was still up in August but if you're not lucky it could be down for months again

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Post pictures and discuss Bonbibonkers.

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So this is the kshit of /wsg/, huh?

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Traps are fucking gay, faggot

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keep posting these, they totally work and we're completely uneducated.

our hate is completely foundless and we're totally not getting fucked by an entire race of people. no where in history had (((certain people)) been booted from entire regions of the world prior to WW2.

how ignorant racist facist people are. i for one am excited about the chosen race overlords and support open borders :^)

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>reddit spacing

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*Blocks your ethnostate*

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Nothing can block the cuteboy ethnostate.

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Post trains.

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Is /pol/ going to crack this open?

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who is that vampire-looking thing?

>> No.93688

no, he committed suicide

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Epstien is now part of the memory hole. godspeed nog

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Quoted By: >>93222 >>94096

You have been visited by the Laura of desolate boards.

Unfortunately this board appears to have gone unnoticed by anons on 4chan. Unless someone posts in this thread (and does it soon), this board will inevitably be forgotten.

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OP is gay nobody's forgotton about this board, stop being mad that i'm posting anti-semetic shit, nerd

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