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Is anyone else pissed off at how bans transfer to the pass as well? For example, if you get banned at home, then get into 4chan on another one (say, your college's library's computer) and log into your pass, you'll be banned there too.
It just sounds like shitty practice that punishes you for buying the pass. And of course this is done to avoid ban evading, but let's be real here, everyone evades the shitty 3 day bans you get for petty garbage, what is the point of cracking down exclusively on the paying customers?

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don't get banned.

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No? This is a complete non-issue. The last real ban I got must have been some 8 odd years ago. I think I got a single 24 hour auto-ban for a link since then. You must be extremely edgy or annoying to get enough bans where it would lead to a complaint.

Also, since you're aware of the rules surrounding passes and bans - just shitpost without your pass for three days? You're doing it to yourself by logging in with your pass.

>Logs into his paid 4chan account on his college's library's computer
The cringe is real...

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just the mods and jannies get in a pissy mood when they remember their shitty lives. gotta take it out on us pass users

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It highly depends on the boards you browse. All my bans happen on /v/ and they are global for some stupid reason. Jannies will ban you for complaining about e-celeb threads and other sorts of off-topic garbage.

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>Jannies will ban
You know, it's not like they put it in massive bold text everytime they open applications. Janitors supposedly do not have the power to ban you.

>for complaining about e-celeb threads and other sorts of off-topic garbage.
Rightfully so, because it is in itself off-topic garbage. If a thread violates a rule, report it and move on. Do we really have to teach a completely new generation "don't feed the trolls"?

It's like with clickbait and outrage articles. Any engagement is a win in their books. Just ignore the trolls and the garbage.

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But there was that thread where mods actively protected a Dunkey thread. They deleted all posts complaining about it being e-celeb garbage and banned their users (me among those who were banned). Then they patrolled the thread until it hit bump limit.

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