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Are we ever going to get credit card payment back or is going to be crypto only from now on?

Why won't hiro talk to us about this?

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Yeah let's have another thread about crypto why not

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Payment processors are denying 4chan service, aren't they? If so, there's nothing Hiro or anyone can do about it.
If the 4chan/4channel split couldn't convince them, then nothing can.

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>there's nothing Hiro or anyone can do about it.
He can give us an update, at least let us know he's working on a solution and what the timeframe might be.

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>Payment processors are denying 4chan service, aren't they?
4chan, or hiro?
come on, there are thousands of EXPLICIT-SEX-sites offering CC_payment, but 4chan somehow can't? really?

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If I had to guess, I'd say it's because porn sites aren't accused of harboring "ebil alt-rite natsi tewworistss."
Read up on Gab if you haven't already. Infinitychan got shut down for similar accusations. 4chan is likely in a similar situation thanks to /pol/'s infamy.

After the chan/channel split, You could buy passes on 4channel.org with a credit card / paypal, but on 4chan.org you had to use cryptocurrancy. The only reasonable justification for this discrepancy is that businesses were denying 4chan service because of its reputation. Unfortunately, they must have caught on because now they're denying 4channel service too.

Anyways, I wouldn't expect paypal/credit card processing to come back any time soon. As long as (((they))) have power over the internet, they'll be trying to silence websites like this one.

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It might not be content related. Porn sites offering subscriptions usually own the copyright to the materials they're offering. While porn sites are fine, pirate sites tend to have quite some difficulty finding payment processors. If a site is designed to facilitate unlawful conduct including copyright infringement most payment processors don't want to touch you with a ten foot pole. Even when these sites have take-down mechanisms, so 4chan's DMCA complicance probably isn't enough.

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hiro pls respond

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alright I caved. Take your bitscoins

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This board has always been slow, but have you guys noticed how much slower it's gotten since the barrier to entry was raised?

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