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How do I renew my pass with a credit card. I don't want this streak to end.

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get good

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Get over your streak and wait until Hiro gets his shit together to at least temporarily offer actual payment options again. Then you can renew your old pass to make it seem you kept up the streak per >>93608

Or be impatient, use an unauthorized reseller site that handles the crypto for you, pay a mark-up and pray they don't scam you.

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use credit card to buy crypto

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Buy Bitcoin before we see new all time high prices

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nice try

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Just so you know, even if you let your pass lapse you keep your original buy date. So it's just putting up with the inconvenience until you can renew.

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That's good at least. This seems like a stupid thing to deal with though.

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It's a good idea to buy your pass with a credit card. I fuckin' bought mine originally in 2012 with Bitcoin. I could have retired off that shit with the rate it's going these days.

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find the forbidden site
I literally just did this

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just buy bitcoin you faggot

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>can add shitty halloween-crap
>can't add proper payment-methods
hiro got his priorities in order.

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So how do you like 4chan, now that your first year here is almost over?

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