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Is this site trustworthy to renew my pass?

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it looks legit enough that i would fall for it

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No PayPal option to pay, so it's a no for me. I'm not leaving my credit card details to random dudes

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yeah it is. see >>93637

they never process any of your info, it's all done by stripe.

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Most likely talking about your site OP


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hopefully nobody reports this 4chan-reseller to stripe hahaha would be bad hehehe right?

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I genuinely wonder what their views are

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Pretty sure they're against it seeing how it breaks rules 3 and 4. Whether or not they choose to enforce the rules and actually ban users is another matter.

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I'm using the 4chan Pass Gift system, which is a legitimate way of gifting accounts. I'm not selling accounts.

Also, I'm moving server stuff around so the site may be unavailable for the rest of the day.

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the pass itself is not supposed to be transferred or sold. no idea how to enforce that anyway.
would be rather idiotic to offer gifting passes and then ban passes using those gifts.

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