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When do you since4pass, /vip/? What is the situation where it's appropriate?

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When i want to flex on poor bois zwz

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>When do you since4pass
Pretty much only when someone accuses me of newfagging in a particularly aggressive way after I correct them for telling bullshit about "how it used to be".

>What is the situation where it's appropriate?
Never. It's petty, elitist and against the spirit of anonymity. The whole point of anonymous posting is that ideas will be evaluated on their merrit, not based on who uttered them.

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when I'm leafposting on /pol/ and I want to be even more annoying

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Agreed. More often I just reference when I joined 4chan as a regular poster as "between Code Geass and Code Geass R2" or "just before external archivers became pervasive". I feel like reference points like that work a lot better at establishing credibility than just claiming to be an oldfag from X year.

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Joined before they added both captcha and the pass, you're all plebs

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joined when f5'ing was still necessary.

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Everyone with a 2012 pass joined before then too. But you can only prove it as far back as passes go.

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Exactly, the argument goes "In 20XX I had already been here for so long, I was willing to pay". I would wager a bet that most of the early pass adopters had been here since well before 2008. I bought in at the frist (anniversary) sale, since $20 seemed a bit high for my sparce use.

Joined when being b& meant you couldn't even lurk. Which I did for almost a year before making my first post. And within a week I was promptly b& for 3 months, for helpfully replying on /r/ of all boards. It truly was a different time.

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>tfw just bought a 4chan pass instead of when I joined in 2012
Yeah, I can't use it to prove to someone I'm not newfagging

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I joined when /b/ was good. I was one of the people forcing Millhouse to be a meme.

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Never because I just buy a new pass every time, I don't want mods keep a catalog of my posting history

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They don't need a pass to track you. There are IP addresses, cookies, browser profiling, and more.

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Whenever somebody posts about pass I post that I have pass just to flex.

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Anons where do u get bitcoins for paypal

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I bought them with paypal in localbitcoins.com

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This is usually when I do it.

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how do you show your pass?

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since4pass, RTFM

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