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Go to pixiv and bring something back to post. God damn, why is /y/ full of shit non-contributors?

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Hey OP, I’ve got the uncensored version for you.

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I unfortunately don’t have the uncensored version of this one, though.

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Holy fuck, artist?

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Maybe if you GO TO PIXIV you'd know.
Stop hanging around waiting to be spoonfeed and start contributing to threads, or the board will be deleted next year.

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Wait, it’s gonna be deleted?

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shut up bitch

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There's a website with literally tens of thousands of pictures and somebody asked for the artist of two of them and you say 'go look asshole'. I hope you fall off your high horse and it tramples your ass.

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Guys just use saucenao

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And sign up to access r18 content and higher resolution pics

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Are you a toddler? Does your mom still wipe up your whoopsies when you knock over your sippy cup? If you put in even the tiniest bit of effort you'd be able to find anything in this thread. Use the image search function that is built into this very site. And if that doesn't work, SauceNao will find any pixiv image you search with. 3 mouse clicks and the source is right fucking there. It is literally less effort to do it yourself than to ask somebody to do it for you.

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shut up bitch

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/y/ is sub 200 posts a day. Only a fraction of that is relevant content. The catalog is full of undead threads, some are over a year old that retards keep bumping, which is sad because the image limit for a thread is like 250.

4chan isn't going to keep babysitting aspies that never contribute and harass every new thread that doesn't accommodate their tastes. Think about all storage this board takes up. Meanwhile the gay furry threads in /trash/ run circles around this board.
What do you think is going to happen?

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neck yourself faggot

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Posting art for the sake of posting art isn't doing much good. I don't post totally crap art for the sake of doing it, which is an issue, because good art is getting hard to come by, or has been posted a thousand times, before.

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>What about MY needs?
It's all about taking what you can get, isn't it?

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I wanted to agree with you on principal but you are seriously the most unpleasant bitch ever. KYS.

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any source for this

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unless they say they are going to start deleting boards im seriously doubting they'll take any action soon
that being said as a lurking i'll try and actually contribute stuff.

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I'm sorry I'm dumb, but how do you post pics from Pixiv? I get a message like it's an unsupported file type

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Try pixiv app. You can download JPG files.
4chan did not support webp

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what absolute horseshit, fucking /po/ is still here for shit's sake, we're not going anywhere

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More please

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Artist ?

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normalfaggots and reddit tourists have perversed every corner of the internet since mobile posting, with their shit tastes of babby's first shooter and subpar shounen animes; casualfags, being the most demanding/entitled communities, screech at shit like 'gate-keeping' because god forbid you for making them use their brains independently for once.
>but ur being too mean about it
they go as far as pushing """""cyber-bully""""" laws, or stricter bans on explicit comments, even going as far as demanding bank accounts to relinquish income towards content creators because some obese faghag got triggered. At least smelly 4chimpo neckbeards stay in their own circles.
eat shit normal nigger

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Here come some good stuffs that I saved.

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Same artist.

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Same artist.

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Same artist. The resolution was too big so I need to split apart. Part 1.

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Part 2

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Part 3 (end).

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Thanks! It worked

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