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Kuroshitsuji may have been a shit anime and a meh manga, but at least it's great porn fuel

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The last threads got archived, so I made a new one

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If you could follow the rules and post more than one image that'd be great

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Link and or title would be great

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pretty sure the artist is JJFrenchie, couldn't tell you anything beyond that.

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Wait, Joel Jurion?

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seems his pixiv is long defunct and this comic is well over 6 years old.

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Does anyone have anymore good pics of Connor and Hank, I played the game and have recently fallen into this rabbit hole and am very thirsty for more.

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If anyone has made art closer to the quality of the game it would be so much better.

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The sweeter the better.

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codenivanfield on Insta makes pretty great 3D models close to the game, better than other 3D stuff I've seen.

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Can anyone share something animated material for me?

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faggot this is for videos and animated if you can't handle quality above a still image KYS or be gone

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Higher quality

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You do not know how much I have gone for this! thanks anon

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whats with the lack of violent sexual assault on this board

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sauce ?

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It's just a fantasy you weirdo, you have no idea who is in this thread. Are you the guy who sperges on /tv/ too, calling everyone who dares to post images of young actors a fujoshi? That guy is an angry spazz who wishes he was a cute bottom too.

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not the same person that posted it but it looks like it's a doujin from The Evil Within. Looks like Sebastian is watching a vid of the haunted rape Joseph.

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A bit more info: it seems to be called ???? which translates to Wolf Pass
Hope it'll help people in finding it

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>There is no fake physiology in straight or lesbian henta
Are You sure? I mean there's a lot of porn where people believe pee comes out of the vg or think squeezing is bodily fluids not pee

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Post those pictures from Aper Sexy.

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Old thread >>2662305
KOF, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, SamSho and any other SNK series are welcome

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the person who posted it isn't the artist tho, looks like it was a commission.

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Does this artist have a website, pixiv, twitter, etc? I have a pixiv but they deleted everything.

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A lot of great artists both NSFW and not seem to have deleted in the last three years for some reason.

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Can we have a AOT thread? I'm currently rewatching the anime series and in the mood for some lewds

Source: Ore wa uma janee!

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How would you search, by tags, for materials involving straight boys going gay ? Thanks

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And this is why straights hate gays

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lelkek nigger

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Instead of trying to relate to a straight man that hates gays for desiring him, why don't you relate to a gay man that is aroused by a fellow man having a sexual awakening?

It is a very exciting time to discover homosexual feelings for anyone. A man's first time can be a very powerful and overwhelming moment. There is no need to shame someone who wants to witness that.

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I respect your point but I wouldn't expect anyone from 4chan to actually engage in a rational conversation. There's no culpability so trolls are everywhere alot of the time. Just my 2 cents, open to new ideas.

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other one was archived

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Post red boys butts

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ITT: celebrities who post on /y/

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Stefanie Joosten (from Metal Gear) is known to have been a fujo as a teen.

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I unironically think Greta is incredibly based. Some turboautist who found a way to skip school (so she wouldn’t get beat up by Stacy everyday anymore) and meanwhile become a global phenomenon while exposing people to levels of autism that they probably never even conceived of. She’s probably one edgy infographic away from becoming a spree shooter the absolute madwoman.

>> No.2664849

Meme aside is kinda sad seeing a turbo autistic girl being "used" as some kind of doom prophet.
Yeah global warming is real but if you go around crying and shouting like there's no tomorrow people will get tired of your shit real fast
Also she's not doing real meaningful things like planting trees in some 3rd world shithole or helping poor people get educated (since those people are more likely to create more pollution)

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do i have to see this bitches face here on /y/ now too? men only, get this shit the fuck outta here.

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Art from the Batman series, especially any with Batman/Bruce Wayne in it.

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It's time, boys.

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Artist Usada! twitter @usaddd. He had deleted everything on his pixiv so please help me to recollect his arts

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That is so hot! Anyone has collections of the artist's arts? >////<

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These people give me anxiety sometimes. Never fucking know when they'd just up and purge everything.

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the one pic

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Can someone tell me what's this cotton ball thingy and perhaphs post more porn of it

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I thunk it’s a tool for cleaning swords....

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It's a japanese style ear cleaner. The end without the cotton is used to pick out wax and the cotton is used to clean the outside of the ear. The act of cleaning someone else's ear with the cotton is actually considered pretty intimate in japan.

>> No.2664851

Ahh yes but other then that i cannot find yaoi of it lol.
Will be kind if someone can post more pics

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It's not a cotton swab. It's a bag of abrasive powder used for polishing swords. The characters of this series are anthropromorphized swords.
>That's the joke.

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It's a mild abrasive, but it's more of a protective dusting to keep fingerprints and oil off while cleaning.

You can find more by searching "???? r-18" on pixiv.

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I don't see a thread like this, si post your rude delincuentes boys

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Faceless and partially hidden dudes, bodyless dicks and hands. Embarrassed/harassing character bonus.
I think pov fucking is ok, but that's not the focus

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try image serach next time
[Inukare (Inuyashiki)] MobDivi Bon (Hypnosis Mic)

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I love making yaoi drawings but i can't keep it on my computer

Share your own Yaoi drawings, i'll try posting a little more of what i do in the futur

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did yall see axtons cameo in borderlands 3?

>> No.2664639

God I hate this with borderlands 3. They're so focused on the new characters that they forget the old ones even existed.
"yeah guys, the new vault hunters are here! Hm? Axton? Salvador? Gaige? Kreig? Who are they?"

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Hey guys, what is this manga

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Quoted By: >>2664515

This is shota retard

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Quoted By: >>2664534

i meant the manga name

>> No.2664534

Ore ga Genki ni Shite Ageru, now fuck off

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Why isn’t there more porn of this twink.

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Quoted By: >>2664503

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you should read it, it's good. Not too much explicit gay fanservice though = (. Oh and be warned there is a fair bit of sexual violence and gore.

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Granblue fantasy thread

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>> No.2664630

OP sho is that with baal

>> No.2665584

what is this series?

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