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I don't care if they're English, Scottish or Welsh, if they're British post them here

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Best Scotsdaddy

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Quoted By: >>2729328

If someone wants to role-play or to create a free fan art talk to me by wsp, I leave my number +56 9 4902 1283 ask for yaoi boi I will answer you right away

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And award for neediest cunt goes to.........

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The last few years have been good to the smutty M.U.G.E.N scene, post em if you got em.

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Catboys? Safe for work posts are welcome too.

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!


Seven Seas Licensing Survey:

Bonus questions:
>Best fetish in sex?

Previous Thread >>2725088

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Oh jeez you're right that the art is impressive and crazy accurate but I wish I hadn't seen that

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New thread >>2731958

Added these, as requested:

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>not just anything gets added to because we ask?
It doesn't mean that the suggestion for the chart will be absolutely added or anything. Its just there as a potential addition to be evaluated on whether or not it should be

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Quoted By: >>2732000

this one is nice.
kinda has this nostalgic feel to it.

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Repost it in the new thread, anon! It is good, I'm sure more anons will want to talk about it

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!


Seven Seas Licensing Survey:

Bonus questions:
>Thoughts on forbidden topics like incest?

Previous Thread >>2725088

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any of the boys

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cause the last one got archived

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beautiful. did you save this before it went down?

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Quoted By: >>2745915



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i wish i had saved my likes from Tumblr before they went down. i tried to use Tumbex but it's godawful, can't search NSFW tags, no easy way to go back through years, etc... I feel like there's a lot of good AC porn we lost because Fireden doesn't go back past 2013, or it was all on Tumblr and not saved somewhere

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Anybody got anything by lvlv

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New Carlos fans seethe, he's the most hideous shit ever, but don't worry, you can be forgiven by god if you use his classic version.

Oh and btw new Resident Evil Thread since old one died cuz nobody likes new Carlos.

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coronautism is probably it.

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Pitiable babies. Hope their parents make them tendies soon and they get over it. In the meantime, more sexy Carlos.

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Bump for hobo daddy dick.

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You see a femboy Braixen in front of you, what do you do?

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Report it because no furfaggotry allowed outside of /b/

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Little Devil May Cry anyone?

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DMC Dante is a gigantic faggotron.

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I love my husband
Pic related it's him

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PSA: Post porn or take your shit to /cm/, no one here cares

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I need more hot delivery men to get me through this pandemic.

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source is twitter.com/dallasbling

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So they are going to drop all CB threads?

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Based, but there is a chance it will get removed and then no anon will ever be able to post it again without editing a pixel (images flagged as copyright infringement can't be reposted)

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Lurk moar newfag, I'll let you hanging.

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Quoted By: >>2729168

what nationalities are they?

>> No.2729168

Stop trying to jack off to the idea of these fuck ups, that's exactly what they want

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Jesus that torso is misshapen as fuck

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Anyone got any updates on the march rewards?

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Omae wa mô shindeiru

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annnd the thread is gone

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I mean they can be more attractive in the face but...yeah I'd get on my knees for Ron in a second. Been with girls all my life but I've been aching to experience the other side.

>> No.2746390
Quoted By: >>2746407

I don't know what the general consensus is for femboys on /y/, but I'd pay good money to see a BBM/Otaku type man to dom a femboy or a cute twink, especially in a mating press.

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Quoted By: >>2746408

I'm sure you'll find a ton who want that. Most of the smut is centered around BBM and Femboys.

For me the problem is finding one as a wannabe masc bottom and having him treat me the same way.


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Sorry I'm a dumb fuck thinking about meaty guys now and didn't post a mating press.

Forgive me -_-

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Uwu https://discord.gg/wcgardv

>> No.2728543

A thread died for this shit

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Starting a Dragon Ball Z yaoi KIK group for those interested in role playing and sharing DBZ bara porn! KIK group is called dbz.bara.rp

>> No.2728532

bump for interest

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Greek, Norse, Human, non-human: give me all the kratos you got. other God of War characters (ie baldur, Ares, Zeus, Magni + Modi) good too

source; Drawnpr0n

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Quoted By: >>2740405 >>2741799

Pixiv is very weird, it does feel like some stuff is just hidden even if you go all the way on a tag's history. That or I just have bad eye site. You could possibly try Newgrounds? Though I don't know how many active GoW lewders are on that site. Hentai Foundry is also an option though I haven't checked that site very much myself

>> No.2740405

*eye sight
apparently bad spelling too

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thought this one had been posted but i guess not.

i haven't been on Hentai Foundry in a while, but i found it to be hit or miss as well. didn't realize Newgrounds was so active. it's weird, you'd think Kratos would be more popular with the bara artists, unless y-gallery and Tumblr going down completely nuked anything that wasn't uploaded to chans. Pixiv tags might be hidden depending on if it's flagged as R18, you may need to be logged in to fully see.

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Quoted By: >>2741849

The runes on the cock is a pretty nice touch, I'm impressed.

>> No.2741849

didn't even realize that, wow

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It's trickling in

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File: 178KiB, 469x621, 1512220 - Hajime_Hinata Nagito_Komaeda Super_Dangan_Ronpa_2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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I want this twink obliterated

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no bump, its good, pls stfu

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Quoted By: >>2729127

Bump We need more

>> No.2729122
Quoted By: >>2729127


>> No.2729127

Contentless bump posts are against the rules.

>> No.2729140

Oh, sorry, didn't know that

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