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Bolin and other sexy soft bois

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isn't there already an avatar thread though?

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not really they often don't last

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what's he saying?

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6 centimeters...
8 centimeters...
7.5 centimeters...
9 centimeters...
[Sign: Carbonated Spring]
11 centimeters...
Oi, Hiroto, cut it out. You're gonna get in trouble.
Sixteen centimeters...
Uwaa, a new record...
Hey, Nii-chan...
When we grow up are ours gonna be like that too?
I guess so...?
Then this is the only time I can see them like they are now?
I gotta burn them in into my memory while I still got the chance!
The bath's carbonated you idiot...

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"Sir, in line with my letter to the feedback box, have you properly put an*l beads in your butt?"
"Y... yes of course M... my job requires me to listen to the customers' feedback as well, after all "
A masochistic librarian who does work while having an*l beads in

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Thanks so much, you did that really quick.

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How about this...?

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bring back hetalia 2k19

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No fuck off

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Id die for more Japan, especially him with the freedom slut

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This artist needs more attention.

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new stuff

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2019 and I'm still into ZaDr. Anyone else?

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kinda like traps ig but theyre still recognizably male hopefully

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I need some help Anons, can anyone identify or link the full doujin? I can post 2 more pics if need be.

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Heres the second, third coming

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Maybe try posting in the JoJo thread next time.This didn't need it's own thread

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Post them

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Shit, here we go again

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nah its basically done to avoid multiple threads of the same fanbase like my hero academia used to have 5 threads going in at the same time

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bump :3

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I need cat boys in my life fellas. Send your cutest and sexiest pics.

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>> 2565057

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We need more porn of this robot dad!

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Banned for misgendering this non-binary icon!

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Did you just assume all dads are male? You fucking bigot.

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this was all the more funny to me when I realized that Robots literally are binary

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Some cute vanilla would be nice

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no shota retard

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Let's get a thread for all the underrated, and under drawn, RPG games out there

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man all the Breath of Fire yaoi is furry

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Thought it was demifiend from the thumbnail, was dissapointed

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Was there EVER any Isaac x Ivan art drawn? There is just so poorly Golden Sun in general...

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The games were just released too early into the internet days. And the third game was too disappointing for fans to rally behind. I still hope for a remake or Isaac to get into Smash, but even then I dont know if Golden Sun will ever be viable.

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I would really like more boys from Mogeko games

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Post boys with nice butts

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I recently found this artist on pronhub (https://www.pornhub.com/users/artisticjinsk) anyone have more of their stuff?

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>Error Page Not Found

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Learn to use reverse image search.

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Not to mention, the artist literally listed all the necessary links to their works on that very page. And then there's retards like OP.

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where there are at least two subs or bottoms.

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Demonic Snek Dicks

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Please and thank you

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Looking forward to the next thread lads. I got plenty of fresh content I've been saving up.

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here's the new thread, guys >>2675259

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Can't find anything :/

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Post Kill la Kill stuff, preferably Iori

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can someone explain tubavore to me?

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God, I wish this kink could weird me out, but the world we fucking live in already.

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this shit belongs in /d/ .

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What the hell is this and why are you doing it?

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ask d

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honestly Lincoln loud pics are pretty hot but its few and far in-between finding them

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You'll have an even harder time finding any that aren't shota and are even allowed on this board.

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My name is Weezle, thats all you need to know

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Hi Weezle

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Weezle, you’re very cute, but what are you doing on /y/, dear? Have you perhaps stumbled into the wrong place?

Here’s a cock for relevance.

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So many video games threads and no GoW. A shame.
Is there any newer stuff, with JD, Del and/or Fahz?
Just got into Gears 5 and I am thirsty ...

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Sorry, Anon, but Onions of Gears is wahmon series now. Masculine men are a no-no.

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does someone have the lancer art sequence from zarthy000? their tumblr was deleted and i can't find this artist anywhere...

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Let's start a domination thread

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You really should elaborate on what you mean.

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File: 201KiB, 600x800, 64479811_p38.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I have more, but a lot of it is sfw.

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