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my boyfriend is silly, and I have to get angry with him because he doesn´t clean his room when I arrive at his house.
And I have to always tell him everything he has to do, because otherwise he never finishes doing anything. above is a musician and has a room full of instruments. I don't know what to do with him, I've already punished him in many ways

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why would you bump this? report it and ignore it.

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Any of you boys and girls got some of that Senkuu on y'all?

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wrong file that's not top gen

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oc. a lot of it is cboy/busty boy (or whatever you call it) so it wouldnt belong here but if anyone is really interested i can drop an imgur link or something. i do both sengen and gensen

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Let's get another one going. Marvel Thread #4

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>it’s that time of the month where one of the creators I support on Patreon creates a poll for character suggestions for the months
>the top two like comments are
>Spidey(Tom Holland) and Venom(Tom Hardy)
>Spidey(Tom Holland) and Iron Man(RDJ)
For fuck’s sake. These idiots are legitimate gonna make me drop this guy. Like come the fuck on. This’ll be 4 in a fucking row that dude takes it

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New comic he’s making

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Anyone has this set?

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Do you have any works of this artist? I can't seem to find any.

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I need an uncharted thread, anyone one is there one? Or can I have one please.

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hypno thread

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Torakichi always seemed like an underrated artist.

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Not just small tearing-ups, but tears all the way down the face.

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Last thread was full now this is the new one

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yeah he is new to nsfw compared to just drawing shirtless dudes

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we need the new nsfw pieces lol

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All I want is to be chained to Satan's throne and be used as fuck meat by him and his demon hordes. Is that so wrong?

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you will never pegnant demon children

why live

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Sauce on this

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I was searching a image in the rule 34 of this ship, but it is Lost, i don't find it anywhere, so... Post what you have, maybe you have that image...

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Do boys this pretty exist in real life? Or are these artists just drawing tiny penises on girl bodies?

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please refrain from posting 3DPD

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You never went trough 8 chan's boipussy threads and it shows.
there are onions boys out there ya'll..... baka

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>I like fat fucks and mutants
Oh boy another internet fetishist

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Go to Thailand and see for yourself

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This thread was moved to >>>/trash/25305557

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Ranma yaoi thread

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More of the best yaoi pairing

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I wish I was ganon in this situation

>> No.2661487

I would have stayed if I was ganon in that situation.

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any of the guys from s1 or s2 would be great

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That’s too bad. Thanks for telling me.

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Fucking this. Where's the love for Spiderverse Peter

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Tom is the only Peter who deserves our love

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I'm not being creepy. I'm curious as to why a heavily dominated female art form has so little fujoshi here?

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Oh fuck you OP you dumbshit, a thread died for your irrelevant and useless sociology thread that has nothing to do with /y/ content. Post it in the fucking discussion thread or lurk moar. Fucking hell. And stop bumping this thread.

Found the "mlm" tranny who never leaves their basement lol. Anyone who unironically thinks gayshit or fujos are hurting them needs to kill themselves and go back to twitter.

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Keep crying moralfag. Yaoi is never "fetishization" because that is just some propaganda Tumblr fucking started for no discernible reason and yet straight males that continue to like yaoi pretty much finding this type of behavior a scapegoat to be blameless.

Does /y/ really another demographic check? Every poll this board has has shown a mostly male demographic.

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This one shows a near 1:1

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This one is interesting too, there's more bisexual than straight women and somehow 5% lesbians. Maybe we could make another survey on the discussion thread.

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Pls shut up
Jk bye

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Scott Pilgrim, anyone? Been a long time since one of these.

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more shit like this. good work anons

>> No.2665304

Bumping to add some more images when i get home

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Has anyone tried this yet?
It's a mobile game featuring Mentaiko's art.
Priapus is in the game too!

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>rated T for teen
what part of T do you not understand?

>> No.2659563

the animations are very stiff.

>> No.2660636 [DELETED]

Tried this on an emulator couple days ago. Runs like shit desu.

>> No.2660637

Tried this on an emulator couple days ago. Runs like shit.

>> No.2660826

I've been playing it the past few days.
It's better then Gaydorado but I can see myself getting over it in like 2 weeks.

The RPG sections are actually fun but after the first 4 they become rarer as you need specific level requirements to access them (and your level ups become less and less each day).

They posted a survey on reddit for people to complete. Its in relation to the art, features, etc. I would recommend that people complete it so we can actually get some worthwhile art out of it.

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I need help finding this. I need an english version if anyone know. Thanks

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Haikyuu Thread

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damn this thread is so dead

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I'm looking for furry erotica pictures ( soft ) in order to collect all Dog Kennel Club Breeds, It would be cute to have the whole set. Some breeds are very hard to find. I post some of the most obvious to start the thread.

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If you want furry, you should go to b or trash. Furry is not allowed on y

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Thread will probably get removed because of rules, you might want to remake it on >>>/trash/

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Oh I wasn't sure. Okay bye T.T

>> No.2658921

I'm new here, didn't meant to mix things up. I thought gay fantasy about cartoon or mutant were on the same page.

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So i draw a lot of girls in my entire life that I didn't even bother to draw a dude, since I became a fan of Yaoi since 2011, I've wanted to draw some porn or some hentai with my favorite ships, now a bunch of years later i really want to draw it but I'm sick at it, could you guys give me some advice? And I don't know how to draw penises so if you help me that would mean a lot to me

>> No.2658885

good god, not only does this type of thread belong on /ic/ and not /y/, there is literally already an existing thread for this exact subject like a single page down

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