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Like-minded individuals looking to expand our Discord server! Please help us out! I think you can take a wild guess about the content of our lovely server! ;)

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I freaking love this pair! Let's post some images, ladies!

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Boys with frames like this, wide hips with a little chub

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Post anything you have (gender bending, adult depictions etc.) no shota.

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you are welcome ;)

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I would fuck Marcel like there is no tomorrow!

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The board is for posting images you retard not links to your shitty ass gallery

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Post guys who are affiliated with air or flying types.

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Do you guys have the full version of this gif ? Thanks in advance

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Find me some best boy maruki

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Not much out there desu. Most of it is already posted in the Persona thread

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Nips dont like this character

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Then get fucked, don't make request threads and read the rules next time

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People have posted some stuff of him in the Persona thread
Looking through Pixiv if you haven't already would help too

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tfw japan doesn't like adults

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Against the rules

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It's on myreadingmanga, you can find it under the Yuri on Ice tag (it's a damn good doujin)

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I was looking for old archived tumblr content... bumped on this "catalogue" and damn, massive fap bank!


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Some of them are weirdly categorized, but both me and my dick salute you!

To the fap-mobile!

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All these things are made just for women?

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ITT: hurr durr faggots are oppressed by w*men
hurr durr w*men are oppressed by faggots
hurr durr trannies something something

Why can't neckbeards and landwhales live in peace together? IMO you're clearly made for each other.

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I am a woman on the y board! My thoughts:
I think some of it probably is. I don’t think that sacrifices the quality much though - it’s not like the men that gay men are attracted to look different than the men that straight women are attracted to. Also I think a lot of yuri is made for men, so it’s not like this is a uniquely Yaoi issue. I’m not sure why it matters who the target audience is - hot stuff is hot.

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>it's not like the men that gay men are attracted to look different than the men that straight women are attracted to

Pretty sure gay (like 100% gay, not bisexual) neckbeards are mostly into big buff hairy bears and don't like regular anime boys (or bishounen) because muh idealization and muh sexual objectivation

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This thread was moved to >>>/s4s/8723115

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Holy fuck they're literally retarded. We even have demon and Devilman threads on this board so what the fuck?

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Obviously the person policing the board has selective interests.
Obviously they had no intention of contributing to the thread in the first place.
Obviously the mods don't actually look at what they're doing.

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Need more Naruto yaoi

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Top Kiba content. Finally :)

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when will the reverse be possible? a bitch kiba, and a naruto top, with your modification I mean

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Up until 2008, the Santa Barbara Zoo had a giraffe named Gemina that had a permanent 90-degree bend in her neck caused by fused vertebrae.

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Maybe one day, but i can't promise anything.
Glad to make you happy :)

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Pose is a bit silly but Kiba has a delicious looking cock

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We needs some hot tamales in here!

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Why didn't you just make one thread and have it dedicated to elements? Not sure if these threads are trolling or just autistic.

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>Not sure if these threads are trolling or just autistic.
It's both. This is the second time that this same spamfag is flooding the board.

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It's the same guy who made all of the race/nationality threads. Now instead of just using the pokemon thread he's making all of these elemental threads. Just report, and hope the mods take some action

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Post multiple people fucking each other

Multiple people on one person doesn’t count

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Post men with an earthy feel (such as Rock or Grass type trainers)

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NO...just no

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Why don't this get banned already?

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Anyone got skill to color these?

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Requesting Kevin to be colored.

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Dang, those are all really on model

Shame they are smooth as babies.

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That was me. Unshaded WIP version for proof. I don't anticipate doing any coloring for /y/ right now. All my artistic effort is currently going into commission work. Money's short in these times.

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Requesting Yamada and Miyamura from "yamada and the seven witches" to be colored

thansk :)

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Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they fuck all day in the sun!!!

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Mmmm tasty Oreos

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Fucking race mixing.
Oh whait no faggots

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Soul Reapers, Quincies, and Visords oh my!

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There are more than 40 airports in Antarctica

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A study found that nearly 16,000 American babies are born premature each year at least in part because of air pollution.

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Quoted By: >>2748738

Let's get some love for the greatest anime of all time.

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>Greatest anime of all time

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Why not have a little fun and just post some cool art.

A - Ass

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W is for white tail

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X is for xenoblade chronicles

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Singer Demi Lovato pursued her education through home-schooling, after being a victim of bullying.

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Y - Yonder

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File: 544KiB, 744x1052, 2397789 - Cancer Yushengma Zodiac.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Z - Zodiac

File: 33KiB, 500x700, 36884947-B721-4248-B8AE-BFBB9BC6AFD2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>2745431

i always find myself going back to her works desu

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Quoted By: >>2745918

Guess I'll take this opportunity to ask if anyone has the full uncovered version of pic related?

>> No.2745431
Quoted By: >>2745892

Hate fucking and abuse stories for cucks

>> No.2745892

She has some comfy stories too

>> No.2745897

It was literally deleted off the pastebin and the chart hasn't been updated yet. Damn

>> No.2745918
File: 168KiB, 807x1024, 0E5E2866-8BAD-4691-8341-93588E174D11.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It’s in the art book from the Vanilla Gallery exhibition.

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Quoted By: >>2742138 >>2742147

I think he made a separate account

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>> No.2742138

It doesn't even have to be either. It's a drawn image, there doesn't need to be any self-inserting of banging or being banged.

Yes, when I saw their art for the first time, I also thought he was Baphomet, but according to his Baraag, that Link x Ryu image is the first image he's ever posted online. In any case, do you realize how ridiculous you are to try to destroy someone's reputation over "I think it happened"?

>> No.2742147

Baph has made it really clear that his interest is from the younger perspective

>> No.2742155

Yeah, right
And he definitely does not have any official Baph branded shota stuff, ofc

>> No.2742168

You're incompetent if you think your unsolicited commentary counts as participation. You had no intention of contributing to the threads that fell off page 10. We both know you're a parasite that treats the catalog like an order menu, and expect someone else to put a beefcake on your plate.

>> No.2742170

You all deserve AIDS. I wish I had the political power to put you all in the goddamn ovens. I hate you all so much I want to rape your skeletons.

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