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It's so hard to find 2019 Dizdoodz stuff

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Let's give a big round of respect to the company responsible for television animation.

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Seeing the tops' butts as they thrust their hips and fuck a little bitch gets me really horny for some reason, idk if it's just me so anything involving the bottom playing with the tops butt, mating presses, rimming, etc gets me going.

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Try following the rules and post at least 5-6 images to keep the thread going.

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I know how you feel

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Someone have anything from Mr Bobo? Gifs are welcome

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Figured I'd try to get this going. Bonus on any New Vegas guys, since it's a hell of a lot harder to find now.

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Not that anon, but what if I want to fuck a goblin that begs me to preorder his game with my dick?

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Stylish Yaoi always fascinates me.

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Aper Sexy's work

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Where does aper post? His patreon is gone

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Gumroad i think?

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Please send more of pics like this
I beg you

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... I mean it's worth a shot, right?

Pitter patter

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Bludwing thread.
I don't have the drive link, if you have it please add it!

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Anyone got the comics from kibitkos patreon?

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Does anyone have these from Anma, please?
I would be very grateful!!
I have some images I can share, too. Just say what image..

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Anakin is REALLY HOT!!!

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bubbly, smooth, thick, and juicy. post all the good ass here

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Ok, god damnit, that one actually got me

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Got anything good?

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Anyone else playing on IOS or Android?
The guys are hot.

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Haven't been able to track down more, though.

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Is he one of the obtainable characters?

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yeah, his name's Queerix

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stranger still is that its made in China of all places
this game is focusing on appealing to the worst kind of bearfags with shit tastes. I doubt this half assed game will leave any sort of genuine impression as all casuals will quickly move on to infest another game/niche or forget about it after a month.

Still can't get over the souless character designs and pathetic lgbt pandering >>2671206 whoever drew (or traced a photo) of the character in the middle yellow can go kill himself, along with the guy who drew the orange abomination just on the right.
The more I look at the character designs, the more I get mad because I have never seen anything so souless, void of passion or effort.

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There's some pretty vicious feelings against this game. It's hard to find any "bara" game out there.
Gaydorado seems cool, but the battle system seems too basic. Afterschool Summoners has beautiful characters, but I want to fight with characters, not the weird puzzle system. I personally need to see my characters animated, at least as sprites. FGO has awesome male characters that are animated, but the gacha system is horrendous. Plus gender-swapping male historical figures put me off. I still play Granblue Fantasy, it's waifu centric but I managed to collect all my boys. It's very generous with free rolls for characters.

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Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, the Powerpuff Girls, Sym-Bionic Titan, etc

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Fresh from the drawthread >>2675346

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God I wish I had the money to commission more stuff of Val. I love that dude....

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

Rec pastebin:

Bonus question:
>What is your favorite BL trope?

Previous thread: >>2666309

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Sure, I can add doujin or VN or anime or whatever, just make sure you suggest it before the thread hits autosage next time.

Right. No one suggested an image or a question, so I'm going with pic related from Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven. Thanks to >>2677631 and >>2677847, the question is going to be either
>What are your BL pet peeves?
>What is your opinion on omegaverse? What do you like/hate about it? https://strawpoll.com/7534cg93
If you have a preference between these two, let me know. I'll make the next thread as soon as I finish updating the pastebin, I got lazy and didn't finish it earlier.

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Quoted By: >>2678322

>> No.2678230

Pastebin updated.
Gonna make the new thread now. I'm going to go with the BL Pet Peeves question for now and save the next thread for omegaverse so I can hopefully pair it with the cover image of Volume 2 of Megumi to Tsugumi.

>> No.2678232

New thread >>2678231

>> No.2678322

What disgusting art.

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Quoted By: >>2671138

any more images of this game?

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5-6 images or the thread will die faget

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Just report, motherfucker probably doesn't even speak english

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???? NSFW ModaoZuShi

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I come on here to fap and suddenly I've read all hundred something chapters of MDZS and succumb to reading MXTXs other novels.

>> No.2677487
Quoted By: >>2677561

They really that good? I've been considering reading for a while

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If you like fantasy and don't mind a slow burn romance it's a great read. It's got fun characters and some pretty cool fights.
But there's a lot of PinYin... like, a lot

Just look up Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation chapter 1 and you'll probably be able to find it

>> No.2677665

this art is pretty

>> No.2677751

It's Minoru. She is a really nasty and intolerant person but she surely knows how to draw good porn.

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Quoted By: >>2670941

> lonely misogynized Japanese women invent BL before Millennials parents probably even borned
> BL manga gets introduced to the West because internet and white pigs start calling all gay Japanese art "yaoi" and somehow apply it to actual gays somehow
> 2010s happen and Tumblr SJWs find yaoi and use BL in arguments regarding real LGBT people and get in fights with Western "fujoshi" calling them homophobic pigs even tho Japan just sees it as a hobby or porn and doesnt have problems like this regarding comic books
> this is actually really homophobic to do since BL is erotica for women and has nothing to do with real gay men, their lifestyles or their feelings
> Tumblr starts an era of politically correct inauthentically illustrated "BL" that applies real gay issues to a foreign concept which destroys the whole point of why this stuff even exist
> America ruins everything we import from another country this includes tacos

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>> No.2670996

Congrats you figured it out
What do you want a trophy

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gimme some of that wizard wang

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He looks like a midget

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The brothers look an awful lot like Ron Stoppable >_>

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File: 233KiB, 623x573, 20191010_123157.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>2670739 >>2670822

>> No.2670715

you need at least 6 images to make a thread. What even is this thread? Cock thread?

>> No.2670739
Quoted By: >>2670822

sauce pls

>> No.2670822

Yes, but that is from a straight comic.

I shouldn't spoonfeed
'My Mom And Sister Are Size Queen Sluts' you can find it on the ehentaigalleries

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