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Anyone have the full link ?

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I consulted with the Elder Gods for its revival. They didn't respond, so I just reset the timeline.

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Bless you my child! Your work is awesome n most appreciated>>2676634

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Can anyone tell me where I can find downloads/torrents for BL visual novels? Specifically for stuff as obscure as Enzai: Falsely accused.
>Inb4 Perfect Dark
Doesn't work for me because of Router/Firewall problems.

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Buy them so we can actually get more licensed. Enzai and Absolute Obedience are pretty cheap now since they're old.


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try /jp/ bro

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Hello /bant/
Michael Reeves needs your help with decorating his room. He has setup a bot that auto buys the most liked item on Twitter every 15min. I think you have good taste in things so help a guy out. His vid https://twitter.com/michaelreeves08/status/1182129460637663232?s=09

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Absolutely the gayest thread on /y/

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Wondering if we can get a thread going

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anyone got anything r63 of naoto?

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weebs go to /h/ or /y/

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this is /y/ but alright

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Thought I was on /aco/

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Anyone have the NSFW version?

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Can someone explain to me ChinQue's plot? I'm playing with Textractor and ATLAS but I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what's going on.
So the MC is a normal gay guy who was teleported to a fantasy world by a Dick God?? who consider the MC his master...?
In this world there is a devil king who wants to conquer everything so the MC is going on adventure. Along the way he meets with 2 guys.. a random guy, probably and old merc, and a guy I always mistake with the Dick God who is the (good) king's son.
Is this right? Am I missing something?

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I was looking back at Funa's old works and realized Nirvana and his bro Tsuyoshi were a call back to his very first Visual Novel he made back in 2012.

Only there the characters were named Nishida and Takahito. Takahito looks pretty much identical to Tsuyoshi, mole and all. Except here Tsuyoshi is the Soccer player, and they weren't childhood friends. Nishida looks a little more like MC in the first ChinChin Quest game. But Funa's style has improved since then.

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He actually announced a new RPG on Pixiv Fanbox recently. Apparently your a Demon Lord that is building a harem and can fuck your prisoners. Protagonist image attached.

Fun fact, an early design for Shusshu/Chinchin is actually in the data for this. Suggesting he was going to introduce the character much earlier. I have a slight theory that he is meant to be the questionnaire guy at the start of each of his VNs and is actually 'manipulating' things behind the scenes for each title.

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I glossed over it, but Nirvana looks different in the fantasy world because he made a wish to change his appearance. He's got red hair and a beard, but in the real world he's got brown hair and no beard.

You encounter a number of "incarnated wishes", I believe these were created via the Wishing Flame. One wish was a Spy. While another incarnation was a doppelganger. The doppelganger said he was the "wish to change one's appearance"

It's implied that Nirvana used the wishing flame to change his appearance.
However when he tells Socius to revoke his wishes, he never turned back. This could be a continuity error, because he is his old self when he returns to his world. Or it could mean Socius only revoked the wishes made with the flame. So what this could mean, is that all wishes have an incarnation somewhere. Including the wishes that the MC made.
His wish to go to the otherworld, and His wish to be remembered. The game ends with a shadowy figure "to be continued".
Seeing this >>2671205 it could mean the return of a demon lord incarnation. Or it could be unrelated.

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Really? That's something I would be down to support then. It would be interesting to see the villain perspective as he dominates the hero, king, etc. His latest RPG is good, but it's just reusing characters or to short

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Im searching for more art by Coffeecream from Y!gallery

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Has anyone found any Seis Manos porn? The series released a few days ago and it is rife with hot characters. I’m partial to Jesus and the villain Balde.

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Agent Brister is also hot too. Has a great ass.

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Actually managed to find some

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im on a N Porkyman binge atm

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dear god.

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That is some quality work there friend.

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i love you art. better at colouring than me.

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Your coloring is really good! It's very similar like the official art

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Don't know if this has ever been posted before but I liked it and felt like sharing

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Previous thread: >>2648585

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New thread: >>2673957

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i've been playing some lewd games in the last months, mainly Meltys Quest and Dark Elf, where the girls get raped and destroyed by anyone and anything. Is there a game like that but with a cute boy as a main character? Monsters and buff men, rape, ahegao until it gets broken etc ive only found some romance VN, and thats not what im looking for

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my diary desu

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I just found a weird site full of torrents of yaoi/bara doujinshis/mangas/vns..

I found this link full of games (it's missing many bara games):

For example I also found games and mangas from Moritake.

I think it might actually be illegal. The site usually recommends stuff like cocaine or bestiality. (But not links! So it should be safe)

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Can anyone confirm this?

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It's spam and why would you go to a dangerous looking site?

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it's 2019 and I still can't get enough of Reboot Dante.

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I got more lemme know if u want me to post it

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Here for u he's like me every morning

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Donte looks like the kind of guy who eats trash straight from the garbage can
Then again he does live on a trailer...

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And ?

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There isn't a thread up right now, so here's one.

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>entire thread is comprised of grown men fucking grown men
not sure what you mean broski

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Probably some faggot who got permabanned or a guy who's mad that the game has so much gay porn.

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go back to tumblr faggot

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im in mexico right now on a trip and then was like this artist lives here and shes pretty great.

>> No.2669034

I remember her from years ago but considering that was maybe 2002, all the works I had saved are gone with time. Hopefully someone could provide an archive of her work, but I'm not holding my breath lol.

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A 40 Pic Collection Of Mine Full Of Hot Boys in Action...

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my fav WTF pic ever.

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Does stuff that's unintentionally funny count?

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I could just fill this thread with oglaf comic strips.

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I didn't laugh at it and I still fapped to it

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Oglaf is the best humorous sex comic there ever was.

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I have been watching this show (Carmen Sandiego from netflix) for quite a while now, but there simply isn't any yaoi/bara of any of the male charcters, rather sad because some of them are super hot, like, shadowsan is a fucking daddy.

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Quoted By: >>2669855

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Quoted By: >>2669960

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Original pic please?

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Dang thats a good pic. Source?

>> No.2669984

emissionswhite on twitter drew it I think

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Share your favourite bl mangas with shonen artstyle, it's better if it has Yankees

(Manga: dousei yankee amateur seven)

>> No.2668240

Sorry, spelling checker, the name is dousei yankee amatsu seven

>> No.2668249

Go ask on the BL thread

>> No.2668287

...No. Try here >>2666309

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this is most shonen bl manga ive read


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Quoted By: >>2668232 >>2668285

If someone, anyone can find out who drew this in the title, it would me much appreciated.

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>> No.2668285


it's on this page.

>> No.2668342

Thank you so much I have been looking for this forever

>> No.2668344

Some of the images where missing. Are there any other sources too?

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Muscle traps, fitness femboys, beautiful buff guys, whatever you wanna call em...this basic aesthetic

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Quoted By: >>2668215


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Quoted By: >>2668216


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File: 588KiB, 968x1430, dancer boy.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>2668217


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File: 984KiB, 848x1200, Thicc femboy.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>2668165

Someone have this pack please
If someone can help me I would appreciate it.

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File: 236KiB, 480x854, Screenshot_2019-09-25-11-42-46.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's from this patreon / artist please if someone can share a link to this pack

>> No.2668165

Stop making this stupid thread. Either go to /r/ or find the Patreon thread.

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