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Previous thread: >>2648585

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New thread: >>2673957

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i've been playing some lewd games in the last months, mainly Meltys Quest and Dark Elf, where the girls get raped and destroyed by anyone and anything. Is there a game like that but with a cute boy as a main character? Monsters and buff men, rape, ahegao until it gets broken etc ive only found some romance VN, and thats not what im looking for

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my diary desu

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I just found a weird site full of torrents of yaoi/bara doujinshis/mangas/vns..

I found this link full of games (it's missing many bara games):

For example I also found games and mangas from Moritake.

I think it might actually be illegal. The site usually recommends stuff like cocaine or bestiality. (But not links! So it should be safe)

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Quoted By: >>2668561

Can anyone confirm this?

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It's spam and why would you go to a dangerous looking site?

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it's 2019 and I still can't get enough of Reboot Dante.

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Here for u he's like me every morning

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Donte looks like the kind of guy who eats trash straight from the garbage can
Then again he does live on a trailer...

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And ?

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There isn't a thread up right now, so here's one.

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>entire thread is comprised of grown men fucking grown men
not sure what you mean broski

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Probably some faggot who got permabanned or a guy who's mad that the game has so much gay porn.

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go back to tumblr faggot

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im in mexico right now on a trip and then was like this artist lives here and shes pretty great.

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I remember her from years ago but considering that was maybe 2002, all the works I had saved are gone with time. Hopefully someone could provide an archive of her work, but I'm not holding my breath lol.

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A 40 Pic Collection Of Mine Full Of Hot Boys in Action...

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my fav WTF pic ever.

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Does stuff that's unintentionally funny count?

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I could just fill this thread with oglaf comic strips.

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I didn't laugh at it and I still fapped to it

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Oglaf is the best humorous sex comic there ever was.

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I have been watching this show (Carmen Sandiego from netflix) for quite a while now, but there simply isn't any yaoi/bara of any of the male charcters, rather sad because some of them are super hot, like, shadowsan is a fucking daddy.

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Original pic please?

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Dang thats a good pic. Source?

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emissionswhite on twitter drew it I think

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Share your favourite bl mangas with shonen artstyle, it's better if it has Yankees

(Manga: dousei yankee amateur seven)

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Sorry, spelling checker, the name is dousei yankee amatsu seven

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Go ask on the BL thread

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...No. Try here >>2666309

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this is most shonen bl manga ive read


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If someone, anyone can find out who drew this in the title, it would me much appreciated.

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it's on this page.

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Thank you so much I have been looking for this forever

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Some of the images where missing. Are there any other sources too?

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Muscle traps, fitness femboys, beautiful buff guys, whatever you wanna call em...this basic aesthetic

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Someone have this pack please
If someone can help me I would appreciate it.

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It's from this patreon / artist please if someone can share a link to this pack

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Stop making this stupid thread. Either go to /r/ or find the Patreon thread.

File: 56KiB, 665x738, __link_the_legend_of_zelda_breath_of_the_wild_and_etc_drawn_by_roda_roda826__4c13b972025c95cb151cc14b857ffe23.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Roda826 's Link
I dunno why she goes to such lengths to stop westerners seeing her pics

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Quoted By: >>2668112 >>2668417

And this

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Hell yeah

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Quoted By: >>2668415

Fuck. That kinda ruined it now. It was better in my head

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Fuck YES

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hey /y/, any of you happen to have the lewd edits of this comic wherein these two start fucking one another?

can't seem to find it anymore. thanks in advance.

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Quoted By: >>2668080


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Quoted By: >>2668080

Sorry I won't be able to help since I don't have them saved, but I love seeing these two, they're adorable. The few lewd things with them are nice too

>> No.2668080

i know right? it's the art style and the situation. it's just too cute.
noted, sry

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>>2668051 I don't have the edits, but I made this for the draw thread a few months ago.

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Quoted By: >>2668020 >>2668022

Someone have this pack please
If someone can help me I would appreciate it.

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Yes please

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Pleasure with other features. Can be self fingering

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can we have a thread about it? i get this is an image board but even on /cm/ and /c/ you occasionally get meta threads.

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I'll call it a day though, hopefully the lil dump will be enough to keep the board going, it'll be interesting to see if my question gets any responses. But yeah, have a goodnight you wonderful fellas and females

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That's like asking if you have to be a bro to be a brony.

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Quoted By: >>2667961

The japanese word "fujoshi" literally means rotten woman, so yes. A male fujoshi would be a fudanshi. Also, you could've just posted that on the discussion thread.

>> No.2667961

Oh sorry

>> No.2667969

We've already had six such threads. >>2666309

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Quoted By: >>2667964 >>2667967

No child porn though. Cause ew. At least high school would be preferred.

>> No.2667964

That image doesn't look high school.

>> No.2667967

so like... randy marsh jerking it to tegridy weed?

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Gonna be posting art from my most recent post, read the thread, I might like the shadow link version even more than the original

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Quoted By: >>2667749 >>2668092

why is there nothing of him

>> No.2667749


>> No.2668092
Quoted By: >>2668127 >>2668450

There's a little bit, but he's depicted with shota proportions because artists are fucking stupid. He's a cute twink, and 17 years old dammit!

>> No.2668127
Quoted By: >>2668176

pedophile alert

>> No.2668176

go fuck yourself

>> No.2668450

ooh, where do you find anything not shota of him?

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So you can translate single images that you want without having to translate a complete manga.

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previous one is now full, so let's do it all again!

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That's what I could find in that tumblr

>> No.2678799

damn what's he thinkin about

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does someone has this?

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File: 31KiB, 556x359, 12034244345d753d050f5b1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Make your own art then, retard.

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File: 767KiB, 1280x1024, 16558380815dcd543cbee4c.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

sauce is krkrkrkrdokan btw

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Quoted By: >>2667703

Does anyone have any of Apollo's art? It seems hard to find

>> No.2667641

She's twitter and patreon but the dicks in twitter are pixeled

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Agreed someone post more of this

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