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Pic is a sprite from Bacchikoi.

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Any news about this?

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IIRC it's just a bara man dress up
It's not going to be a full game

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I really liked Human Cargo:
it's not complete yet though.

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I’m referring on how it stopped working

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this prototype platformer called osakamen
got removed from itch.io for some reason, but i have a copy here https://mega.nz/#!ms8S0C7L!vJHBCtylVFAKClMfhY2WcPGyC9AQbCQ1l_UkhfDqt2g

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It got canned

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There are games coming out like Sakura Tempest and the updated Camp an Buddy.

Or you can take a look at aarinfantasy for some yaoi games

There is another that is wonderful called Full Service but don't count on it coming out soon it could be 2030 before the game is released

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Games are not Visual Novels or Apps. Please exercise your cerebral grey matter.

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There are only like two and a half yaoi/bara games that are actual games then

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any have the last vercion of this?

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What game is this?

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