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Pictures like this I don’t know how to describe it but pictures that exude this aura

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This description is distinctly uninformative.

Do you mean pictures that have heroes submitting to villians?
Do you mean pictures that have role play for video games/anime/cartoons/movies/books?
Do you mean pictures that have medieval properties?
Do you mean pictures that have conversations during sexual acts?

There are a lot of potential answers for this and I doubt you will get any responses, and even if you do, it is even lower a chance you get what you want. The people who harass new posters about having 6 images tend to go overboard, however this is exactly why that rule/suggestion is there. At least a few images would allow others to have a sense of what it seems you want. "This Aura" doesnt tell much. Your thread doesnt even have a title to draws visitors to this if this is what they are looking for.

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OP is a retard.

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Op is a faggot

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